Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 446 - Protect the Human Roots, Expand the Authority of the Human Race

Chapter 446 - Protect the Human Roots, Expand the Authority of the Human Race

Chapter 446 Protect the Human Roots, Expand the Authority of the Human Race

Dawn System, dormitory area.

Ye Mu and the rest gathered together, waiting for the live stream.

Their eyes had complicated expressions.

Half a year ago, they were fighting on the Xiaer System’s battlefield together. Yet, in just half a year, Lu Ze and Lin Ling became young dukes.

The difference was really huge.

It was not just them. The students and teachers from Lu Ze’s high school, even Margaret, Li Qingyun, and Eldon were watching the live stream. They had witnessed Lu Ze become stronger step by step. In the beginning, they were much powerful than Lu Ze. Suddenly, their hearts spasmed.

What sort of monster was Lu Ze?

How was he so terrifying?!

Nine o’clock was soon approaching. At this time, Lu Ze and Lin Ling finished changing clothes. They put on simple long white robes.

After walking out of the building, the captain of the guards said, “Let’s go, we’ll take you to the Palace of Heroes.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

Oh my, so nervous!

Lu Ze and Lin Ling followed the squad and soon neared the Palace of Heroes.

Before the huge palace was an ice square with a radius of 5 kilometers. After pa.s.sing the square, there were a few hundred ice stairs. At the top was the gates to the Palace of Heroes.

On the square were 24 people wearing the same white robes, standing on the two sides.

Their ages weren’t young. Their faces were serious, and they stood before the Palace of Heroes in silence.

They were the senators of the Federation. They had all made great contributions to the Federation.

At the top of the stairs, there was a pale old figure sitting before the door.

The guards stopped, and the captain said, “Go up the stairs. Saint Lin Dong is waiting for you two there.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded at the command. Accordingly, they stepped on the square. The light footsteps made the senators look at them. At the same time, the old figure sitting at the top slowly opened his eyes.

His ice-blue eyes were cold and calm.

“It has begun!”

The ceremony has finally begun!

With every step that Lu Ze and Lin Ling took, a scene would appear in their head. Some were scenes of the battles, some were of human planets being destroyed, and some were of the human race destroying other civilizations.

Blood and fire blossomed in the universe. There was no right or wrong in the war between civilizations. All races fought for survival and development. The human race was not an exception.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling walked as they watched the history of the Federation.

In the beginning, when humans first entered s.p.a.ce and had non-stop internal conflicts, there was a threat of getting extinct. People then bonded together, and after countless hards.h.i.+ps and disasters, they reached this level.

When Lu Ze and Lin Ling went up the stairs and came before Saint Lin Dong, those images finally disappeared.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling woke up and realized that they were before Saint Lin Dong already. They were so immersed in the history that they didn’t notice it at all.

Saint Lin Dong had gotten up now. His cold voice could be heard. “Did you see the past of our race?”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded.

Saint Lin Dong watched Lu Ze and Lin Ling in silence for a while before slowly turning. The tightly shut doors of the Palace of Heroes finally opened, revealing the ice statues inside.

The door was a few hundred meters wide. The area inside was extremely wide. More than a thousand five-meter tall statues were neatly lined up. Below the statues were their epitaphs.

Lu Ze looked at the leading eight statues and their epitaph.

Of the eight statues, five were men and three were women. Lu Ze looked at the statues. He felt one of them looked quite similar to the alcoholic?

He looked at the epitaph:

‘Saint Heavenly Phoenix, Mo Yunxi, died in 1264 of the Federal Calendar Year at the void universe defense border. She ignited herself in a huge insectoid tide and died along with three cosmic system state insectoids.’

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

So the Federation had experienced such a terrifying insectoid tide before?

Clearly, Saint Heavenly Phoenix was extremely strong to have dragged along three equally powerful opponents with her. Lu Ze guessed that this saint was probably the ancestor of the alcoholic?

Could she be the wife of the old man Nangong? Lu Ze thought about it and felt that it was highly possible. He could ask the alcoholic when he got the chance.

Thereafter, Lu Ze looked at another statue.

‘Saint Wind and Lightning, Jamier Hebert, died 1423 of the Federal Calendar Year in the battle against the cosmic system states that came to the Federation through wormholes.’

His wings of wind and lightning was this saint’s divine art, right?

Wasn’t he half his master?

Lu Ze looked at another one.

‘Saint Lin Xi, Lin Heng, died in battle outside the Milky Way Galaxy.” Lu Ze: “…”

This was elder Lin for sure!

He wondered whether elder Lin was watching the broadcast. What would his reaction be?

And how would Lin Ling react to seeing her great grandpa’s epitaph even though he was still alive?

Lin Ling was looking at the statue in a dazed manner.

The tablets didn’t include the merits of the saints. All they recorded were the manners of the saint’s deaths.

All the saints died for the Federation.

At this moment, Saint Lin Dong said, “Pay respects to the ancestral heroes!”

The senators repeated this too.

Everyone bowed to the statues three times.

Thereafter, the saint looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling and said, “The predecessors have died. They’re the past of the Federation. Because of them, the human race can stand at the top of the Milky Way Galaxy.”

“But the present and future are in your hands.”

“Lu Ze, Lin Ling, are you two willing to become the young duke of the human race. Once you have completed your cultivation, protect the human roots and expand the authority of the human race?”

“Never to betray the human race?”

The saint’s authoritative voice spread through the square and across the Federation through the broadcast.

Countless people were waiting for their answers.

In Lu Ze’s home, Lu Li and Alice clasped their hands.

Lu Wen and Fu Shuya looked at Lu Ze with pride and worry.

Being a young duke wasn’t an easy task. It was an honor, but it also entailed responsibility.

Merlin and Hong Lian reminisced. They went through this too.

old man Nangong watched the broadcast with deep eyes and so did elder Lin. Lin Ling had finally grown now.

All over the Federation. Countless people were waiting for Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s answer.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling answered seriously, “I’m willing!”

The saint said again, “I hereby appoint Lu Ze, Lin Ling as the young dukes of the human


The senators said, “We hope that once young duke Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s cultivation have come to fruition, both of you will still remember today’s oath and protect the human race!”

The Federation that had been quiet previously had erupted. “With young duke Lu Ze and Lin Ling, the human race will only get stronger and stronger!”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha looked at the two with soft eyes.

Nangong Jing laughed and chugged a bottle of alcohol while Qiuyue Hesha rubbed Yingying’s small head.

Yingying asked in curiosity, “Sister Jing, Hesha, why is the Federation so excited that Lu Ze and Lin Ling became young dukes?”

She could sense the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Nangong Jing rubbed Yingying’s face and answered, “Probably because everyone hopes that the Federation would become stronger, so all of us can live better lives?”

Yingying nodded.

The saint once again said, “The young duke appointment has concluded. Next, there’s an extremely important issue.”