Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 287 - He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled

Chapter 287 - He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled

Chapter 287 He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled

Three days later in the dark s.p.a.ce, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, where Lu Ze was, came out of the warp tunnel

Not far ahead of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was a huge solar system. The star, which was situated in the middle, emitted a bright yellow light.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. His black pupils appeared to be deeper than before.

During these three days, he had learned the star crippling punch in the morning and digested orbs from the pocket hunting dimension in the evening. His power increased even more.

After getting off the bed, Lu Ze proceeded to stretch. He then exhaled slowly.

He had been cultivating for the past three days non-stop. It was really boring.

He opened the door to his room and walked toward the living room, where he chanced upon the three seniors discussing something.

Noticing that Lu Ze come out, Li Qingyun smiled. “Junior schoolmate Lu Ze, we’re about to reach our destination. If you didn’t come out, we were going to call you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “I’ve been addicted to cultivation lately. Did I miss something?”

Then, he looked around and asked. “Where is Lin Ling?”

At this moment, Lin Ling walked out of her room and smiled. “What are you calling me for?”

“Nothing.” The two of them entered the hall, and senior schoolmate Margaret said, “We’ll be there soon. Upon arrival, we should go straight to the defense force.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm.”

This was his first mission, so it was better to watch and listen more.

Lin Ling nodded too.

Soon, they flew to the ruins of a huge transporter s.h.i.+p. The s.h.i.+p was ice cold and silent.

At the border of the ruin were three large battles.h.i.+ps. Quite some small s.h.i.+ps flew out from there and went into the ruins.

Lu Ze’s s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p got closer to the battles.h.i.+ps. He had to confirm his ident.i.ty before being taken to one of the battles.h.i.+ps.

The flying s.h.i.+p docked, and Margaret said, “Let’s go down, the people in charge are waiting for us.” The flying s.h.i.+p’s door opened, and five people stepped out onto the square. There was already a group of defense forces people waiting there. Seeing the five of them get off, they walked over. The leading middle-aged man smiled. “Student Margaret, Li Qingyun, Eldon, Lu Ze, and Lin Ling, greetings. I’m the commander of the Ning Kang System’s defense force, Ning Dali. Thank you for coming to help us annihilate the b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates.”

Lu Ze glanced at the man. His power had reached the core martial state. The difference between them was huge.

But this was normal. After all, not everyone was a prodigy.

Even the ordinary martial arts students of Federal University was about this level at graduation.

Other than people of the underground forces, most powerful people either left the Milky Way galaxy or was at the battlefields.

The dark forces were pretty much at the mortal evolution state and below. If there were planetary states among the dark forces and such individuals dared to disrupt peace in the Federation, then even if they paid a huge price, the Federation would kill them.

Below the mortal evolution state, one still needed to use flying s.h.i.+ps. Battles.h.i.+ps could take them on, but the planetary state could survive in s.p.a.ce. If they really wanted to wreak havoc, the danger they could create was much greater than those mortal evolution state and below.

Margaret said, “You’re too polite, commander Ning. This is only natural since this is our mission.”

Ning Dali smiled. “You guys must be tired from the trip. Do you want to take a rest before we act?”

Ning Dali wanted to do things quickly, but Lu Ze and the other four were the prodigies of the Federal University and Emperor Capital Academy. He was worried they had bad tempers and were hard to deal with, so he positioned himself lower.

Li Qingyun shook his head. “No need, everyone’s time is precious. I believe commander Ning wants to get rid of this threat too, right? Just tell us the situation.” Ning Dali’s eyes lit up. He then smiled, “In that case, please follow me.” Accordingly, Ning Dali led them inside.

They came to a room full of screens.

At this moment, Ning Dali vigorously pointed at the screen. “The target of the b.l.o.o.d.y Night pirates was the s.h.i.+p outside. All the people on board, 1321 of them, were killed.”

Lu Ze frowned at the scene from the screen. He could see the inside of the s.h.i.+p was filled with blood. All the things were damaged, and the valuable things were taken.

He thought that order was very good in the cosmic era. He didn’t expect such things to happen.

Darkness was everywhere.

The Milky Way galaxy was too big. If some criminals found a barren planet and hid there, then it would be quite hard to find them, even with the current technology.

This was why the school asked the students to perform missions.

“The bodies have been cleaned up, and we’ve notified their families,” Ning Dali said bitterly.

Even though this was within his jurisdiction, if he didn’t give a satisfactory explanation, he would end up miserable.

Margaret asked, “When we received the mission, didn’t you guys say you’ve already found the s.p.a.ce pirates?”.

Ning Dali nodded. “Yes, the transporter s.h.i.+p they robbed had some combat power. Their own s.h.i.+p was damaged during the battle, and we’ve locked onto their location when they jumped to the next destination. Our spy s.h.i.+ps have found their position. They’ve stopped on a primitive life planet.”

Margaret frowned. “Commander Ning, did you find the b.l.o.o.d.y Night s.p.a.ce pirates?”

How could the careful and meticulous b.l.o.o.d.y Night s.p.a.ce pirates be that careless?

Even their s.h.i.+p could be damaged?

When Ning Dali heard the words, he frowned. “This doesn’t sound like the b.l.o.o.d.y Night s.p.a.ce pirates indeed, but I’ve checked carefully. It’s certainly the b.l.o.o.d.y Night s.p.a.ce pirates.”

He pointed at another screen, which showed a luscious planet. Inside the forest, one could see two blood-red s.h.i.+ps. There seemed to be engineers working on repairing it.

“This is their s.h.i.+p. Something really seemed to have happened to it.”

On the side, Lu Ze asked, “Has the planet been checked?”

Ning Dali glanced at Lu Ze. Naturally, he knew Lu Ze, who was famous in the Federation now.

Then, Ning Dali smiled with embarra.s.sment. “Out of concern of being noticed, we didn’t dare to take actions which were too big. According to records, all life forms on there are wild beasts. There are no high-level beings. The strongest beasts are only at the abstruse martial state level.”

The five glanced among each other.

Margaret said, “Should we go over and have a look?”

Either something really happened to their s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, or they were intentionally drawing people over.

It was unknown why they would intentionally draw people over, but there was such a possibility.

If it was intentional, then they would at least have the confidence of escaping or even take out the people who wanted to annihilate them.

Li Qingyun frowned. “I think we can go check it out. There are some risks, but there are no students stronger than us. The rewards are pretty high too.”Eldon nodded. “If there are really any special circ.u.mstances, we can’t just go back like that.”

Lu Ze said, “Let’s go see the situation. If there’s danger, we’ll retreat.”

Lu Ze was confident. After these few days of cultivation, his star crippling punch improved further. With his personal combat armor, his combat power should be around 600 apertures. With the defense of his armor and his 1st s.h.i.+eld, his overall defense was extremely strong. His speed would also be on par with enemies who were at the primary stage of the mortal evolution state.

Even if the b.l.o.o.d.y Night s.p.a.ce pirates had a mortal evolution state member, he wasn’t too worried. Plus, that was very unlikely.

Lin Ling nodded as well. “Let’s go see. I’ll use my G.o.d art to check whether there is any danger.”

Margaret turned to Ning Dali. “Take us over, and we’ll check it out.”

Ning Dali nodded and felt relieved.

There would be some danger involved, as expected. He who touches pitch shall be defiled. They were s.p.a.ce pirates after all.