Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 404 - Can Still Be Saved

Chapter 404 - Can Still Be Saved

Chapter 404 Can Still Be Saved

After looking at the message, Lin Ling frowned and looked at Lu Ze. “What do we do?”

Lu Ze smiled. “What else can we do? We need to help, of course.”

After all, only half of the Ena System’s defense force remained. They never expected the appearance of a natural wormhole. Since it appeared, then the two of them must go.

At this moment, the Federal Martial Artists Site and the Dawn Network also released emergency missions. These missions were clearly sent out to everyone.

All martial artists could receive missions from the Martial Artists Site while only students and teachers in the Dawn System could receive news from the Dawn Network.

As provided, the corresponding federal contribution points or academic credits would be triple that of equal graded missions.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s phone rang. It was a video call.

Lu Ze picked it up, and Ling Dongyu’s figure appeared in the air. His face as serious, and he said, “Lu Ze, Lin Ling, you know about the situation at Ena System, right?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, we are planning to go over.”

Ling Dongyu’s eyes lit up, and he quickly said, “In that case, we hope you two can come with us. We’ve notified all the aperture opening states and above in the Gracious System. Traveling through our wars.h.i.+p will be much faster. We can be there in two hours.”

Lu Ze was a bit surprised. He didn’t expect that the Gracious System’s defense force would be going as well.

If they were to go by themselves, it would take five hours. With the defense force, the consumption of fuel would be cut more than half.

Fuel was very expensive!

Of course, he wasn’t going to reject this, so he nodded. “In that case, we shall.”

Ling Dongyu smiled. “Then, please come to the rendezvous point at Gracious System’s s.p.a.ce station.”

One could imagine that the situation would definitely be different from last night. There were planetary state void beasts.

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, we’ll come over immediately.”

Lu Ze hung up and looked at Lin Ling. “Let’s go.”


The two went downstairs, and Lin Ling went to check out.

It was still the same receptionist. Her gaze toward Lu Ze wasn’t complicated like before. Instead, she looked at him with admiration.

When the void beasts came, she was in Xingzhan City. She was one of the victims. Lu Ze killing the void beasts saved her. If this little b.i.t.c.h wasn’t with Lu Ze, she would’ve gone up to Lu Ze’s room and repaid him.


Lin Ling’s chi still scared her.

The receptionist then smiled. “Lin Ling, our boss has told us that because you saved the city, thereby saving him, then the suite will always be kept for you. You guys are welcome to stay here at any time. Of course, the payments have been refunded back to your account.”

Lin Ling was stunned, but she subsequently nodded. She didn’t like the eyes of this woman.

Lu Ze felt great on the other hand.

A suite that cost 200k,000 star coins a night, and he could stay at any time?

This was great!

Immediately, the two flew out of the city and took out their mission s.h.i.+p and left through it.

Half an hour later, their s.h.i.+p stopped at the s.p.a.ce station outside the solar system. A few hundred s.h.i.+ps were stationed as well. One s.h.i.+p had a length of tens of kilometers. it was like a ma.s.sive beast.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling got off and placed the s.h.i.+p in their storage ring. Afterward, they saw Ling Dongyu and Bazer approaching them.

Ling Dongyu said, “Lu Ze and Lin Ling, you guys are here.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded, “Mhm, Commander Ling, it seems you’ve made a successful recovery.”

In just a few hours, their injuries were pretty much healed.

“Haha, the medical equipment and serums of the defense force are quite good.”

It was quite normal for the military to have such effective treatments. After the planetary state, it would be extremely difficult to use federal technology and science to treat injuries. It was more about using high-level spirit fruit and gene serums.

Thereafter, Ling Dongyu said seriously, “Lu Ze and Lin Ling, time is short. We’re planning to send people over in groups. Old Yang and I will leave with the people who have arrived now. Bazer and Angelie will leave with people who will come later.”

Lu Ze nodded. Following this, Ling Dongyu and old Yang took Lu Ze and Lin Ling toward the huge wars.h.i.+p.

They followed Ling Dongyu to a room inside. There were quite some people present already. This included Qiu Dongyi, the Kurter couple, and so forth.

The atmosphere was tense, and everyone looked over at Ling Dongyu and then at Lu Ze. The glances were complicated. Some had doubts, some had jealousy and admiration while others had approval.

They had all seen the reports.

This extremely young-looking youth was actually stronger than most of them. Of course, not everyone believed this, but no one would start trouble now.

They just needed to wait and see whether his combat power was really as strong at what was reported.


Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced around. Around 200 people were there. Tens of them were mortal evolution states while the rest were all aperture opening states.

From what Ling Dongyu said, this wasn’t everybody.

It seemed quite some people came for the Eternal Life Palace mission. These people could take on mortal evolution state but not the planetary states.

Ling Dongyu smiled. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, just find a place to sit. I still have things to do, so I’m leaving first.”

He still needed to coordinate the defense force.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded and went to sit next to Qiu Dongyi and the rest. After Ling Dongyu left, discussions occurred in the room. Lu Ze felt the glances toward him from time to time. He didn’t care anyway.

Qiu Dongyi smiled. “Lu Ze and Lin Ling, you guys came indeed.”

Kurter said seriously, “The situation isn’t too optimistic this time.”

The young prodigy from last night was called Ban Lei. He also frowned. “I heard there are three planetary state void beasts. Ena System only has one planetary state at level three and that is Lieutenant General Nigel. Can he stop several planetary state void beasts?”

Qiu Dongyi smiled. “At least, this time it didn’t occur inside of the Ena System. The defenses of the Ena System are quite strong. They have quite a few planetary state spirit cannons. If Lieutenant General Nigel can hold them off, it would not be hard to hit their ma.s.sive bodies.”

Everyone nodded.

As they spoke, the wars.h.i.+p took off. Those few hundred battles.h.i.+ps also flew off with the huge s.h.i.+p and entered the warp dimension.