Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 410 - How Unfortunate I’m Not a Girl

Chapter 410 - How Unfortunate I’m Not a Girl

Chapter 410 How Unfortunate I’m Not a Girl

The soldier, who was on the right side, projected a map from his device. It was the defense line of the Ena System.

The defense line was outlined by glowing blue dots that were connected. Among these dots, three appeared to be quite ma.s.sive. They represent the three artificial moons.

There were four regions on the sides of these three moons. Each region had around 10 smaller dots. These dots correspond to the mothers.h.i.+ps that had a similar size to the s.h.i.+p they came from.

The moons and the mothers.h.i.+ps had a s.p.a.ce of approximately 3000 kilometers between them. The entire defense line spanned about 10,000 kilometers.

80,000 kilometers away from the defense line, a black dot was placed in the spot where the wormhole appeared.

Waves of small red dots emerged from the black dot. They were closing in on the defense line. Those were the pack of void beasts.

At the same time, several small blue dots were present before the defense line. Those symbolized the s.h.i.+ps of the guardians.

Outside the defense line, the red and blue dots made contact. Many red dots managed to get past the blue ones. They were directly approaching the defense line.

Considering their mental capacity, the term ‘detour’ never even entered their minds. All they could think about was to indulge in destroying everything in their wake.

If they couldn’t destroy it, then they would run.

Some of the regions had a large number of red dots in them. Accordingly, they received a great deal of pressure. Meanwhile, those regions with a bare number of red dots were situated on the borders.

Those void beasts that broke through the wars.h.i.+ps were, at least, at the aperture opening state and above. Hence, they needed powerful people to take care of them.

This was the mission a.s.signed to the reinforcements.

Since everyone was looking at the map, the soldier, who was on the left, said, “Ena System is rather important. The reward that the Federation would give for this mission is three times that of a regular one. Please defend Ena System. Otherwise, if a problem occurs with the gene serum production, the northern border will become very pa.s.sive.”

Everyone nodded in acknowledgment upon hearing his words.

As the strongest among the reinforcements, old Li smiled and pointed somewhere first. He chose a cl.u.s.ter of red dots between the middle and right moon. “I’ll go here.”

He was rather confident with his power. Since his cultivation was at level seven of the mortal evolution state, his combat power can now reach level eight of the mortal evolution state.

Everyone else made their choices too.

“In that case, I’ll choose this one.” Qiu Dongyi pointed at an area not far from old Li, but it had less-packed red dots.

Thereafter, the Kurter couple chose a similar place as old Li. The choices of other people were based upon their current capabilities.

Those who were confident settled for an area with more void beasts since that meant more rewards.

Lu Ze then looked at the map and pointed at a mothers.h.i.+p between the middle and right. “I’ll choose this.”

The density of red dots here was similar to the location that old Li opted for. Lu Ze was weaker than old Li, but he was fast enough.

As for Lin Ling, she chose the same place as Lu Ze.

Everyone said nothing since they were aware of Lu Ze’s power. Only those two soldiers glanced strangely at Lu Ze, but they didn’t comment about it in the end.

While they were debating to speak out, old Li gave them a rea.s.suring smile. “Don’t worry, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze is extremely strong. He’s not weaker than me. He will be fine.”

The two soldiers could see that everyone else was very calm. Since that was the case, they could only record it as it was.

When everyone was finished selecting, the solider on the left said, “Everyone, I will take you over now.”

Perhaps, because they had fought together, everyone chose regions not too far from each other.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was taken to the mothers.h.i.+p he chose.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling then got up. Everyone else cheered them on.

Lu Ze beamed. “Take care, everyone. If we get the chance, we’ll get Commander Ling to treat everyone to Xingzhan pancakes. It’s amazing!”

Everyone: “???”

On the side, Lin Ling smiled awkwardly. “We’ll be leaving first.” She dragged Lu Ze outside.

When Lu Ze and Lin Ling reached the mothers.h.i.+p, there were already two soldiers there to greet them. They became stunned upon seeing the two.

They didn’t expect it to be these two. They had seen how Lu Ze stalled that level nine mortal evolution state void beasts. In their eyes, Lu Ze was stronger than their s.h.i.+p commander!

With their arrival, the pressure on this s.h.i.+p would be greatly relieved.

The two looked at Lu Ze with fervor. They proceeded to salute thereafter. “Welcome, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, ist Lieutenant Lin Ling. Thank you for coming to help!”

Lu Ze grinned at them. “It’s fine. We’re just doing our mission.”

Why did the two look at him like that?

Was he that famous?

The soldier on the right said, “Um, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, were you injured from the backlash of your G.o.d art before? Do you need to rest?”

Lu Ze’s smile froze. On the other hand, the corners of Lin Ling’s mouth twitched. She glanced cheekily at Lu Ze

Lu Ze said seriously, “I’m fine, don’t worry. How can a mere backlash beat me down? Everyone is fighting against the void beasts, so how can I be lazy? I can still fight 10!”

Lin Ling: “…”

She almost believed Lu Ze, given how enthusiastic he spoke.

However, knowing the truth, she wanted to laugh.

The two soldiers looked at Lu Ze with admiration.

What a shame they weren’t girls!

The two saluted to Lu Ze once more and said seriously, “In that case, we won’t hold Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze and 1st Lieutenant Lin Ling up, please come with us to the exit hatch.”

Lu Ze smiled again. “Thank you.”

“It’s an honor.”

The two soldiers quickly waved their hands.