Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 414 - All Must Die!!

Chapter 414 - All Must Die!!

Chapter 414 All Must Die!!

The old man introduced Hubert further. “Hubert came here to provide support as well. Just now, he saw me fighting those two animals, so he came to help. That’s the sole reason why I dealt with them so quickly.”

Upon hearing those words, Hubert smiled genuinely. “It’s my duty.”

Leon and Jiaxuan looked at Lu Ze. Subsequently, Leon spoke. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze just helped us deal with the remaining mortal evolution state void beasts.”

The old man looked around and indeed saw several void beast bodies.

He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze back at Lu Ze and smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “This is how it should be.”

Thereafter, Hubert said, “There should be more reinforcements arriving. While I was on my way, I received news that in four hours, there would be planetary states coming over. Things would be much more manageable by then.”

The old man looked at the wormhole and frowned as he felt anxious. “Three planetary state void beasts came out. Lieutenant General Nigel is already at his limit holding up that number. Hopefully, more planetary state void beasts won’t appear…”

This made everyone fall silent.

A while later, the commander smiled. “There’s no point in mulling about this. Leon and Jiaxuan, deal with those aperture opening state animals.”

The two nodded. “Yes!”

Their movements were restricted before due to the presence of the mortal evolution state beast. Now, they were free to take action.

At this moment, a silver light flashed over, and Lin Ling stopped next to Lu Ze saying, “I’ve dealt with those aperture opening state void beasts.”

Leon and Jiaxuan stopped in their tracks. The white-haired commander smiled at Lin Ling. “Thank you, 1st Lieutenant Lin Ling.”

Everyone looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling and sighed. Indeed, the friends of prodigies were prodigies as well.

Lin Ling may not be as good as Lu Ze, but she was an extreme rarity in the entire history of the Federation for being able to possess a mortal evolution state power at this age. The commander continued, “Now that all the void beasts are dealt with, let those aperture opening state soldiers go rest and recover first. There will be more void beasts coming. Don’t ease up.”

Although they’ve dealt with this wave of void beasts, there will still be more coming out from the wormhole. Aperture opening states weren’t spirit bodies yet, so they had limited time in s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze felt like he could survive in s.p.a.ce for a few days without a problem, but for aperture opening states, they could only stay in s.p.a.ce for a few hours.

Leon and Jiaxuan immediately nodded. “Yes!”

Kula System, Northern Border of the Battlefield.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha’s armors were broken. They were covered in wounds and blood flowed out from time to time as they moved.

Despite their serious injuries, their expressions remained the same.

In front of them was the Lord of Eternal Life, Frudenand. Compared to the two, Frudenand was in a worse state.

His left arm and right leg had disappeared while his body was riddled with numerous injuries.

At the same time, his face was pale, and his chi had been extremely weakened. He looked at the two in disbelief.

Beyond his expectations, these two women were actually this strong. Their power had just reached level two of the planetary state. With only this factor in mind, it should be illogical for him to end up in such a miserable state.

Rather than strength, the most important point was that their perfect cooperation. One of them will plan out and execute the attack while the other will fill in the weak points.

Their attacks were incessant and flawless.

Frudenand felt like he was facing one person.

Although he was stronger than both of them, his strength was still lacking to crush the two. He didn’t even know how to counterattack at this point.

Moreover, these two were crazy. They desperately fought with their lives on the line. Did they have to push their limits this way?

After a short moment, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha charged up again without giving Frudenand a chance to rest.

Nangong Jing could feel her blood boil.

This was the first time she felt the boundless fighting spirit in her blood. She felt elated facing a powerful enemy.


A golden beam cut through the air. She roared as her fighting spirit intensified.

Her golden eyes elongated and turned into vertical pupils. At the same time, her chi rose up once again.

Meanwhile, Qiuyue Hesha’s pink hue became more condensed. It was as though she was wearing a very thin veil around her. The spirit force rejoiced and approached Qiuyue Hesha on its own.

The expression on Frudenand’s face changed. “You two crazy women! Just you wait!!”

He ignored Kakaroya who was still fighting Yuejing and attempted to run away from the battlefield.

The relations.h.i.+p between him and Kakaroya was just a deal anyway. Since the deal couldn’t be accomplished, then, of course, he would escape first.

Although this might prompt the blade demons and the humans to hunt him down, he would die right there and then if he didn’t flee right now!

Those two crazy women grew stronger during battle. He didn’t want to die!

At this moment, his body stopped in its tracks. Simultaneously, his blood surged. He turned around involuntarily, meeting directly the seductive pink eyes of Qiuyue Hesha.

It took him a moment to recover, even now his body was trembling. That short moment was extremely lethal. Subsequently, Nangong Jing appeared before him as her right fist exploded with spirit force. “Traitor, die!!”


As a result, Frudenand’s body went cold, and he fought with his life. His long sword greeted Nangong Jing’s golden fist force. The fist force quickly shattered the sword, piercing through Frudenand’s body.

Almost instantly, Frudenand’s life dissipated. Whether it was Kakaroya and Yuejing who were fighting in the distance, the young dukes observing the exchange of blows, the soldiers witnessing the battle, or the crowd of viewers watching on the war net, all their eyes widened in disbelief.

Frudenand was dead…

He was a level two planetary state being. People like him were extremely rare, even in the Federation.

Yet, he was killed by two young girls who haven’t even reached the planetary state. Luo Bingqing could finally breathe easy. His eyes flashed with shock and dissatisfaction too.

The traitor was dead, but Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were this strong.

The surveillance room fell into silence. On the other hand, the war net exploded with comments.

“Great kill!!”

“Unparalleled young dukes!! Young duke Jing and Hesha are indeed the pride of the Federation!!”

“Don’t forget Kakaroya!” “Yes, there’s still Kakaroya!! Kill them all! All must die!”

Kakaroya was a little stunned by Frudenand’s death, but when he saw these two women look at him. His skin crawled.


Both of the women’s morale was at the peak. It grew stronger due to the evolution of their G.o.d art. He was only evenly matched with Yuejing. If those two joined forces with Yuejing, then there was no way he could fight.At this moment, Kakaroya felt dazed. He couldn’t resist looking at Qiuyue Hesha.

He stiffened for an instant and recovered.

But even if one was evenly matched, a single instance could be deadly. Much less, there was Yuejing and Nangong Jing.

When he regained his senses, Yuejing’s sword had already headed toward him while Nangong Jing’s punch followed.

Sensing the lethal threat, Kakaroya’s red eyes flashed with hideousness. His body glowed with a dark red color as he crossed his arm blades, releasing two beams to meet the attack.


The explosion bloomed like fireworks. The sword ray and fist force crushed Kakaroya’s beams, slamming heavily against the defenses he just made.

Kakaroya’s spirit force barrier was crippled as the attacks struck him, throwing his body more than a few hundred kilometers away.