Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 305 - Being Made a Fool by the Old Man

Chapter 305 - Being Made a Fool by the Old Man

Chapter 305 Being Made a Fool by the Old Man

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha walked over when Lu Ze and Lin Ling had finished their sparring session.

Seeing how upset Lin Ling was, Nangong Jing smiled and comforted her. “Alright, let’s go out. There are still plenty of opportunities to spar in the future.”

Lin Ling nodded helplessly.

The four people left virtual reality. Subsequently, Lu Ze fed Yingying some red orbs as usual.

In the dimmed room, the starlight on the surface of Yingying’s body was much brighter than before—it was a drastic change that could be noticed.

Nangong Jing took out a bottle of alcohol from her storage ring and took a few gulps then said, “I wonder when this little girl is going to wake up.”

Qiuyue Hesha looked gently at Yingying who was sleeping soundly. “Hopefully soon.” Lin Ling smiled. “Compared to before, her starlight is much brighter now. The effects of the energy created by Ze’s G.o.d art seems pretty good.”

When Lu Ze heard that, he raised his brows and said proudly, “Of course, don’t you know who I am?”

The three people rolled their eyes at Lu Ze.

After feeding Yingying, Qiuyue Hesha stretched and stroked her long pink hair. “Let’s go down and eat.”

Thanks to Lu Ze, even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had developed the habit of eating.

Lin Ling often complained to Lu Ze that because of him, everyone became foodies.

Lu Ze was proud of that. Wasn’t it human nature to enjoy delicious food?

Although the interstellar era was plagued by crisis, humans’ productivity was naturally stronger than that of the earth era. If they couldn’t even eat under such good conditions, it would be too miserable.

People should enjoy themselves while they can.

They went downstairs, and Lu Ze suddenly recalled something. He turned to look at Nangong Jing. “Teacher Nangong, it is your 30th birthday today, right?”

When Nangong Jing heard his question, she stiffened up and spat out the alcohol in her mouth, landing right onto Lu Ze’s face.

Lu Ze: “…”

He never thought that this woman’s reaction would be so big. He became somewhat stunned now.

This woman actually spat on his face!

His mouth spasmed as he wiped the alcohol off his face. When he was about to curse this woman, he suddenly felt something wrong in the atmosphere.

He lifted his head and noticed how Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling were looking at him. It was as though he couldn’t be saved this time. Then, both of them quietly moved away.

Nangong Jing clenched her teeth and gave Lu Ze an evil glare.

Lu Ze: “What…. What is it?”

Shouldn’t you be happy on your birthday?

Lu Ze even wanted to ask this woman if she wanted a birthday gift, but he felt that maybe he should wait until his cultivation reaches a higher level, then he could give her a mortal evolution state red orb as a birthday gift.

When his cultivation reaches a higher level, the mortal evolution state red orb wouldn’t be precious to him anymore, and he didn’t have to spend any money. It would be great as a gift.

But this situation didn’t seem quite right?

Lu Ze didn’t say a word, and he felt a firm grip around his neck, a familiar pain appeared on his forehead again.

At the same time, Nangong Jing gritted her teeth and yelled, “I AM 18 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR!!!”

“It hurts! Hurts! 18 years old, 18 years old! Teacher Nangong Jing is 18 years old! I was wrong, please let me off.”

Lu Ze was speechless. This woman was already in the mortal evolution state, what’s the difference between being 30 years old and 18 years old??

He really didn’t understand what was in the heads of women.

How many times had this woman beaten him up?

He almost lost count already.

Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling watched this scene without any expression.

Tsk, men

A woman’s age is taboo, how could you be so direct?

If it were them, they would definitely teach Lu Ze a lesson too.

Nangong Jing let Lu Ze off when he admitted his mistake.

Lu Ze recovered after using regeneration G.o.d art.

He was very pleased, regeneration G.o.d art was really useful.

At this moment, Nangong Jing asked suspiciously, “How did you know that it’s my birthday today?”

Nangong Jing didn’t recall telling him when her birthday was.

Also, she basically never celebrated her birthday after becoming a grown-up. After all, other than the old man, her family was very busy. If the old man celebrated her birthday with her, wouldn’t he rush her to get married until her death?

If she was alone, she would just drink a good bottle of alcohol, and it was considered a celebration.

She didn’t expect that Lu Ze would know.

Lu Ze rubbed his forehead helplessly. “The old man messaged me last night.”

He didn’t know either, but last night, old man Nangong suddenly texted him and said that it was Nangong Jing’s birthday.

What was the old man trying to do?

a.s.sist in the attack?

Since he knew that it was this woman’s birthday, he obviously couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know.

Furthermore, it was old man Nangong who personally sent him the message.

Hence, Lu Ze could only brace himself and ask this woman.

