Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 346 - You’re the Devil

Chapter 346 - You’re the Devil

Chapter 346 You’re the Devil

After dinner, Lu Ze and Lin Ling went back to their dorms and cultivated like usual.

Early the next morning, as soon as Lu Ze came down, Ye Mu and the other approached the door.

Accordingly, Lu Ze helplessly let the excited bunch in.

Ye Mu looked at Lu Ze with envy. “Ze, I’m so envious of you!”

At this statement, Lu Ze asked, “What happened?”

Tianyuan Qianhua sneered. “Didn’t some people say that something went wrong with your cultivation a few days ago?”

Lu Ze felt dazed and recalled that matter. At that time, he still wanted to go to the martial trial tower and act cool, but the incident at Xigui System occurred.

Tianyuan Qianhua continued, “Now, all those videos on the forums about your cultivation going wrong disappeared. There are quite some videos complimenting you.”

After hearing her words, Lu Ze became dazed once more. It seemed that the video of him killing mortal evolution state void beasts was seen?

This was a different way of resolving the issue, but the effects were the same.

Lu Ze felt very happy on the inside but kept a calm expression on the outside. As a master, he must remain calm.

At the same time, he made the decision to read the forums and see how these people complimented him.

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze speechlessly and saw through what he was thinking.

Lu Ze said, “So, Ye Mu is jealous?”

What could he do? He was just too excellent.

Ye Mu waved his hand. “That’s not the important part. The important part is that those who make those posts are all girls. All girls!”

All of this was Lu Ze’s world!

Xuan Yuqi spoke at this time as well. “By the way, there were a few very famous senior schoolmates who are very talented and good looking. Ye Mu said he liked them.” Everyone looked at Xuan Yuqi in disbelief. She was the devil.

Ye Mu almost went grayish pale.

Lu Ze sympathized with him for a second.

Ian looked at Lu Ze with glowing eyes. “Ze is so strong! You could actually kill mortal evolution state void beasts instantly!”

Lu Ze grinned and waved his hand calmly. “It’s nothing.”

Lu Ze felt amazing, but didn’t Ian’s glance seem a bit off? Why was that glance fitted a girl more?

He couldn’t even be bothered to tell Ian off anymore.

He was worried about this guy. Will Ian be able to find a girlfriend?

After seeing how c.o.c.ky Lu Ze was getting, Lin Ling thought that Lu Ze needed sister Jing to give him some therapy.

Sister Jing would be happy to oblige.

Ye Mu and the rest felt very complicated.

The eight of them joined the entrance test together. Only four months had pa.s.sed, but Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s powers had far exceeded theirs.

They were very hard working already. As such, those two were definitely the prodigy among the prodigies of the first-year students. They were the figures of envy.

Even that number one student from the Emperor Capital Academy, who was at level eight of the core martial state, was only on par with them.

However, their target was Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze was thinking about giving them some red orbs once he got stronger too.

The group chatted for a while. Eventually, Ye Mu and the others left for cla.s.s.

Seeing this, Lu Ze happily took out his phone. Lin Ling then dragged him outside. “Where is your temperament like a master? What’s there to look up? Hurry up and cultivate!”

“Wait… I’m just enjoying it… don’t take my phone… ok, ok, I won’t look…”

Both of them returned to their original routine.

Lu Ze gave the three girls five orbs instead of three a day. However, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha could still consume it in just a few minutes. On the other hand, Lin Ling took about ten hours.

This also increased Lin Ling’s cultivation speed.

Three days later, the dao enlightenment room was finally open. Accordingly, the four came to Jinyao City again.

This time, their usage time was different.

Lin Ling went in first. Thereafter, Lu Ze followed.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha waited outside.

Lu Ze didn’t waste time inside the dao enlightenment room. He had to reach perfection mastery for the star crippling punch within a day.

Sitting down, Lu Ze took out a purple orb, and his mind cleared up.

The arcanum of star crippling punch flowed in his mind. Lu Ze peeled it and gathered it. Enlightenments flowed into his mind non-stop as his mastery of the star crippling punch grew deeper.

A day later, Lu Ze opened his eyes. He then clenched his fist. The fist flashed with a sliver of black metallic color. It seemed extremely tame but had this subtle rhythm to it.

Lu Ze grinned. Star crippling punch reached perfection!

Sometimes, one was just one step away, but in truth, that step was the hardest.

Without the dao enlightenment room, he might need ten days or even a month to learn it perfectly.

Now, it was time to let them know what a true jungler was!

Soon, he walked out. Planet Jinyao was the closest to the two stars. The sunlight was very piercing due to this.

He ignored the strange glances from the students and left the dao enlightenment room region.

Jinyao City also had spirit gathering rooms. They were made with energy stones and formations learned from other civilizations. It could gather spirit force. It was like constantly using a cultivation serum.

However, it was also very expensive. Just an aperture opening state room cost 100,000 academic credits an hour.

Lin Ling was here while waiting for Lu Ze to come out.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha would take too long, so the two chose to go back first.

There were a few young people talking to Lin Ling.

Lu Ze saw Lin Ling had a polite smile, but he knew that she was about to rage.

If this wasn’t Jinyao City, those few youths would probably be over.

Seeing Lu Ze come over, Lin Ling immediately walked over and dragged him away.

Lu Ze looked back and raised his brow at the youths. Their faces looked worse.

Lin Ling saw this and rolled her eyes. “Immature.”

Lu Ze smiled.

Lin Ling let go of Lu Ze’s hand and asked, “How is it?”

“Mhm, star crippling punch had reached perfection. My combat power increased a bit at the same time. What about you?”

Lin Ling replied, “Both my strength G.o.d art and spirit eye have improved.”