Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 526 - Who Is Fully Ready?

Chapter 526 - Who Is Fully Ready?

Chapter 526 Who Is Fully Ready?

During this moment, the square was silent.

All the people were dazed as they stared at the three.

The handsome man was also interested in Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. He felt annoyed after seeing this.

Then, he said, “Lu Ze, you should know the purpose of the monarch celebration, right?”

Lu Ze smiled. “I know, you guys want to test my power?”

The bald man studied Lu Ze again. Lu Ze was clearly very confident, but they were very confident with themselves too. Their cultivation level was at level seven of the mortal evolution state, and their combat power was extremely strong, even among level nine mortal evolution states.

They had seen Lu Ze’s performance at Xiaer System. Lu Ze’s power was only average, except for that lightning spear. Although he reached the mortal evolution state now, they didn’t think Lu Ze was a match for them.

Lu Ze didn’t hide his cultivation level nowlevel three of the mortal evolution state.

They were even more jealous after sensing Lu Ze’s cultivation level. He was able to progress this quickly. It was probably due to a lot of resources. Without a doubt, this was because of Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

They must beat this guy up, in particular focus on hitting his face.

Lu Ze didn’t know what they thought, but he didn’t care.

Why did he choose the night? It was so he could take advantage of his body of darkness. By exerting all his power, he would be approaching the planetary state power barely.

If these two had planetary state power, they would be very famous already. However, Lu Ze didn’t know their names at all. Clearly, they were only so-so.

The bald man stood out. “I’m Shangguan Hui. Let me go first.”

Lu Ze was surprised.

He frowned. “You two aren’t attacking together?”

Both of them wanted to attack one by one?

Were they that thick-headed?

The audience was stunned upon hearing this. Clearly, they didn’t expect Lu Ze to be this confident.

Luo Bingqing and the others weren’t too surprised. They didn’t know Lu Ze’s power completely, but Lu Ze killed a level eight mortal evolution state instantly at the exams. He was only a level one mortal evolution state at the time.

Lu Ze was now a level three mortal evolution state. The only question was just how strong was he.

Derrick shook his head. “I want someone to give him a hard time, but Shangguan Hui and Lu Yao don’t know Lu Ze’s power at all.”

Mo Xie smirked. “People as c.o.c.ky as they are would be the quickest to die and leave the galaxy.” Luo Bingqing said, “Just watch.”

Even though they knew Lu Ze had cultivation G.o.d art, they still felt that a part of Lu Ze’s resources came from Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Still, they didn’t mind such a situation due to Lu Ze’s talent. As long as he was contributing, then it was fine.

Despite this, they were still shocked at the performance of Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. A few female young dukes were keen to ask what happened between them.

Lin Kuang sneered, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d…”

He was on Lin Ling’s side, but he couldn’t beat Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Lu Ze said genuinely, “I’m very strong. The two of you combined are no match for me, much less one of you.”

Hearing this, the two frowned. Lu Ze didn’t take them seriously at all.

“Then. I’m going to test if you’re all talk! Let’s fight in the sky!”

Shangguan Hui was planning to fly up. Lu Ze scratched his head. What a ha.s.sle…

However, seeing how interested this guy was, Lu Ze felt it was best not to deter them.

Right now, Nangong Jing waved and a golden barrier surrounded the three. “No need, you can fight here. Shangguan Hui, you can’t block one of Lu Ze’s attacks anyway. Lu Yao, it’s the same for you.”

Everyone: “…”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze is right. It would save more time if both of you attack together and get thrown together as well.”

Everyone: “…” Shangguan Hui’s and Lu Yao’s faces were bad. Lu Ze felt great. At least, he didn’t need to go up. He smiled at Shangguan Hui. “Are you ready?”

Shangguan Hui glanced at Lu Yao. They were young dukes. Bullying a level three mortal evolution state as level seven mortal evolution states could be considered as a test. But if they went up together, it would be a bit embarra.s.sing.

They hesitated for a moment. Shangguan Hui gritted his teeth and flashed with dark rays. Runes appeared on his body, and his chi rapidly grew strong.

G.o.d art!

Lu Ze watched and didn’t interrupt.

This seemed to be body G.o.d art? Shangguan Hui charged at Lu Ze. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with purple-red, and then suddenly, a half-purple and half-red lightning bolt appeared. Rumble!

The lightning tore through Shangguan Hui’s defenses and entered his body.

Under everyone’s gaze, Shangguan Hui suddenly stopped. Thereafter, his face changed as tears cascaded down.

“Argh argh argh, argh argh” Subsequently, he fell to the ground while writhing non-stop. It… was over just like that?

Lu Yao sweated cold upon seeing this. He could feel the power of that lightning. He was stronger than Shangguan Hui but not by much.

This lightning could instantly crush Shangguan Hui, so it could naturally do the same to him.

Was the attack that scary?

Even if it was painful, it shouldn’t make someone cry.

He felt that with his strong will, he wouldn’t cry, right?

Right at this juncture, Lu Yao saw Lu Ze smile at him.

Lu Yao didn’t dare to move at all. Seeing this, Lu Ze nodded.

“It seems you know my power now. You must be prepared then? In that case, I’ll begin.”


Wait! Who was prepared?

Lu Yao wanted to ask him to stop, but the lightning already flashed, and he froze on the spot. His tears also came out, and his mouth cried out.

He felt this was Lu Ze’s revenge against him. It was so painful! Outside the barrier, everyone looked at the two who were lying on the ground as they rhythmically cry and twitch.

It… was over just like that?

Two bolts of lightning and the two dropped down. Everyone watched Lu Ze in a new light.

These two weren’t weak among young dukes.