Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 348 - I’m Going to Have It All!

Chapter 348 - I’m Going to Have It All!

Chapter 348 I’m Going to Have It All!

Just when Lu Ze was prepared to die from the incoming hooves, an extremely terrifying chi suddenly appeared in the air.

The chi was so intense that the lightning dragon-horse froze. It didn’t dare to move.

Subsequently, an extremely violent wind blew past. The lightning dragon-horse didn’t even dare to struggle, but its lightning was blown away by the wind. Soon, the two were swept up into the sky. In the distant sky, Lu Ze saw an extremely huge figure fly past.

When it flapped its wings, countless gra.s.s and beasts flew up. Lu Ze and the lightning dragon-horse was just one of them.


The wind wasn’t as sharp as the wind blades and wasn’t too damaging. However, it was overwhelmingly suppressing. Even an overlord-level beast couldn’t control which direction it flew and could only roar as its hooves waved in the air.

Hahaha, he wasn’t going to die!

This was the will of the heavens!

For the first time, Lu Ze realized that there were actually kind bosses in the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze flew with the wind while using regeneration G.o.d art to recover his body.

Without the influence of the lightning, the power of the regeneration G.o.d art manifested. Soon, his almost-dead body regained life.

Thereafter, he sensed his current state. He noticed that his body had improved quite a little after being shocked so much by the lightning. The arcanum of lightning G.o.d art circulated in his head. He also learned a lot.

That was an accident, but Lu Ze benefitted to a great extent. At this moment, he floated in the wind while crossing his arms in contemplation.

That place was the headquarters of the lightning dragon-horse boss, right? Lu Ze recalled on the first map, the male lion also had a fire tree, and the flame on there was a huge treasure.

It seemed that lightning land was a huge treasure too.

However, that place seemed to have been blown away by that boss. Would it recover?

At this turn of events, Lu Ze’s heart ached. He would go back and check later!

When the wind power wasn’t enough to confine Lu Ze, he didn’t even know how far out he had flown.

A boss was a boss indeed. One flap of a wing and you were ten thousand kilometers away.

Subsequently, he flapped his wings and flew back to the place he came from. He didn’t know where the lightning dragon-horse but that guy would probably go back home, right?

This time, he was going to get revenge!

When he came back to the place, the lightning-filled region had disappeared. However, sparks started emerging on the ground. It was as though this place was recovering Upon seeing this, Lu Ze smiled happily.

Indeed, if a boss in here damaged it, it can be repaired, but if Lu Ze took it, it wouldn’t recover. As a case in point, the flame on the tree never recovered.


A terrifying chi flew over.

Lu Ze looked around. Immediately, his face went cold.

When it discovered how this two-legged animal dared to appear near his home, the lightning dragon-horse became extremely annoyed.

His body flashed with lightning as four few hundred-meter long purple lightning swords appeared.

These four spears turned into four purple beams and shot toward Lu Ze.

Lu Ze flashed aside the spears and charged at the lightning dragon-horse. Roar!

Six more lightning spears emerged and headed toward Lu Ze.

And another six…

And another six…

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed after seeing the dense cl.u.s.ter of lightning spears shooting at him.

The spears were extremely agile and powerful. They maneuvered around in the air and attacked Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s wings of wind and lightning was already extremely fast and agile. Despite so, it was still a bit hard to dodge. Now, it seemed impossible to approach the lightning dragon-horse. After dodging another spear from behind, his eyes went cold. Last time, his full-powered punch was stopped by the spear. This time, it wasn’t going to be the same!

Lu Ze raised his fist, and a black light gently covered it. Thereafter, he punched the spear that was heading toward him.


A huge explosion occurred. The lightning and fist force swept more than a hundred kilometers. Even the other spears were affected, becoming a little unstable.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed as he instantly traveled through the spears and appeared next to the lightning dragon-horse.

Immediately, he punched ferociously.

Star crippling punch!

Black fist force surged to the lightning dragon horse’s stomach.

At this moment, another lightning spear formed and greeted the fist force.


In an instant, the shockwave startled the lightning dragon-horse. Lu Ze grinned and charged up quickly. Unlike these overlords who were only strong in one area, Lu Ze was strong in all areas.

The lightning dragon horse was only strong due to a powerful attack divine art. it had clear weaknesses in other areas.

Lu Ze punched at its stomach and forced out its huge body more than ten kilometers away.

Its tough armor was shattered, and purple blood poured out. Gradually, its chi turned more murderous due to heavy injuries.

Lu Ze sneered. The other three overlords were not here, that was why it was easy to deal with this guy. He didn’t give the lightning dragon-horse a chance to recover. He charged toward it again.

At this moment, another three roars could be heard.

The blue bird, black tiger, and gray dragon were approaching rapidly. Upon discovering this, Lu Ze felt stunned. He had only been fighting the lightning dragon-horse for a few minutes. How come the reinforcement came this quickly?

The three overlords neared. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with hideousness. Accordingly, he used his full power. He smashed another lightning spear with one punch and kept charging toward the horse.

The lightning dragon-horse was injured, but if it teamed up with the other four overlords, then it would be troublesome.

He should kill this horse first!

With it dead, the other three overlords lacked a real offensive type of attack that could pose a threat to Lu Ze. Perhaps, he could even kill them all today!

I will have it all!


Lu Ze used his full force with every punch.For a moment, the ground continued to crack, and soon, the sky turned dark.


Lu Ze kicked the wound on the lightning dragon horse’s stomach.



The lightning dragon-horse roared in pain as its body was thrust into the ground, leaving a deep ditch.

Lu Ze flapped his wings and planned to deal the final blow when a blue figure appeared behind him and shot sharp wind blades hurricanes at him.

The powerful threat made him turn around. Quickly, he destroyed the hurricane with a punch, but he lost the chance to finish the overlord off.