Nangong Jing: “…” Lin Ling: “…”

Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

After listening to Lu Ze’s explanation, the atmosphere became awkward instantly.

Nangong Jing was fuming.

Being made a fool by that old man made Nangong Jing lose her temper.

She could even imagine the old man’s wretched smile at this moment.

Nangong Jing clenched her teeth and thought in her heart— ‘Should I charge over to planet Jinyao and tear down that old man’s house?’

This was too awkward.

Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling, who were watching the show from the side, looked sympathetically at Nangong Jing.

With this kind of old man, she was quite pitiful.

There was silence in the air, and Nangong Jing appeared to have given up as she rubbed her temples. “That’s right, today is my birthday. What birthday gift are you going to give me?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “Nothing.” Nangong Jing: “…” Lin Ling: “…”

Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

There was silence once again.

The three people looked strangely at the innocent-looking Lu Ze.

Nangong Jing clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. “So you just brought it up to stab my heart?”

He asked whether it was her 30th birthday the moment he opened his mouth. If he wasn’t trying to stab her heart, what was it, huh??

When Lu Ze saw that Nangong Jing was about to explode in rage, he quickly exclaimed, “Wait! Teacher Nangong, put your fist down first and take a deep breath! Calm down!”

Nangong Jing grinned towards Lu Ze. “I’ll give you a chance to form another sentence.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Teacher Nangong Jing, see, you definitely have what I have and is not lacking in anything. I was thinking why don’t you wait until I improve in my cultivation and give you a stronger red orb to cultivate,


Nangong Jing was a little stunned when she heard that and didn’t say anything.

Lu Ze felt somewhat embarra.s.sed with Nangong Jing staring at him and spoke carefully. “Teacher Nangong Jing, are you alright?”

Could it be that this woman’s fist was still itching?

Nangong Jing took a few gulps of alcohol then sighed and smiled at Lu Ze. “Your G.o.d art energy is very precious, don’t give it to me.” When Lu Ze heard what she said, he understood why she looked at him that way.

He smiled faintly. “Kindness is always returned tenfolds. I am good to someone on the premise that the person was good to me. Teacher Nangong, you’ve always been nice to me, and I certainly wouldn’t be stingy toward


Whether it was on the battlefield or paying first to let him purchase the divine art, even teaching him every morning, Nangong Jing may have a bad temper, but she was quite nice to him.

Of course, this was mainly because Lu Ze was talented and perhaps because of Uncle Merlin, but he cannot deny that Nangong Jing had helped him a lot too.

Since Nangong Jing was nice toward him, he obviously wouldn’t be stingy with her.

Nangong Jing’s eyes lit up when she heard what Lu Ze said, but she didn’t say anything and merely looked at Lu Ze seriously.

Nangong Jing remained silent, so Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha naturally didn’t say a word either.

Lu Ze felt a little uncomfortable with these three people staring at him-are they looking at some rare animal?

After some time, Nangong Jing finally patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and laughed. “Give me that sort of energy now, then. It shall be my birthday present. I want to see if I could touch Yingying after refining—this would be the best birthday present for me.”

Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze and Nangong Jing with glistening eyes. There was actually this method?! Even Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha wanted to touch Yingying, not just Nangong Jing, but they were too embarra.s.sed to ask Lu Ze for energy.

So they could only hold it in.

Qiuyue Hesha widened her eyes and looked at Nangong Jing in disbelief.


She was very jealous!

Lin Ling was very envious too.

When Lu Ze heard that, he gave Nangong Jing a strange look and didn’t think further. “Alright.”

With that said, he pulled out a blue bird boss’ red orb and handed it over.

With his current power, he could kill the blue bird boss in seconds. Lu Ze already had acc.u.mulated a number of its red orbs.

Nangong Jing reached out and took the red orb, then sat cross-legged in the living room eagerly. “I’ll absorb it first.”

As she spoke, she placed the red orb into her mouth, closed her eyes, and focused. Lu Ze and the other two people watched. The energy in the blue bird boss’ red orb wasn’t much for Nangong Jing, and Lu Ze wasn’t worried that anything would happen to this woman either.

Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha were just curious.

They saw how much Lu Ze had improved in one month and were naturally more curious about Lu Ze’s energy.

Right now, Nangong Jing was the first among them to use this red orb.

In just a few minutes, Nangong Jing opened her eyes, and a tinge of happiness flashed in her eyes.

“How is it?”Three of them asked curiously.

It was the first time Lu Ze let such a prodigy like Nangong Jing use it, he also wanted to know its effects.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Not bad.”

She had some subtle loopholes in the early stage of the martial arts, even for herself, but this red orb actually covered up many of these loopholes!

Although it didn’t have any effect on her current power, it increased her potential and broadened her path.

Right now, Nangong Jing finally understood why Lu Ze was so gifted.

So envious of this fella!

He actually had such an awesome G.o.d art!