Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 328 - You Always Chase What You Can’t Get

Chapter 328 - You Always Chase What You Can’t Get

Chapter 328 You Always Chase What You Can’t Get

Lu Ze looked at the wine and decided to try it in the end.

Under Nangong Jing’s painful expression, he drank it. The golden liquid flowed into his mouth and into his stomach.

Then, Lu Ze felt waves of spirit force evaporate in his body. It felt as though the sunlight shone on his entire body-it was very warm.

His eyes lit up at this. It seemed quite good?

At this moment, he felt a little tipsy. Eventually, the world started spinning, and he seemed to be floating in the sky. While feeling dazed, he grabbed the couch to stop himself from falling.

At the same time, Nangong Jing said pridefully, “How is it? Isn’t it very good? The spirit force inside is very calm. Even those at the aperture opening state can drink it, but it hits hard. This wine will guarantee that you will be drunk. After you sober up, it can increase your mental force. This is a treasure. It is my first time sharing it with someone.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He almost went drunk from one sip. Who could take this?!

He was not an alcoholic!

Qiuyue Hesha laughed after seeing how Lu Ze could barely stand up right now. “This is my first time seeing little brother Lu Ze like this. This is too interesting.”

Lin Ling also grinned.

Yingying stared at the wine in Lu Ze’s hand and placed her finger in her mouth. There was a desire in her eyes. It was as if she wanted to try it as well.

“You… you can have it back… I’m not drinking it, never again…”

Lu Ze pa.s.sed the wine to the three figures of Nangong Jing before him.

He was never going to touch any liquid from this alcoholic! He swore!

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. This guy wasn’t going to drink it? He gave it back to her? He was a really good kid.

Accordingly, she happily took it back and then took a gulp.

It was such a good wine. It seemed this guy didn’t know how to appreciate it.

At the same time, she felt that she seemed to have forgotten something but couldn’t recall what it was.

Meanwhile, Qiuyue Hesha pushed Lu Ze toward the couch. Thereafter, she slid her fingers across his red face.

She said seriously, “Thank you, little brother Lu Ze. I will remember this. Like the T-rex, your business is my business.”

Lu Ze rubbed his heavy head. He was about to speak, but Qiuyue Hesha spoke again. “By the way, both little brother and the T-rex drank straight from the bottle. This is considered an indirect kiss, right? How does it taste, T-rex?”


Nangong Jing spat out the wine and coughed.

No wonder she felt she forgot something. As it turned out, it was this.

She was so excited about some things that she forgot. Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s body stiffened.

Immediately, the atmosphere became awkward.

Nangong Jing quickly said, “This is an accident! I’m drunk, so I didn’t care about these little details.”

She didn’t have any feelings toward Lu Ze. Furthermore, Alice actually talked to her again. This made her quite happy. However, Alice mostly asked about Lu Ze. She was a girl as well. She could tell that Alice probably liked Lu Ze.

She didn’t want to steal a man from Alice whom she regarded as her little sister.

Qiuyue Hesha seemed very happy seeing Nangong Jing looking embarra.s.sed. She wanted to joke even more, but Nangong Jing glared at her and gritted her teeth. “Fox demon, if you say one more thing, our relations.h.i.+p is over!”

When she saw Nangong Jing was truly annoyed, Qiuyue Hesha could only stop unwillingly. On the other hand, Lu Ze felt a little complicated in his mind. People always wanted what they couldn’t get. If Nangong sing argued back, then Lu Ze wouldn’t feel so confused. However, being denied like that made him feel it more.

Nevertheless, this mentality only lasted an instant.

After all, he was half-friends with and half-student of Nangong Jing.

Meanwhile, Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze and then at Nangong Jing. Her eyes flashed, but she said nothing.

Afterward, Lu Ze rubbed his head and took out six red orbs. “Take these red orbs first.”

The awkward atmosphere finally eased. Lin Ling took the two orbs first while Qiuyue Hesha smiled and took her portion too. Finally, Nangong Jing walked over awkwardly and took hers.

At the same time, he could hear Nangong Jing’s voice in his mind. “Don’t mind what happened just then, and don’t spread it!”

Lu Ze ended up dazed. He saw that Nangong Jing didn’t open her mouth. What was this? How did she do it?

However, he didn’t think much about it anymore and just nodded.

Yingying’s eyes bulged after seeing Lu Ze take out the red orbs.

After the three girls took their share, she also ran over and tugged Lu Ze’s sleeve. She looked at Lu Ze with her big eyes. “Lu Ze, I want it too.”

Right then, Lu Ze had only remembered that Yingying was there as well.

He asked her curiously, “Are these useful to you?”

The other three looked over.

Yingying nodded. “Yes, it can help me grow faster.” Grow?

Does that mean grow stronger?

He took out two more red orbs and gave them to Yingying. Then, Yingying ate the two in one gulp.

Afterward, she closed her eyes in satisfaction.

Nangong Jing gulped down the last bit of Jinyao Searing Sun and said, “Okay, let’s cultivate.”

Energy orbs can be used in the afternoon. In the morning, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha still instructed Lu Ze and Lin Ling to cultivate.

Soon, another month pa.s.sed.Since Lu Ze was the strongest-other than those overlords, rabbit, and Lu Ze 2–he had been gaining at least 1000 orbs a night. Sometimes, he could even get a few thousand.

His mental dimension was filled with all sorts of orbs. They were like stars, s.h.i.+ning beautifully.

With his constant use of powerful red orbs, the cultivation level of his spirit force had reached the aperture opening state with 200 apertures. He had been maintaining a speed of two to three apertures increase each day.

After the constant use of regeneration G.o.d art orbs and 1st body G.o.d art orbs, his physical power alone had reached a combat power of 220 apertures.

His wind G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, and regeneration G.o.d art had no more s.p.a.ce for improvement. Only his 1st body G.o.d art still had some potential left.

The black tigers were rather rare, so the 1st body G.o.d art orbs he had been getting were much less than the other G.o.d arts.

In the virtual reality stage, Nangong Jing and Lu Ze wore black martial robes while standing opposite each other.

A few kilometers away, Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling watched the two seriously.