Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: I Will Personally Cook For Senior Schoolmate


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze came to Lu Li’s cla.s.sroom as usual. Unlike before, Lu Ze was forcefully surrounded.

“This, this is Master Sister’s brother? I just watched Master Brother’s match. He’s so strong!”

“I, I just realized, I’ve always had Master Brother in my heart…”

“Senior schoolmate Lu Ze is really strong. So he has always been keeping a low profile?”

“Yea, even though no one knew about it, he lived so casually. Such a mental state. No wonder he’s a senior schoolmate!”

“From today, senior schoolmate Lu Ze is my idol! I’m going to be like him and keep a low profile while immersed in cultivation!”

This made Lu Ze feel so uncomfortable. So he was that strong? He was keeping a low profile? He only knew now!

Even he almost believed it.

At this moment, a golden-haired handsome boy walked over with a smile. “Brother Ze, I didn’t expect you were this strong! I hope you can teach me a martial technique when you have the chance.”

Lu Ze looked at Shen Feiyang and suddenly thought of Lu Li’s words and smiled awkwardly. “Junior schoolmate Shen Feiyang, you came to find Li again?”

It was best to keep further away from this man.

“Oh yes, I just remembered, but today is Brother Ze’s big day. How about I host a celebration for you, guys?” Shen Feiyang smiled, “I also wish that Brother Ze will get a good result from the graduation trial!”

“No need, we will be going straight home to celebrate. Thank you for your goodwill, Shen Feiyang.” At that moment, Lu Li walked over with a gentle smile.

Next to her was a cute little girl.

She had beautiful aqua blue hair and a lively smile. Her figure was thin and long. She was on par with Lu Li in terms of looks. The only flaw was that her chest only rose up slightly.

A pair of A, this is quite cruel…

The young girl’s eyes immediately lit up as soon as she saw Lu Ze. She skipped over to Lu Ze with a vibrant smile and reached out her thin white hands. “h.e.l.lo senior schoolmate Lu Ze, I’m Alice, Li’s best friend~”

“Oh, by the way, I made that planet Nan Feng’s beast manual.”

Lu Ze was surprised. ‘So she was Li’s friend?’

He reached out his hand to shake with Alice and soon let go. Then, he smiled. “h.e.l.lo, it is very nice to meet you, Alice. Thanks for taking care of Li. So, you made that ferocious beast manual. Thank you, that will help me a lot.”

“Hehe, it’s nothing, Li is much better than me. I’ve been helped by her a lot.” Alice took her hand back and smiled humbly to Lu Ze.

Then she asked, “By the way, are you going to celebrate your victory today? Can I join?”

“Alice, Brother doesn’t have that much time to celebrate. There are only three weeks until the graduation trial. Let’s celebrate after that’s done,” Lu Ze said with a smile.

Alice heard this and gritted her lips in disappointment, but she still nodded. Then, she said secretly to Lu Ze, “Okay then, senior schoolmate Lu Ze, good luck on the graduation trial. If you get guaranteed entry to the Federal University, I’ll personally cook for you. I’ll tell you secretly. I’m a spirit chef. I don’t tell ordinary people this.”

“Spirit chef?”

Lu Ze was a bit shocked. Spirit chef was a chef who made ferocious beasts and spirit herbs into delicious meals. They were different from ordinary chefs and could maximize the potency of each ingredient. They’re like serum masters who make cultivation serums. It’s a very rare and popular job.

He didn’t expect this exquisite cute looking girl to be a spirit chef.

“Hehe, you didn’t expect it right? It’s because I’m a spirit chef that I would have planet Nan Feng’s beast manual. They’re all top-level food.” Alice smiled.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Then, I’ll be waiting for junior schoolmate Alice’s food.”

To be honest, there weren’t a few spirit chefs in the entire planet of Lan Jiang. He really never tried it.

Alice got dazed and then smiled. “It seems senior schoolmate is quite confident? Then, junior schoolmate will wait~”

Then, she raised her right hand and waved to Lu Ze and Lu Li, “I’ll be off first~”

Then, she skipped away with her hands behind her back.

Lu Ze looked at her figure and felt she was a good kid. She was lively and polite and also a spirit chef.

Unlike him, he didn’t know how to cook even normal food.

Just when Lu Ze was sighing, he felt this extremely depressing chi next to him. He turned around and saw Lu Li smiling at him gently.

Lu Ze’s heart almost stopped from the scare.

Did he see the demonic smile from Lu Li?

Lu Li’s gentle voice came out. “Brother seems to have quite a good impression of Alice?”

Lu Ze nodded. “She’s quite a nice girl, isn’t she? Cheerful and humble, she looks pretty too and knows how to cook…”

With every praise, Lu Li’s smile became even more vibrant until eventually, she said, “I suddenly want to cook. Tonight, Li will cook to celebrate brother becoming first.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze’s face turned green.

In his memory, Lu Li only cooked once and that was because their parents were too busy to come home, and the maid went home too, so she wanted to try.

He couldn’t remember exactly what the flavor was. He only knew that after eating the first bite, his eyes went black. When he woke up again, he found he was on the bed and it was almost the second day.

After he asked Lu Li, he found out that she didn’t dare to eat her own cooking after seeing him knocked out, so she fed him a gene serum and put him on the bed.

He still couldn’t remember what the flavor tasted like. It must be his body’s defense mechanism.

“Cough, Li is very cute even if you don’t know how to cook. No, you’re the cutest in the world!” Lu Ze quickly said.

He would try to calm her down first.

Even if it wasn’t for himself, he would do it for the safety of his parents!

“Let’s go, Brother.” Lu Li smiled and turned.

Meanwhile, Shen Feiyang who was ignored was dazed on the side.

He was tall wealthy and handsome but was ignored.

When they got home, Lu Li went back to her own room. Lu Ze saw that his parents hadn’t come back yet, so he went back to his room to cultivate.

He took out the level three cultivation serum. The tube was 10 cms long and 2 cms in diameter. It was a crystal tube, and the liquid was blue with sparkling light.

Lu Ze thought about it and placed it back in his storage ring. He didn’t choose to use it as the light orbs had a much greater effect than these cultivation serums.

He didn’t even want Lu Li to use it. He would give some light orbs to her after he finished graduation.