Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 534 - It’s the Drumstick’s Fault!

Chapter 534 - It’s the Drumstick’s Fault!

Chapter 534 It’s the Drumstick’s Fault!

Lu Ze felt aggrieved.

He just wanted the drumstick in Ying Ying’s bowl, and these girls were so fierce to him.

He wanted to cry. Alice laughed. “Senior, it’s okay. After the celebration is over, I’ll cook just for you. You can eat whatever you want.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up after hearing this. He looked at Alice. “Really?”

Alice nodded. “Mhm.”

Lu Ze felt very touched. “Alice is the best!”

Alice smiled vibrantly upon receiving the praise.

Lu Li watch the scene and narrowed her eyes. Then, a drumstick appeared in her hands, and Lu Li sighed. “I was thinking about leaving one for brother, but…”

Lu Ze looked at this in disbelief.

She left one?!

Alice and Lin Ling were shocked too. They all didn’t notice what Lu Li did.

Lu Ze looked at the drumstick and showed a pleased smile. “My sister Li is really nice to her brother.”

Lu Li grinned. “You didn’t say this just then.”

Lu Ze then thought, ‘Did this dark-hearted girl think that a drumstick was enough for him to surrender?!’


Was he that sort of person?

Even if he died or that he could never have drumsticks again, he wouldn’t surrender!

Lu Li smiled. “Since brother can’t accept my goodwill, then I’ll give it to Ying Ying. At least, Ying Ying is nice.”

Lu Ze: “…”

When he saw Lu Li push the drumstick closer and closer to his fated enemy, his heart sunk into the abyss.

Then, he realized that his mouth spoke uncontrollably. “Sister Li is the best!”

Everyone felt speechless upon looking at Lu


Lu Li smiled. “Really?”

Lu Ze suddenly felt the gazes of Alice and everyone. He definitely didn’t say this. It was his mouth’s fault.

“Yes! Of course!”

Lu Li smiled. “Since brother believes so, then I’ll give it to brother.”

Right after, she pa.s.sed the drumstick to Lu Ze. Alice also looked at Lu Ze. “Senior.”

After a moment, Lu Ze said, “You two are equally good.”

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Lu Ze, you’re really a playboy.”

Nangong Jing drank some wine and clenched her fists while looking at Lu Ze.

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze with contempt as though he was something dirty.

Ying Ying saw that the drumstick flew away from her mouth and looked at Lu Ze bitterly.

Lu Ze felt this was so tiring. This was not his fault. It was all because of that drumstick enticing him. It was the drumstick’s fault!

He was innocent.

Thinking for a moment, Lu Ze gave up. He said seriously, “You’re all equally good.”

Immediately, the atmosphere turned silent. The girls looked at Lu Ze with the intention of beating him up. If there wasn’t a celebration, they would’ve already done the deed decisively.

Lu Ze felt relieved upon seeing that none of them attacked him. Thereafter, he bit into the drumsticks.


Several young dukes also came to meet Lu Ze and Lin Ling after the representatives.

They got to know all the young dukes who came. There were some young dukes who couldn’t make it due to some emergency. Nevertheless, Lu Ze and Lin Ling joined the chat group for young dukes.

Then, the young dukes started talking among themselves. It was a rare opportunity for so many of them to be gathered together.

Half an hour later, just when everyone was enjoying the conversations, a silver beam suddenly shot over from a far distance. Everyone looked at the chi in surprise.

Planetary state?

Ying Ying also looked over. In a short instant, the silver beam landed by the lake. Then, a figure appeared. It was a silver-haired, golden-eyed handsome young guy. Many people looked at this young man with disbelief. Thereafter, they looked at Lu Ze.

The young man glanced across everyone. His eyes paused for a brief moment on the leftover spirit fruits and food before looking in Lu Ze’s direction.

Lu Ze was confused. This guy was a planetary state.

Did he come for him?

He didn’t seem to know him though?

The handsome man proceeded toward Lu Ze and his group. He only glanced at Lu Ze once and then looked at Nangong Jing.

His calmness disappeared. Instead, his face revealed a gentle smile. “Jing Jing, I heard that you broke through to the planetary state. I have applied for leave from the squad leader in order to come and pick you up.” Nangong Jing grinned. “Sorry brother Elliot, I’m not going to the Searing Emperor Squad.”

Elliot frowned. “Why? With your talent, you can get the best resources if you go. I’m a squad leader now too. I can take care of you in my squad.”

Nangong Jing scratched her hair. After a while, she said, “I’m going to wait for Ze and the others to venture out together.”

Elliot frowned even more.

He looked at Lu Ze. “I know Lu Ze was appointed as Monarch of the New Dawn by the saints. Although his talent is not bad, such talent won’t be equivalent to power. You can’t just have talent outside the galaxy.”

“Even if he is Lu Ze, he will need to join an adventure squad after leaving the Milky Way galaxy.”

Lu Ze’s face turned strange.

Did this guy like the alcoholic?

Nangong Jing continued, “Then, I’ll join a squad with him.”

Elliot fell silent. With his understanding of Nangong Jing, there was nothing that could change her decision.

He turned to study Lu Ze. Just when he was about to speak, his body paused, and his eyes narrowed. Then, he shut his mouth.

Lu Ze looked at the representative of the Searing Emperor Squad. Obviously, it was the representative who sent a sound transmission to him.

Elliot had just arrived. He didn’t see Lu Ze’s real power. Even so, Lu Ze didn’t mind. Since this guy didn’t speak, Lu Ze felt quite happy.

Nangong Jing saw Elliot’s reaction and raised a brow. “Brother Elliot, I made the decision on my own. You understand what I mean, right?”

Elliot looked deeply at Lu Ze and smiled at Nangong Jing. “Of course. By the way, I brought back a lot of cultivation resources for you. Since you don’t want to leave now, you can join the Searing Emperor Squad together when Lu Ze reaches the planetary state. With his talent, it wouldn’t take long.”

Subsequently, Elliot took out a storage ring. He was planning to give it to Nangong Jing.

Nangong Jing smiled. “I don’t need cultivation resources. You need them for your own good. Use it yourself. I will do missions myself.”

Elliot’s hands shook, and he smiled again. “Alright, I’ll go visit old man Nangong and come to see you tomorrow.”