Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 454 - He’s a Good Person After All

Chapter 454 - He’s a Good Person After All

Chapter 454 He’s a Good Person After All

Hearing Nangong Jing’s response, Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Did Ling Dongyu, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, do it?”

If it was true, then Lu Ze decided to visit the Gracious System in order to beat him up, no, beat him for half a year!

He finally understood how Blue Flower Fruit Young Duke felt. He thought he wouldn’t end up like that, but in the end, he actually did. Sure enough, the netizens targeted him.

Nangong Jing shook her head. “That’s not the case.”

“Didn’t you ask him to get some more pancakes? Ling Dongyu felt that you helped him a lot. As a form of grat.i.tude, he gathered all the Xingzhan pancakes he could and asked people to make more quickly.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Thus, news of you asking Ling Dongyu to send more Xingzhan pancakes spread out.”

“If this didn’t happen, your young duke t.i.tle would have been Playboy Young Duke, but this news blew up. Hence, this t.i.tle soon surpa.s.sed Playboy Young Duke and became first.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Could he blame Ling Dongyu? Ling Dongyu really put in a lot of effort in helping him collect the Xingzhan fruits. In the end, the r.e.t.a.r.ded internet people gave him such a name.

What else could he do?

He was desperate too!

Should he still go beat Ling Dongyu up? He was a mortal evolution state, so he should able to handle a beating.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth. “I’m never going to eat Xingzhan pancakes again! I will think of my young duke t.i.tle. This is too hard to accept!”

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling felt dazed. Thereafter, Nangong Jing smiled at Lu Ze. “Really?”


Lin Ling smiled. “Last night, Ling Dongyu sent them here. There are over 10,000 Xingzhan fruit pancakes. It can last a few


Lu Ze’s body stiffened.


That was a lot!

A hint of saliva trickled at the corner of Yingying’s mouth. She then asked, “Is that pancake really tasty?” She hadn’t tried it yet.

Lin Ling rubbed Yingying’s head. “Very tasty. Since Ze doesn’t want it, Yingying can have some more.”

“Wait!” Lu Ze suddenly shouted.

The three seemed to have been expecting this. All of them looked at Lu Ze with a knowing smile.

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched. He said, “Um… I have thought about it… Ling Dongyu put in so much effort, I can’t just waste it. So, I’ll just eat some then.”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “But didn’t you say this will remind you of your young duke t.i.tle?”

Lu Ze answered, “This is just a joke of the Federal citizens. I’m Monarch of the New Dawn. I don’t need to take it seriously. If I let this young duke t.i.tle affect me, then clearly, there is something wrong with my mentality.”

Seeing Lu Ze like this, the three girls felt quite happy.

Lin Ling smiled. “In that case, you can have it.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he smiled.


How about disregarding his plan to beat up Ling Dongyu?

At this moment, Lin Ling recalled something and said, “By the way, other than the Xingzhan fruit pancakes, Ling Dongyu also sent five people over. It’s the five Eternal Life Palace guardians you caught. We forgot about them at the hotel.”

Lu Ze just now realized that he had forgotten about them. They were actually sent here?

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, then teacher Qiuyue can bring them to the interrogation department. I was thinking about using them to locate the base of the Eternal Life Palace.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “Although the Lord of Eternal Life is dead, a part of the Eternal Life Palace people is still alive. It’s good to find their base. Where are they?”

Lin Ling replied, “I left them in my dorm. We’ll go pick them up later.”

Following that, Lin Ling took out 15 large cases that filled the living room.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling had five cases each. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha got one each while Yingying had three.

After dividing the cases among everyone, Lu Ze showed a satisfied smile. These pancakes could last him a long time. When he went back, he would let Li and Alice try.

Then, the group left and went to Lin Ling’s dorm. They took out the five unconscious Eternal Life Palace guardians. Qiuyue Hesha took them off to the interrogation department.

As it was time for lunch, Lin Ling went to cook first.

In the living room, Lu Ze and Nangong Jing sat on the couch. Yingying took out a Xingzhan pancake bigger than her little head and bit down on it.

“Awuuu!” Yingying’s eyes lit up with a single bite. Clearly, she really liked this.

Nangong Jing suddenly thought of something and said, “By the way, Ze, since you broke through to the mortal evolution state, then let’s go spar. It can allow you to understand your current combat power.” Lu Ze: “…”

He looked at the serious-faced Nangong Jing with suspicion. He felt she was just trying to find an excuse to beat him up.

However, she had a point. Indeed, he needed to understand what his limit was.

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, let’s spar after lunch.”

Half an hour later, the food cooked by Lin Ling was ready, and Qiuyue Hesha came back from the interrogation department. They were both excited to hear that Nangong Jing was going to spar with Lu Ze. After finis.h.i.+ng their food, the group headed to Nangong Jing’s home.

The virtual reality stage expanded to infinity. Four people stood on top of it.

Lu Ze wore loose black robes while Nangong Jing and the rest wore white martial robes.

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing stood 100 meters apart. Their chi rustled and spread out.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he disappeared from the spot.

Blue Bird 1 Divine Art!

At mortal evolution state, when Lu Ze used Blue Bird 1 Divine Art with full power, his speed would reach level six, approaching level seven, of the mortal evolution state.

This was on par with him wearing the combat armor before.

Lu Ze appeared behind Nangong Jing.


Purple-red lightning appeared in the air, forming into a violent lightning spear. The chi was so shocking that its power had nearly reached level eight of the mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze was covered in black gold battle armor like a war G.o.d.


He let out a punch.

Star crippling punch!

The lightning spear was aimed at Nangong Jing’s head while Lu Ze’s punch headed toward Nangong Jing’s waist.The force blew Nangong Jing’s hair around.

Nangong Jing’s eyes flashed with a flicker of gold as a golden beam soared from her body. She spun around quickly and grabbed the lightning spear with her right hand. Rumble!!

The lightning spear was crushed into blood-red lightning until it scattered into nothingness. It couldn’t even break the golden light around Nangong Jing. At the same time, her left fist met Lu Ze’s star crippling punch head-on.


Her slender fist clashed with Lu Ze’s black metal fist. The ground cracked a little.

Lu Ze just felt an unstoppable power coming from her tiny little fists. The golden beam instantly tore through Lu Ze’s armor and into his body. One punch, heavy injury!

A painful sensation spread all over Lu Ze’s body, but his face was calm. A gray light flashed in his eyes.

Super regeneration! His broken body rapidly regenerated. Blue Bird 1 Divine Art was continuously utilized. Once again, his body disappeared, allowing him to evade Nangong Jing’s powerful punch. The two figures crossed each other a few hundred times before separating.