Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 265 - Four Overlords

Chapter 265 - Four Overlords

Chapter 265 Four Overlords

Half an hour later, Lu Ze happily found another heavily injured lightning warhorse boss, as well as a heavily injured black tiger boss.

Lu Ze laughed like a crazy person once more.

What could he do? His luck was too good.

Was it probably because he was too handsome? Lu Ze touched his face, and then, he flew in another direction again.

This opportunity didn’t come often. He was going to grasp it. Rumble!!





Just as Lu Ze was searching for a heavily injured boss, a few terrifying roars could be heard in the distance.

Other than this, a terrifying power could be felt rippling in the air. Lu Ze felt this and tensed up as he looked at the direction of the roaring sounds.

The crystal clear sky was covered in dark clouds.

Inside, lightning struck across the horizon like a doomsday spear. At the same time, green wind, as well as black and gray lights flashed.

Lu Ze looked at this in disbelief.

What was that?

The blue bird boss and the others?


Their power wasn’t this terrifying!

The commotion was at least a few hundred kilometers from here. The blue bird boss didn’t have such power.

This was mortal evolution state power?

Was it another boss that was pa.s.sing by?

Usually, they wouldn’t fight.

Lu Ze frowned. Before long, his hair glands tingled, and he ran immediately.

The battlefield was moving to his location!

Lu Ze chose a direction that wasn’t in the pathway of the moving battlefield. Only then would he be able to escape.

Lu Ze looked back, and his mouth twitched.

It was so fast!

With his speed, it was very unlikely that he could dodge it!

He just wanted to pick up a few heavily injured bosses. Who did he mess with?

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and even used sevenfold strength.

But as the battle approached, Lu Ze’s face looked bad.

The battlefield covered an area of more than 100 kilometers.

Suddenly, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. There was another heavily injured boss in front of him!

He flew over with all his might.

Even if he was about to die, he would still pick up another boss.

That would be worth it!

Five kilometers away, Lu Ze came before a ditch.

He looked at the gray lizard boss inside and punched without hesitation. Rumble!!

The boss rapidly turned to dust. Lu Ze picked up the six red, three purple, and one regeneration G.o.d art orb.

At this moment, the battle was also near.

He immediately hid inside the ditch and used the chi stealth technique.

He hoped the bosses wouldn’t mind this noob.

Lu Ze looked up and watched the battle.

When he saw the battle, his eyes widened.

He finally knew where the rabbit boss was.

Tens of kilometers away, the white rabbit was desperately flying with all its might.

Four fierce beasts were chasing behind it.

One was a 30-meter tall beast covered in black armor. The armor had purple lightning runes. It seemed to be the same breed as the lightning warhorse.

However, it didn’t have just one horn. It had a pair of dragon-like horns, which flashed with destructive lightning.

The second beast was completely gray and similar to the huge lizard. However, it was more slender. It was nearly 100 meters long. Its head looked more like a rain dragon. Gray mist surged around it. The third beast was very similar to the blue bird boss but was twice as big. It also had four pairs of wings instead of two!

All the wind in the world circulated around it. If Lu Ze didn’t clutch to the ground tightly, he probably would be swept into the air.

Lu Ze saw quite some heavily injured boss getting swept into the wind and ground to pieces.

His heart was broken, seeing this scene in front of him.

He saw at least 15 heavily injured bosses turning to dust.

It took him this long just to find six!

Too bad his wind G.o.d art wasn’t that powerful, or he would really like to try too…

Lu Ze looked at the last of the four beasts chasing after the rabbit.

It was a tiger similar to the black tiger boss, but its fur was covered in a black crystal, which flashed with metallic color.

Lu Ze took a deep breath.


Four of them!

They looked similar to the G.o.d art beasts but were much grander. This reminded Lu Ze of the male lion with the horn on the first map.

He didn’t even dare to breathe.

From the looks of it, these four super bosses were at least mortal evolution state.

Lu Ze was confused about why these four overlords were chasing the rabbit.

And, was that rabbit this strong now??

Lu Ze looked at the rabbit. Its white fur had blood, but its chi was still very strong.

He didn’t dare to believe this was a rabbit!

In his mind, he could only recall those rabbits who were on the first map. That was what a rabbit should be, wasn’t it?

This super rabbit was this strong!

At this moment, the rabbit felt Lu Ze’s glance. It turned over and looked at him.

He immediately felt this huge pain in his head, and his vision went black.

When he recovered, he was already outside.

He almost spat out blood.

He thought he would be safe since those four super bosses didn’t see him yet that dammed rabbit saw him!

He rubbed his head. Was it a mental force G.o.d art boss?

Lu Ze was speechless.

The rabbit only had the same power as the blue bird boss when he first saw it.

It improved so fast.

Lu Ze even suspected the rabbit had the halo of a main character or something.

He wanted to know what would happen in the end, but the rabbit didn’t give him the chance.

The pain slowly eased, and Lu Ze smiled.

He reaped a huge benefit this time.

He went inside his mental dimension and looked at the orbs.

He counted them carefully. 30 red, 18 purple, one wind, three regeneration G.o.d art, one lightning G.o.d art, and one ist body G.o.d art orb.

It was a huge profit!

The 18 purple orbs were perhaps enough for him to learn the wings of wind and lightning!

The 30 red orbs were perhaps enough for him to bring his spirit force cultivation to aperture opening state!

And with all the other G.o.d art orbs, his G.o.d art would improve even further!

Lu Ze grinned. After he fully digested these, he can probably try hunting a G.o.d art boss.

He would go find that blue bird boss and try!Lu Ze remembered he still had 100 million academic credits and one month of dao enlightenment room to use. These six bosses didn’t drop divine art runes.

He desperately needed an offense type of divine art.

It seemed he could use this 100 million academic credits.

But now he was faced with the difficulty of choosing what divine art to buy.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze had decided to not make the decision so rashly.

He would ask that alcoholic tomorrow when he went over.

In that case, he would use red orbs to increase his cultivation level first.

Lu Ze sat down, closed his eyes, and began cultivation.