Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 502 - Sister Jing?

Chapter 502 - Sister Jing?

Chapter 502 Sister Jing?

Although the tiger was extremely strong and the weakened lightning couldn’t kill it directly, the lightning made its body freeze for a moment.

Lu Ze wasn’t going to waste such an opportunity. Thereafter, the violent chi in the lightning clouds condensed.


Rumble! Rumble!

Three lightning bolts struck the tiger. These bolts didn’t weaken at all. Even the tiger’s powerful body couldn’t handle them. Lu Ze could clearly feel its chi diminish and life force dwindle.

Lu Ze felt relieved.

It was a brief clash, but Lu Ze found that the beast was much stronger than he expected.

Perhaps this was because the golden needle tiger was a solitary beast. As such, it became rather strong among beasts of the same level.

The tiger’s power was near level nine of the mortal evolution state. Even the lightning cloud divine art could not kill it instantly. However, he still won in the end!

Lu Ze looked at the tiger turning to dust, and he grinned. Now, he would have level six special red orbs. Consequently, he would be able to progress further.

Soon, the body disappeared and turned into six red and purple orbs, as well as a golden G.o.d art


Lu Ze grinned. This was a metal G.o.d art, right?

He could learn another G.o.d art.

Although this might not be necessarily useful now, the G.o.d art would grow stronger with time.

Lu Ze picked up the orbs and began his journey of hunting again.

The sun was setting now, and darkness loomed over the entire barren lands.

It was the same as last time. There was not a single speck of light in this darkness.

As Lu Ze’s cultivation level grew, his sight could cover more distance. However, he was not capable of seeing beyond three kilometers.

Lu Ze was tense. He carefully sensed everything around him.

This was the second time he survived until night time. He didn’t know how he died last time. This time, Lu Ze was determined to figure out how he died.

Pfft, this time he was going to survive through the night!

Lu Ze didn’t go hunting. He just hid at the top of a tree.

Time flew by, and soon, half an hour pa.s.sed. As time went on, the darkness grew worse, and his senses were beginning to get seriously suppressed. His perception had shrunk by a few hundred meters.

If this continued, would he be able to sense anything at all?! How was he going to last until the second day?! Suddenly, he felt some kind of chilling sensation on his back.

He planned to turn around, but then, there was this severe pain, and he lost his consciousness.

When Lu Ze regained his senses, he was back in his room.

Lu Ze was trembling with pain. He still didn’t find out how he died!

Lu Ze’s head ached.

He thought he could survive this night, but he still died.

Lu Ze sighed and shook his head.

Cultivate, cultivate!

Lu Ze sat down and took out a level six special red orb to test its effects.

As soon as it entered his body, it turned into a terrifying tide of energy that charged at him. Although Lu Ze still had the energy from the golden fruit as a buffer, it still couldn’t stop the barrage of energy.

Gashes started appearing all over Lu Ze’s body. Then, blood seeped out of the surface.

Lu Ze frowned a little. However, he had experienced this type of pain numerous times.

Nevertheless, if this continued, his body might not be able to handle it.

Lu Ze used his regeneration G.o.d art without hesitation. His body started to recover under the gray light.

Eventually, the regeneration and tearing reached a balance. Lu Ze’s body was cut again and again. He was left trembling. Since he couldn’t stop now, he could only force himself to cultivate.

Three hours later, Lu Ze’s s.h.i.+vering finally calmed down. His face had relaxed.

He had finally finished digesting the energy.

His regeneration G.o.d art had repaired his body. He proceeded to evaluate his progress, but he became disappointed upon checking.

His cultivation speed increased, but he needed to use regeneration G.o.d art to maintain the balance. Consequently, the improvement wasn’t very substantial.

This was a waste.

Lu Ze thought about it and decided to use level five orbs first. He would use level six orbs when his body could handle it.

At his current rate, it would take less than a week.

Four days later

Lu Ze opened his eyes. Four days of cultivation had allowed his cultivation level to progress steadily. Naturally, his body was improving faster.

According to his calculation, he might be able to try using level six mortal evolution state red orbs tomorrow.

This feeling of improving every day was really good.

He cleansed himself and went downstairs.

Lu Li and Alice were already waiting for him with breakfast.

Lu Ze felt warm. This was the feeling of being at home. Someone always waiting for you with food.

After breakfast, the three rested on the couch for a while before going to cultivate.

At this moment, there was a knocking sound at the door.

The three looked at each other in confusion. Their parents had all gone to work.

Alice blinked her eyes. “Are Uncle Lu Wen and Aunty Shuya back?”

Alice went to open the door. When she saw the person there, she felt dumbfounded.

“Sister Jing?” Lu Ze: “???” Lu Ze suddenly looked in the direction of the door.

Nangong Jing was standing at the door while wearing simple black casuals and jeans. She was carrying a bottle of wine.

It really was her!What was she doing here?

Nangong Jing smiled and waved at Alice. “Alice, I knocked at your door. There was no one there, so I wondered if you were at Ze’s house.”

Alice smiled. “I didn’t expect sister Jing to come. Please come in.”

Nangong Jing entered the house and saw the dazed Lu Ze and expressionless Lu Li.

She sat next to Lu Ze and put Lu Ze in a headlock. “Hehe, you guys all left. I’m a little bored at home, so I came to play.”

Lu Ze slapped her paws and said, “You can go to old man Nangong’s place, can’t you?” “What??” Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. She would never go there. How dare this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

If there was no one here, she would teach Lu Ze a lesson.

She smiled at Lu Li. “You must be Ze’s sister, Lu Li, right? Ze often speaks of you in school. I’m Nangong Jing. You can call me sister Jing like Alice.”