Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 476 - It Hurts

Chapter 476 - It Hurts

Chapter 476 It Hurts

Lu Ze wondered whether this echidna survived by acting cute. Otherwise, how could it survive until now? Lu Ze casually sensed the cultivation level of this golden echidna. By the looks of it, perhaps it had only reached the aperture opening state? If that was the case, then it would be completely useless to Lu Ze.

However, after Lu Ze finished evaluating its cultivation level, he gasped at this echidna in disbelief.

It was a level three mortal evolution state?!

Lu Ze stared at the little thing. At the same time, the creature stared back at Lu Ze in curiosity.

After a while, Lu Ze’s eyes contained some evil intentions.

Clearly, this was a special beast. Lu Ze thought of the rabbit boss and silver fox on the second map.

What thing would this beast drop?

Lu Ze was quite hopeful.

A level three mortal evolution state…

Surely, this being could not be considered his opponent at all.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold and his chi rushed forward. A lightning cloud appeared above his head.


Violent purple-red lightning struck toward the golden echidna.

At this time, it looked up and blinked its dark eyes.

Chit chit!

It flashed with golden light, and then, countless golden needles appeared. They proceeded to envelop Lu Ze’s body.


Lu Ze felt the overwhelming pain all over his body. Soon, he lost his consciousness.

In the next moment, he woke up back in his room.

Lu Ze: “???”

With the lingering painful sensation, Lu Ze felt confused.

How could it be that powerful?!

He died so quickly.

That little thing seemed to be a level three mortal evolution state, and yet, it was capable of instantly killing Lu Ze.

Even that elf prodigy wasn’t this powerful.

As it turned out, that little thing was stronger than the elf prodigy?! Lu Ze lay back on his bed as he felt a bit lifeless. Countless thoughts ran through his mind.

He should have been able to notice it. If that beast was ordinary, then he should have immediately sensed its chi that was at level three of the mortal evolution state. However, Lu Ze wasn’t able to sense it right off the bat.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and got rid of his arrogance.

Suddenly, Lu Ze remembered that he hadn’t even picked up the orbs from the boars he killed! Right away, Lu Ze felt miserable.

It was a huge loss.

Little rat, just you wait!!

As long as that little thing didn’t reach the planetary state, then he could still come back for it.

He was going to remember this! Lu Ze will be plotting his revenge until he becomes stronger.

Half an hour later, the painful sensation soon vanished. Lu Ze sat up and used two special red orbs that were at level four of the mortal evolution state.

Early the next morning, Ye Mu and the rest formed a group and walked toward the virtual reality room. The challenge matches were held today.

Sensing the jealous glances from other people, Ye Mu sighed. “When Ze and Lin Ling were here, these people were very scared, but now, they are jumping about.”

Xuan Yuqi said plainly, “It’s normal. Ze and Lin Ling did help us a lot.”

Xavier scratched his head. “We’re just lucky to encounter Ze and Lin Ling.”

The rest of them nodded too.

Ian’s face turned serious. “I won’t let the academic credits given by Ze and Lin Ling to be wasted!”

Seeing his determination, Ye Mu grinned. “Ian, I’m going to challenge you later.”

Ian stared straight at Ye Mu. “I won’t lose!”

They all wanted to occupy the top three places.

Sunlight and fresh air came into Lu Ze’s room. He frowned and opened his eyes as he panted.

Lu Ze got off the bed and stretched out.

For a period of two hours, Lu Ze would use two special red orbs that were at level four of the mortal evolution state. Hence, he managed to consume eight orbs within one night. He gained a lot from this time.

His body was getting stronger and so was his cultivation level.

His affinity with spirit force was also increasing. Lu Ze could feel it. His cultivation speed would be increasing every day.

This was rather terrifying.

What a pity… It would still take a while before his body could handle special orbs that were at level five of the mortal evolution state. Lu Ze shook his head. He walked out of the door and cleaned himself. Thereafter, he remembered that the challenge matches would commence today. Ye Mu and the others were partic.i.p.ating

He was rather confident in their abilities since they were all pretty hardworking.

He didn’t need to watch over them anymore.

Although it was good to act cool in front of them, increasing his cultivation level was more important.

Before he resumed his cultivation, he consumed two Xingzhan fruit pancakes first.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, it was already night.

He headed downstairs and heard the doorbell. When he opened the door, Ye Mu and the rest were there to greet Lu Ze. At the same time, Lin Ling and Yingying were present too. They were all surrounding Yingying. Even a cold-faced girl like Xuan Yuqi smiled warmly.

Lu Ze went up and rubbed Yingying’s round face before asking, “How did the challenge


With a dull tone, Ye Mu answered, “The rankings didn’t change at all.”Xuan Yuqi smiled. “My ranking went up by one.”

Lu Ze was dumbfounded. “You’re second now?”

“Mhm, I beat Ji Zhengtian.” Xuan Yuqi sounded a little proud. After all, Ji Zhengtian’s power and talent were rather amazing. If it weren’t for the academic credits lent by Lin Ling and Lu Ze, he would probably be number one.

Ian said, “Ze, my family will pick me up tomorrow. Do you want to come over to my house?”

Tianyuan Qianhua hugged Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, do you want to visit my house?”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were a bit helpless.

The backgrounds of the families of these guys shouldn’t be underestimated. There were probably two objectives in inviting Lu Ze and Lin Ling over. One reason was to take them around, but the other one was probably due to the request of their parents.

Their parents wanted to connect with the first monarch and the youngest female young duke in Federal history.