Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 532 - I Just Want to Eat a Good Meal

Chapter 532 - I Just Want to Eat a Good Meal

Chapter 532 I Just Want to Eat a Good Meal

Mo Xie and the others also wanted Lu Ze to go all out.

Eventually, no one could hurt Lu Ze whenever he used lightning cloud divine art. Likewise, no one’s G.o.d art was able to progress like Luo Bingqing However, Xuan Yuji learned quite a bit about her G.o.d art.

This could be considered a gain.

As for the rest, they didn’t really benefit from this. There was nothing they could do about this situation either.

After all, the process of learning G.o.d art was too mystifying. Luo Bingqing’s situation had the element of luck to it.

Soon, almost all the top young dukes sparred with Lu Ze, and none of them could injure him. Therefore, one Heaven Yang spirit fruit was left untouched. It seemed it would be given to someone in the future.

Lu Ze left the lake after the sparring session. He came to Lin Ling and said, “Lin Ling, why don’t you go up and try?”

Today was not only Lu Ze’s celebration after all. There was Lin Ling’s celebration too. Lin Ling nodded. Her eyes sparkled with fighting spirit.

She hadn’t fought anyone else, other than Lu Ze and the others.

When Lin Ling reached the lake, people just realized that it was Lin Ling’s celebration too.

Seeing this, Lin Kuang smiled. His little sister finally grew up now, and her power was at the mortal evolution state too.

Then, he became shocked. Lin Kuang looked at Lin Ling in disbelief.

“Level two of the mortal evolution state?!”

Oh s.h.i.+t?

How did this little girl reach level two of the mortal evolution state as well??

She just recently broke through the mortal evolution state awhile ago.

This was too absurd.

Lin Ling looked at the audience and smiled. “Who wants to test my power?” Moments later, a golden-haired woman stood up and came before Lin Ling. “I’ll go. I’m Martina Terry, level three mortal evolution state.” Lin Ling smiled. “Lin Ling, level two mortal evolution state.”

As she spoke, a silver long spear appeared in her hands. Simultaneously, a pair of short daggers appeared on Martina’s hands. She stomped on the ground and disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze said with surprise, “This Martina is quite fast.”

Of course, this speed was only relative to level three of the mortal evolution state.

Nangong Jing added, “Martina’s G.o.d art seems to be spirit cat body? She seems to be quite good at speed and balance. Her power isn’t too weak.”

Lu Ze nodded. However, this was no threat to Lin Ling.

Lin Ling flicked her right hand, and the long spear shot at Martina.

When Martina saw the incoming spear, her golden eyes suddenly turned into vertical pupils. The hairs on her entire body stood on ends. She wanted to dodge it, but she found that she couldn’t no matter what.

Eventually, the spear stopped steadily before her throat.

This stunned the audience, who were watching casually, once more.

Oh s.h.i.+t?!

Level two mortal evolution state beating a level three mortal evolution state? Another person similar to Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha? They didn’t expect that this neglected Spirit Eye Young Duke had such terrifying power. Lin Ling looked at Martina and smiled, “You lost.”

Hearing this, Martina returned to her senses. She was unsatisfied, but she smiled bitterly. “I


Lin Ling looked at the audience and asked, “Is my power enough?”

Everyone nodded.

Lin Ling smiled and jumped off the lake. This surprised everyone.

She was going to stop there?

Judging from how she beat Martina, clearly, she had more power.

Even Lu Ze was confused.

“Lin Ling, why don’t you continue?” Lu Ze asked. This was such a good opportunity to show her power and act cool.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “I can’t be like you, so I might as well not fight.”

Lin Ling had all of Lu Ze’s G.o.d art, other than the special ones. With her spirit eye G.o.d art, she was confident in barely taking on a level eight mortal evolution state. However, this was still a huge difference compared to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze smiled with embarra.s.sment. “If I knew earlier, you should have gone first. Then, I’ll go.”

It was their chance to act cool, but he stole the show. This was quite embarra.s.sing.

Nangong Jing saw that Lin Ling stopped fighting, so she took away her G.o.d art. The lake returned to normal.

Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s power was approved by all the young dukes.

The representatives looked at the two like they were treasures. They had such power at only 19 years old. What about the future?

The planetary state was definitely possible while the star state was most likely. For Lu Ze, he might be even able to try reaching the cosmic system state. It was too beneficial to establish a relations.h.i.+p with a future cosmic system state.

They looked around them. All these people were their main compet.i.tors. They would probably get fired if they failed to invite the two.

They had to do it no matter what! Since the sparring was over, Lu Ze and the rest went back to their seats.

Lu Ze smiled. “Since everyone has tested my power, then let’s enjoy the feast. These spirit foods are great. Have as much as you want.”

These spirit foods were made by Alice. As her power grew, she could barely make mortal evolution state spirit food now.

If someone dares to say it tasted bad, he would break that person’s neck.

If it wasn’t due to the celebration, he wasn’t going to take it out.

Everyone looked at the untouched food on the table and gulped their saliva.


Thinking about the serious business, they had to get up and come to Lu Ze’s table.

Lu Ze was planning to eat and suddenly saw a group of people walking over.

“Lu Ze is indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. You have planetary state power at level three of the mortal evolution state. In the two thousand years of Federal history, your talent is the best. Most importantly, you have made such great contributions to the Federation. I salute you.” A military man drank a toast.

Before Lu Ze could reciprocate, another beautiful woman in casual attire smiled.

“Furthermore, Lu Ze is so easy going and humble. Such magnanimity makes me embarra.s.sed about myself. I’ll drink to you.”

Lu Ze: “…”

So he was that good? He didn’t even realize.

“Not just that, Lu Ze is so generous at the celebration, treating us with precious spirit fruit and food. I’ll drink to you.”


Lu Ze saw the large group of people intending to talk, and his mouth twitched. When would he be able to eat?