Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 441 - Yingying Who Dreamed of Eating Drumsticks

Chapter 441 - Yingying Who Dreamed of Eating Drumsticks

Chapter 441 Yingying Who Dreamed of Eating Drumsticks

Lin Ling silently put away the special red orbs Lu Ze gave her. She looked at the blood on her body and said, “I’ll go take a shower.”

Seeing Lin Ling return to the bathroom once more, Lu Ze lay back on the couch and felt relieved. He was making preparations for the production of purple orbs and even G.o.d art orbs. He will be distributing those to everyone soon.

On the other hand, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at each other. With the appearance of the new orbs, their cultivation speed would increase once again.

Reaching the planetary state wasn’t a far-fetched dream now.

There was a compet.i.tion between them! Suddenly, Nangong Jing said, “I’m going to cultivate.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “I am too.”

Accordingly, the two sped off into their respective rooms.

Lu Ze glanced at them and then at the bathroom. He looked at the mess on the table and shook his head. Following this, he put the dishes in the dishwasher before going back to his room.

Cultivate cultivate!

He would hurry and surpa.s.s those two!

Sitting on the bed, he entered his mental dimension. After giving out the three orbs, he only kept a portion of the aperture opening state and mortal evolution state orbs. These were for Li and Alice. Then, the rest were for himself.

He chose the lightning G.o.d art orb and started learning

Three days later.

During this time, Lu Ze had stuck to his schedule of cultivating spirit force at night and learning G.o.d art in the day.

Currently, Lu Ze had managed to acc.u.mulate almost half of the spirit force he needed. Five more days and he could break through to the mortal evolution state.

He entered the pocket hunting dimension every night but never survived past it. He was always killed by all sorts of bosses, but Lu Ze was used to it after all. This was nothing. Of course, he acquired a lot of loot too.

Lu Ze had encountered several small groups of range rabbits and possums. He had gathered 50 special red orbs that were level two. In addition, he collected more than 100 orbs that were level one. These were for Alice and Lu Li in the future.

At the same time, Lu Ze also got three lightning G.o.d art orbs and five earth G.o.d art orbs. They had now all been consumed.

Lu Ze reached out his right hand and small bolts of purple-red lightning flickered with a shocking destructive chi. His lightning G.o.d art was now 40% stronger than before. Moreover, he discovered that his blood lightning was fusing faster too. Meaning, his lightning was now a quarter blood red. This made the lightning G.o.d art’s power even more terrifying

If Lu Ze used the lightning spear at full force, it’s power would approach level seven of the mortal evolution state. This was a huge improvement, and Lu Ze felt delighted.

When he walked out of his room, he came across Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha, who were all gathered outside.

Nangong Jing smiled. “We’re about to reach Dawn System.”

Her tone sounded a little relaxed. After all, the non-stop war had made everyone exhausted. This was the same for the other two girls, who let out a sigh of relief. Even Lu Ze eased up. Subsequently, the s.h.i.+p left the warp tunnel.

Outside the window, they could see the two large stars of Dawn System. Seeing this familiar scene, the four couldn’t resist smiling.

An hour later, Golden Whirl entered planet Venus and stopped outside Nangong Jing’s house. The four got off. Qiuyue Hesha was the first to disappear and then followed by Lin Ling Nangong Jing immediately called out, “Wait for me, you two!”

Then, she ignored Lu Ze and disappeared as well.

Lu Ze scratched his head speechlessly and walked to his room. Afterward, he went straight upstairs to Yingying’s room. Without a doubt, these three ran so fast to see Yingying. Indeed, as soon as Lu Ze came he saw the three girls rubbing Yingying’s chubby face. Lu Ze could even see Yingying’s brows frown a little. “Okay, my turn!”

Nangong Jing stole Yingying from the others.

Lu Ze: “…”

It was just a little kid.

Come rub him!


Lu Ze went over and rubbed Yingying’s face too. It was still really soft, as though he was kneading dough. While he was reveling in the softness, Lu Ze’s hand was slapped away.

“Ze! Don’t use so much force!”

Lu Ze looked innocently at the three girls. “Didn’t you guys use a lot of force too?”

Their faces stiffened, but when they saw Yingying’s terrified look, they immediately put her back on the bed. Following this, the three glared at him. Lu Ze could only sigh in return. “I know.”

Feeding time.

You weren’t as keen as this moment when I give you the orbs, huh?

He took out a level one mortal evolution state red orb and placed it on Yingying’s starlight. The red orb merged into Yingying’s body. Her face relaxed immediately. Drool came out of her mouth as though she was eating something nice.

Lu Ze smiled and fed her another one. He had collected quite a lot of ordinary mortal evolution state orbs that were level one and level two. He should be able to feed Yingying until she was happy.

As he fed the orbs one by one, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha frowned. Nangong Jing complained, “She really can eat.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded in agreement.

They were very prudent in using the red orbs. Their cultivation level was too high. If they really went all out, they could use up the orbs in a day or two. However, Yingying was a cosmic state being after all. She probably couldn’t even really feel it.

At this moment, the starlight gradually weakened.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Little brother Lu Ze, Yingying is about to wake up. Do you have enough orbs? If not, I have some leftovers here.”

“Same here, save the orbs you need,” Nangong Jing offered.

To them, the orbs Lu Ze needed for cultivation were far more important than theirs.

Lu Ze smiled. “I still have some more. It should be enough.”

He then fed three more, and the starlight completely disappeared into Yingying’s body. Her lashes flickered, and then, her deep blue eyes opened. Her eyes seemed a little confused due to waking up. Thereafter, she rubbed them with her little hands.

Her eyes cleared up, and then, she saw Lu Ze and everyone around her.

She blinked her eyes and said with some disappointment, “Lu Ze, sister Ling, Jing, and Hesha, you guys are all here? I dreamed that I was eating drumsticks but as I ate, later on, I found that I couldn’t eat anymore… so I woke up…” Yingying’s face seemed a little sad.

Everyone: “…”

Their hearts ached.

So she thought the red orbs were drumsticks!