Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 508 - Not Human?

Chapter 508 - Not Human?

Chapter 508 Not Human?

Lu Ze and the rest frowned. Three mortal evolution states spent half a year, and yet, they couldn’t find the insectoid. Of course, it had to be considered that those three had to conduct their search covertly. As such, they can only proceed carefully. On the other hand, everyone and Lu Ze were different. The only thing they had to watch out for was to prevent the insectoid from getting suspicious.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “It seems that the missing boy was eaten two days ago. The one who is missing now is that insectoid. I wonder if it has eaten other kids or if it is going around in its original form?”

Nangong Jing frowned. “What if it changed into another child? We can consider organizing all the kids to get tested.”

Although the insectoid could shapes.h.i.+ft into kids, its essence wouldn’t change. A slight checkup was all that was necessary.

Lu Li narrowed her eyes. “We don’t even know if that insectoid could turn into an adult. What if it only changed into kids to make people think it could only change into such form? But meanwhile, it planned to draw the three of Soul Harvesting Amba.s.sadors here. The motive is for us to kill them, and then, it would change into an adult form. That way, our target would be focused on little kids.”

Everyone looked strangely at Lu Li. Her heart was dark indeed.

How could she get this idea?!

However, her idea really did seem possible.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “What if it is hiding in its original form right now, and then, it will transform into a human after we finished testing everyone?” Everyone: “…”

That was possible too. Everyone felt things were difficult.

Alice suddenly said, “It has been less than half an hour since that insectoid disappeared. Is it too late to lock up the s.p.a.ce station?”

If they did, then, at least, the insectoid can’t leave planet Lan Jiang. It would be easier to find it then.

Nangong Jing shook her head. “Half an hour is a long time. Perhaps it had left planet Lan Jiang already. If we become too overt about this, it would only be more vigilant.” Alice blinked her eyes. “How about I tell my parents? They’re star states. They should be able to do something, right?”

Star states?!

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Alice in shock.

She didn’t know Alice well. Originally, she just thought that she was lucky to be liked by Lu Ze. How come she had never heard of Alice before?

Nangong Jing shook her head. “Alice, this insectoid is only a core martial state. If we’re going to need Uncle Merlin’s and Aunty Hong Lian’s help even for a small matter like this, then what are we going to do for bigger troubles in the future?”

Alice poked out her tongue. “Okay.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Should we get Lin Ling to help? Her spirit eye G.o.d art should be able to see through the disguise.”

Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes lit up. “Then, let’s call Lin Ling over.”

Meanwhile, Lu Li and Alice thought, ‘Another one!’

However, they had no reason to object either.

Lu Ze took out his s.h.i.+p, New Dawn. Everyone boarded it and flew toward planet Jingping.

Inside, the other four studied the living room with curiosity. Thereafter, they scrutinized the rest of the rooms.

Nangong Jing said with admiration, “Ze, your s.h.i.+p is so much bigger than mine.”

Their s.h.i.+ps were only half the size of the New Dawn.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s alright.”

Before, he envied Nangong Jing’s Golden Whirl a lot. Now, the tables had turned. Subsequently, the group sat down in the living room.

It took about an hour to arrive at their destination. Qiuyue Hesha frowned.

Lu Ze asked, “What’s wrong teacher Qiuyue?”

Qiuyue Hesha voiced out her concerns, “That kid has been eaten already. I’m thinking about how to tell the parents.”

Everyone fell silent. The parents were already so sad.

What would they do if they heard the truth?

They couldn’t hide it from them forever.

Moments later, Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s just find the insectoid first.”

That was more practicable.

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Chang Kui System, Asteroid Cl.u.s.ter

An ice-like s.h.i.+p with a shape of a waterdrop flew across s.p.a.ce. The person inside the c.o.c.kpit was Luo Bingqing, Derrick, and Jack.

The Soul Harvesting Alliance was nothing to them, but Qiuyue Hesha reminded them that there might be a powerful being hiding there.

Moments later, Luo Bingqing said, “Found it.”

The star map showed a vibrant red dot. They were rather close. Derrick frowned. “It’s not hidden. That doesn’t seem right.”

Jack smiled. “We’ll know once we get there.”

The s.h.i.+p soon stopped on an asteroid with a diameter of only a few thousand kilometers.

The three glanced among each other. Thereafter, they exited the s.h.i.+p. There was no life nor air here, only dark yellow rocks. This didn’t affect the three at all.

An ice armor appeared around Luo Bingqing. Two short swords appeared around Derrick. Jack held a black long sword.

The three walked casually on there. Half an hour later, Luo Bingqing suddenly shot an ice shard toward the ground.

There was no sound. After the explosion, a deep hole that was a few hundred meters wide appeared on the ground.

Black smoke drifted out of the pit.

Jack said plainly, “The person is gone.” Luo Bingqing and Derrick nodded.

“Let’s go in and check it out.” The three flew toward the hole covered in spirit light. When the black smoke touched the spirit light, it made a searing sound.

Derrick frowned. “That guy referred to as the master isn’t weak.”At least, this guy was slightly stronger than they were. His power was barely reaching the planetary state.

Luo Bingqing nodded and glanced at his thinning ice armor. Blue light flashed in his eyes, and the armor thickened again.

“This black smoke feels like dark G.o.d art and also corrosive G.o.d art? The human race doesn’t seem to have such a person.”

Jack raised a brow. “I’ve heard of this black smoke somewhere before.”


Jack thought for a moment and said, “I heard this from my brother. He went to the void border quite a few times and mentioned it to me once.”

Luo Bingqing and Derrick were dazed. “Not human?”

Jack nodded. “Black Smoke Race. They’re connected to the same patch of void s.p.a.ce as us. They’re also a subrace of the high-level demon race, but they’re stronger than the blade demons.”