Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 412 - Pity, There’s Too Little Miracles

Chapter 412 - Pity, There’s Too Little Miracles

Chapter 412 Pity, There’s Too Little Miracles

Lu Ze stared at Lin Ling in disbelief. “Your G.o.d art can see through people’s stomachs? What would be the difference between you and an intestinal worm then?!”

Lin Ling: “…”

Her smile gradually disappeared at his remark. She wanted to beat him up, but she couldn’t. This was so annoying!

She took a deep breath and explained, “It’s not about seeing through people’s stomach. I can sense other people’s spirit force waves. If Duolin is still alive, her spirit force wave would definitely exist. Even if it’s blocked by the void beast stomach, there are still traces of her for me to detect.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up at her response. “Lin Ling is really amazing!” Noticing Lin Ling’s anger, Lu Ze chose the best course of action, which was to compliment her so as to curb her temper.

In turn, Lin Ling grinned but said nothing. Her eyes glowed as she looked at the void beasts. In just a few seconds, Lin Ling said in joy, “I found it! She’s still alive indeed!”

Lu Ze asked, “Which one?”

Lin Ling pointed at an aperture opening state beast that was located 100 kilometers to their right. It was roaring out, along with another void beast, as they both attacked another person.

Immediately, Lu Ze flickered with a silver light, bringing Lin Ling to the location of the void beast as swiftly as possible. Lu Ze and Lin Ling appeared so suddenly that neither the void beasts nor the human could react.

The void beasts that ate Duolin gathered a dark gray spirit force ball that was aimed toward the human. Meanwhile, the other void beast swiped its sharp claws, which transformed into a huge spirit claw, toward the human as well.

In turn, the human gritted his teeth and clutched his long and black sword.


Accompanied by his war cry, he quickly released two black sword rays. These rays proceeded to clash with the two incoming attacks.

The man tensed all over as he waited for the aftermath of the explosion while retreating. Simultaneously, he bided his time to look for an opportunity to attack.

The two void beasts circled around the explosion, wanting to charge at the man.

At this moment, a green ray flashed, and the explosion was completely extinguished.

The human felt dazed at the turn of events for a moment. Subsequently, the figures of Lu Ze and Lin Ling were revealed before him.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling?

Why were they here?

On the other side, the other two aperture opening state beast did not pursue the human anymore. Instead, they bellowed at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. However, no matter how fierce their demeanor was, the two of them were secretly retreating

The human was rendered speechless. Just then, the two void beasts were extremely ferocious to him, but now, they wanted to run away from Lu Ze and Lin Ling?!

Lu Ze saw this, and a green light flashed in his eyes. Thereafter, a green beam cut across the two void beast’s necks. Both their heads were soon detached from their bodies.

At this point, the man finally realized why the two void beasts dared to be fierce toward him but seemed to be more subdued while facing Lu Ze and Lin Ling. Regardless of the difference in treatment, those two beasts died in the end anyway.

When Lu Ze waved his hand, that void beast who ate Duolin floated over. He then used his green jade slash once again, and the void beast’s st.u.r.dy bone armor was instantly shattered. Thereafter, even its stomach wasn’t spared it was dissected.

Feeling confused, the man had a lot of questions inside his head.

What was Lu Ze doing?

Was he trying to study the biological traits of the void beasts?

Upon looking inside, they were shocked to discover that there was only a dark gray mist. It was rather clean.

As the stomach was opened up, the mist began to dissipate before eventually disappearing altogether. What remained was a purple spirit force orb. The chi on it was extremely weak.

As though sensing something, the orb soon disappeared, revealing a blonde woman covered in blood.

She was extremely beautiful, but her face was extremely pale, and her eyes were tightly shut.

“Duolin?” the man exclaimed immediately. Clearly, he knew Duolin.

He asked, “She… was eaten by that void beast?”

He finally realized why Lu Ze was dissecting this void beast.

Lu Ze smiled. “She’s in a critical condition and heavily injured. We’ll take her back first.”

The man quickly nodded in affirmation. “Okay.”

Lu Ze acknowledged his response and disappeared in silver light, along with Lin Ling and Duolin.

The man: “…”

That was s.p.a.ce G.o.d art…

He wasn’t envious at all.

Meanwhile, inside the mothers.h.i.+p. Abbot leaned against the wall with anxiety. He received serious wounds and was currently weak, but despite so, he didn’t accept any treatment. He wanted to wait for Duolin’s news.

On the other hand, his two companions proceeded with their treatment upon ensuring that Abbot didn’t intend to commit suicide anymore.

Ji Zhen looked at Abbot with complicated eyes. In his opinion, the chances of Duolin surviving should be close to zero.

After all, he had been on the battlefield much longer than Abbot.

Miracles were miracles because it was almost impossible for them to exist.

Ji Zhen wanted to say something to prepare Abbot mentally, but upon seeing his eyes, Ji Zhen couldn’t utter any word.

Let him accept things slowly after witnessing the results with his own eyes.

At this moment, a silver light flashed once more. Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and Duolin appeared in the tunnel.

Everyone looked over immediately.

When they noticed Duolin’s figure and her faint chi, their eyes bulged out.

In just an instant, Abbot charged over with his weak body toward Duolin.His body stopped before Duolin as he used his remaining arm to hug Duolin carefully.

At that moment, he couldn’t resist crying. He cried like a kid who found something extremely precious that he had lost.

Ji Zhen was stunned. Duolin was actually alive. This was truly a miracle…

He then thought of something, and his eyes became a little wet.

He looked away. What a pity, there were too little miracles… Lin Ling spoke. “She’s heavily injured. Let her heal.”

Abbot immediately reacted and shouted, “Medics! Medics! Hurry!”

Two soldiers who were waiting by the side immediately carried Duolin into a medical device.

Eventually, Abbot fainted. A green wind lifted him up. Lu Ze’s mouth twitched as he handed the unconscious Abbot to the care of other medics.