Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 504 - It Was His Misperception, Indeed?

Chapter 504 - It Was His Misperception, Indeed?

Chapter 504 It Was His Misperception, Indeed?

Lu Ze and the others followed sister Liu into the stadium. Sister Liu smiled sweetly as she explained to Lu Ze, “Our boss doesn’t usually have special seats for her concerts. It’s because of you that an exception has been made. Our boss considers you very important.”

Before Lu Ze could speak, Nangong Jing asked, “Where is that fox demon?”

Fox demon?

Sister Liu’s smile froze. Her eyes flashed with anger, but Lu Ze was here, so she couldn’t really lash out.

Her eyes flashed, and then, she thought of something. She asked Nangong Jing, “May I ask who you are?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Um, this is Nangong Jing. Yes, young duke Nangong. This is between them. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Sister Liu was taken aback. Indeed!

It was a good thing she asked, or her life would be over.

She smiled at Nangong Jing. “Young duke Nangong, our boss isn’t here yet, but she would be here soon. She just made her way from home. How about I take you guys to the resting room first and I’ll notify our boss when she comes?”

Nangong Jing nodded.

The resting room was quite s.p.a.cious. Lu Ze and the rest sat on the couch while waiting for Qiuyue Hesha.

In the meantime, the group chatted, and soon, they talked about the missing children’s case.

Lu Ze frowned. “This is the tenth time. It happened again yesterday on planet Heiyan.”

Alice was angry. “This is over the line. How many families would be broken?”

The disappearance of every child was the misfortune of a family.

Who knows what price the family had to pay to find the child?

Lu Ze raised a brow. He didn’t expect this to happen again and for the people who were responsible to get away with it. Nangong Jing frowned. “These crimes are usually done by underground crime organizations. But why are they capturing little kids?”

Ordinary kids would be useless to them.

The group chatted for a while, and soon, it was already 8:30. The door to the resting lounge opened, and Qiuyue Hesha entered.

Her expression wasn’t too good. Sister Liu told her before she came that her enemy was here


She didn’t expect the T-Rex to have caught on so quickly and found out about the problem on the first day?!

Qiuyue Hesha saw Lu Li and Alice and showed a seductive smile.

Even Lu Li’s and Alice’s hearts beat faster after seeing such a sight.


Qiuyue Hesha said, “You two must be Lu Li and Alice, right? You are really pretty.” She walked out and touched Lu Li’s face.

Just when Lu Li was about to throw a hissy fit, Qiuyue Hesha pulled her hand back and said, “I’m going to go and prepare. The time is almost up. Little brother Lu Ze, you need to listen carefully.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He rubbed his forehead. She was like this every time.

Qiuyue Hesha clearly did that to annoy Lu Li and Alice.

Under sister Liu’s guidance, they were taken to the special seats. It was right below the stage. There were comfortable chairs, fruits, and drinks.

When the front row people saw Lu Ze and the rest come out, their expressions revealed that a realization dawned on them. “It is indeed Monarch of the New Dawn and young duke Jing.”

“Who are the other two?”

“I don’t know…”

“They’re all together. Are they some prodigy too?”


“Could it be Monarch of the New Dawn’s…”


The atmosphere became awkward. Lu Li suddenly smiled at Lu Ze. “Brother, your reputation for being a player has really spread throughout the entire Federation. That’s amazing.” Lu Ze: “…”

He immediately argued, “What a joke! Which among you is my girlfriend?” Lu Ze’s words made Lu Li and Alice feel stunned and look at each other.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He felt Lu Li and Alice probably liked him. There was such a good opportunity here. Why weren’t they saying anything? Was it his misperception?

Soon, it was already 9 o’clock in the evening. The lights dimmed down, and a figure shrouded in pink mist appeared on the stage. An extremely elegant and beautiful person formed from the mist.

Lu Ze sighed. These powerful beings could use G.o.d arts to make an entrance. They didn’t even need special effects.

They could perform using their own G.o.d art. Qiuyue Hesha came out wearing tight leather skins-outlining her beautiful curves. She really did seem like a fox demon with that seductive appearance and beauty.

This was his third time seeing her perform. He remembered the second time, wherein he got that clip. It wasn’t very revealing, but it was still very s.e.xy. He had kept it very well.

It was indeed a pleasure to enjoy her performance at such a close range.

Lu Ze felt dazed while watching her performance. Lu Li and Alice were blus.h.i.+ng. Even Nangong Jing didn’t say anything bad. She really liked Qiuyue Hesha’s performance too.

However, she would never say this to the fox demon.

Two hours later, the show ended. Everyone felt like they didn’t have enough.

Regardless, people still left in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. Lu Ze and the others returned to the resting lounge. Soon, Qiuyue Hesha changed clothes and came


She grinned at Lu Ze. “How is it? Do you like my performance?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “It’s very amazing. It would be great if you could perform at home too.”

Qiuyue Hesha was shocked by his response, and then, he asked, “You want to see me perform that much? Did you fall in love with


Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Pretend I said nothing.”

“Don’t be like that. Tell me.”

“No, you think too much.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Nangong Jing couldn’t stand this anymore. She glared at Qiuyue Hesha. “You dare to come here alone without telling me!”

“Qiuyue Hesha rolled her eyes. “You came over after seeing the news, didn’t you?”

Nangong Jing: “…”

She actually didn’t, but she wasn’t going to admit it. “It’s something so simple. Anyone can see it.”

Lu Ze, Lu Li, and Alice: “…”

If they didn’t remember it incorrectly, she didn’t know about it in the morning.

How could she be so shameless to say that she did?

Lu Ze asked, “Teacher Qiuyue, why didn’t you invite Lin Ling?”

Qiuyue Hesha replied, “I did, but Lin Ling said Ying Ying fell asleep again. She’s taking care of Ying Ying.”

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing felt stunned. “Ying Ying fell asleep again?”