Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 261 - Excellent Youth

Chapter 261 - Excellent Youth

Chapter 261 Excellent Youth

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Yingying with a gentle expression.

“Yingying you saw it, didn’t you? Tingting has been protecting your park. She lived happily too. Surely, she would want you to be happy too, right?”

She pointed to the information with difficulty

Yingying pitifully looked at the photos and fell silent for a while. Then, she looked at them. “Is that really so?”

Everyone quickly nodded. “Yes!”

No matter what, Tingting still cared about that garden until the very end. Yingying must’ve been really important to her.

Hearing this, Yingying bowed her head slightly and said, “The stars said, life and death is a cycle. This is the law of the universe. Tingting is still a part of the universe and still by my side. Is this… true too?”

Everyone present in the room became dazed after hearing her words. The stars could talk?

No way.

The stars had consciousness?

Or did the entire universe have consciousness?

Or was this just Yingying’s inheritance from her race? In response, Lu Ze and the others nodded. “The stars are right.”

Regardless, they were all still in the universe no matter what race you were.

Of course, there were still powerful beings in the universe that can reach an undying state. What happens there isn’t what Lu Ze and the rest could know now.

Yingying fell silent. The starlight kept surrounding her, and she finally started to calm down.

Lu Ze and his group didn’t feel that much pressure anymore as well.

Yingying gave them too much pressure just then.

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the others walked up to Yingying

Lin Ling hugged Yingying and patted her head.

Yingying couldn’t resist it. She grabbed Lin Ling’s uniform and started crying. “Whimpers… I didn’t keep my promise with Tingting. We were supposed to go to school together… it’s all my fault…”

Lu Ze watched as Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha patted Yingying’s back, comforting her softly.

No matter how strong she was, she was still a kid.

It was already tough for her to control her power and not hurt anyone.

Finally, the starlight that had been s.h.i.+ning gradually dissipated. The two stars of the Dawn System radiated light again. Whatever happened a while ago only felt like a dream.

Jinyao sage could finally breathe easily at this point.

It seemed the human race survived this disaster.

Other people looked dazedly in the sky.

“What happened just then?”

“I don’t know… it was a scene that covered the entire galaxy. It’s too terrifying. Is that the power of a sage?”

Someone suddenly exclaimed, “Look on the net! There is news!”

Countless people recounted their experiences, exclaiming that fear poured into their entire body as though they were facing death.

From the Dawn System to the border solar systems of the Federation, everyone had this feeling

Everyone looked among each other with terror.

This actually covered the entire Federation?!

That was too terrifying.

Could sages really do this?

Or was it not the sage?

Everyone guessed among themselves.

All students on planet Venus were stunned. They completely didn’t know what happened and could only feel terror in their hearts.

Luckily, this chi disappeared, but the terror remained.

Some weaker students couldn’t even get up. The Federal citizens were terrified.

At this moment, the Federation quickly announced that there was a powerful being pa.s.sing by the Federation region. This individual didn’t cause much damage.

Even the blade demons were affected too, so this wasn’t a targeted attack against the human race.

At this moment, in Lu Ze’s dorm, Lu Ze scratched his head as he was the worst at comforting people.

Mhm… all he knew was to let someone cry on his shoulder.

But that wouldn’t do for Yingying. She was a little kid.

There was already someone hugging her, so there was nothing for him to do.

He just needed to wait for her to finish crying. What he didn’t expect was that Yingying cried for an entire morning. Lin Ling’s chest area was completely drenched with tears. Only when the little girl realized her face was wet, she stopped crying but kept sniffing. At this moment, Lu Ze tested, “Yingying, do you want some food? I’ll give you all the tasty things, okay?”

Lu Ze’s heart ached.

He didn’t have much food left, but in order for Yingying to be happy, he had decided to make an exception.

Yingying looked up with her dark blue eyes. “Really?”

Lu Ze grinned. This kid didn’t forget about food even when she was sad.

This was good.

Moreover, Tingting was no longer here. They would need to think of a way to keep Yingying.

That way, humans would have a powerful being protecting the race. Yingying wasn’t too reliable, but she at least had a cosmic realm power. That was definitely beneficial for the human race.

Lin Ling and the rest clearly thought of this


Lu Ze painfully took out all his food and placed it on the table.

Yingying kept sniffing as she stuffed food in her mouth. Her little body seemed like a bottomless pit.

As the food kept disappearing, Lu Ze began to doubt life.

He could only comfort himself that Alice’s supplies would be here soon. This was all for the human race.

He was an excellent youth!

Lu Ze silently looked as Yingying ate. She continued to eat for more than two hours until he felt the last steak in his storage ring.

When Yingying looked over, he quickly shook his head. “There’s no more food!”

He had decided to hide in his room and eat the last steak…

Yingying seemed to have recovered a little because there was good food.Kids got happy and sad quickly.

Lu Ze smiled gently. “Yingying, how about you stay here from now on? Sister Lin Ling, Jing and Hesha will play with you. You can also eat plenty of tasty food and watch cartoons.”

Yingying’s eyes lit up. She opened her slightly oily mouth and said, “Really?”

Lin Ling smiled and wiped the oil from Yingying’s mouth. “Of course, does Yingying want to stay?” Qiuyue Hesha patted Yingying’s head. “I will sing songs to you.” Nangong Jing grinned. “Yingying, let me tell you, wine is…”

Before she could finish, she backed down under the other three’s eyes. She smiled. “I can watch cartoons with you.”

Yingying’s eyes lit up even more. “Really?”

Lu Ze and the others quickly nodded. “Yingying, you can think of this place as your home.”

Yingying finally nodded. “Mhm!”