Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 258 - God Let Us Save the Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 258 - God Let Us Save the Milky Way Galaxy

Chapter 258 G.o.d Let Us Save the Milky Way Galaxy

The atmosphere in the park was silent.

The two little girls stared at each other. For a duration of 25 seconds, they did not break eye contact. Instead of stopping, the girls kept going.

When thirty seconds had pa.s.sed, the girl sporting a twin pigtails hairstyle blinked. She said with distress, “Argh… I lost. You’re so good. You could open your eyes without blinking for so long! What is your name?” Yingying became dazed for a moment, clearly not expecting the other girl to talk to her.

She said calmly, “I’m Yingying.” The little girl smiled vibrantly, “I’m Tingting. We’re friends now!”

She squeezed in next to Ying Ying and sat with her on the swing. The swing was rather wide, and the two little girls could just fit.

Lu Ze: “…”

Do kids make friends like this these days?

This was much convenient than when you were an adult.

Lu Ze sighed. Little kids were straightforward. If they liked each other, they did. If not, they didn’t.

Perhaps, this was the price to pay for growing up? Everyone looked at Yingying who was staring at the scene. Clearly, she was happy.

Everyone smiled and turned to look at the projection again.

The two had begun talking. Of course, it was mostly Tingting talking. Yingying just occasionally replied.

“Yingying, Yingying, you’re really pretty. You must be a foreigner, right?”


“People who come from other places!”

“Then, I am.”

“That’s really good~ I’ve never wandered far away from my home. I want to go out and see all the places outside. Has your family moved over?”

“My family is the stars.”

Tingting didn’t react in time. She blinked in confusion. “Stars?”

Yingying nodded. “Mhm.”

Tingting became really confused.

After thinking hard for a while, she gave up.

Then, she said stiffly, “Oh! So it’s the stars! I know now.”

When Lu Ze and the others saw how Tingting pretended to understand, their mouths couldn’t help but twitch.

This kid didn’t understand at all.

Then, Tingting looked at Yingying and said, “Yingying, Yingying, you’re really pretty, can I hug you?”

“Hehehe~ This is really comfortable.”

Tingting hugged Yingying and rubbed herself against Yingying with satisfaction.

The two kept chatting until Tingting remembered something. She jumped off the swing and looked at Yingying.

“Yingying, Yingying, do you not know how to swing? I saw you fell over yesterday. I’ll teach you how to swing.”

Then, she ran behind Yingying and smiled. “Sit tight, I’ll push you!” Then, the swing started to move back and forth. Yingying’s calm eyes widened and flashed as the swing kept moving. When the swing went higher, Lu Ze and the rest saw a smile on Yingying’s face for the first time.

It was really a joyful smile.

In the small park, the swing went back and forth in the air. Tingting’s crisp laugh and Yingying’s quick smile made Lu Ze and the others smile too.

When it grew dark, Tingting suddenly said, “It’s getting late. I’m going home. Will you play here again tomorrow?”

Yingying nodded. “Mhm.”

“See you tomorrow!”

The scene kept changing. Every night, Tingting would come to find Yingying at the park. The relations.h.i.+p between the two gradually improved, and they grew closer and closer.

Yingying began to smile more.

One day, Tingting said with annoyance, “I’m going to school the day after tomorrow. I can’t play with Yingying all the time~ That’s really annoying~ Are you going to start school too Yingying?” Yingying’s body stiffened. “You can’t come often to play?”

Then, she looked at Tingting. “What is school? Why do you go to school?” Tingting looked at Yingying for a long time. Then, she said in shock, “What? Yingying, you don’t need to go to school?!”

Tingting looked at Yingying with admiration and then said with a smile, “Does Yingying want to go to school?”.

Yingying’s blue eyes flashed with confusion. “Why do you need to go to school?”

Tingting became dazed. She scratched her head. She didn’t know why she needed to go either.

Then, her eyes brightened up. “Mom said that good children need to go to school. I’m a good child, so I need to go to school!” Yingying blinked her eyes. “What is a good child?”

Tingting: “???!”

Yeah? What is it?

Mom said children who listened were good children. But she didn’t know why that was.

There was one thing she knew.

Every time her mom complimented her, there would be a reward. When her mom called her a bad girl, she would be spanked.

Tingting shrunk her neck. That hurt.

She said, “Good children will be rewarded, and bad children will be punished!” Yingying’s eyes widened. She seemed a little scared.

She quickly said, “Then, I want to be a good child! I want to go to school!”

Tingting nodded. “Mhm, Yingying is a good child! Wait for me here tomorrow!”

Then, she ran off.

The next day, Tingting carried a red school bag under Yingying’s hopeful gaze.

“Yingying, I brought you a present!”

Tingting’s face was a little red as she panted after running toward Yingying.

She pa.s.sed the bag to Yingying excitedly. “Yingying look! This bag is for you! Let’s go to school together!”

Yingying took it in confusion. “School bag?”

Tingting nodded and then said, “I used my birthday money to buy this.”

She said, “If the teacher doesn’t allow it, then we’ll cry together. She’ll definitely agree.”

Yingying nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Ze and the others: “…”

After hearing Yingying’s agreement, Tingting happily hugged Yingying and smiled. “Great, I can go to school with Yingying!’ After a while, Tingting waved her hands to Yingying. “I’m going to go home earlier tonight. I’ll come to find you tomorrow. Wait for me here tomorrow morning, Yingying.”

Yingying nodded firmly. “Mhm! I’m going to be a good child! I’m going to school!”

Tingting smiled and ran into the dusk. At this point, the scene broke apart. Yingying, who was sitting on the sofa, said disappointedly, “Then, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the park disappeared.”

However, Yingying said hopefully, “After we find Tingting, we’ll go to school together.”

Then, she looked at Lu Ze and the others. “Sister Lin Ling, do you guys want to come to school with us?”

Lu Ze and the other people looked at each other.

Then, Lin Ling smiled and rubbed Yingying’s head. “We’ll send you and pick you up from school, okay?”

Yingying narrowed her eyes happily and nodded. “Mhm.”

Lu Ze and the rest glanced at each other with complicated emotions once more. After seeing that, they felt things didn’t seem right. Did this girl sleep for a really long time?

Does Tingting still exist?

If not, what would Yingying do?

Yingying, as someone belonging to the star spirit race, should be amicable, right? She wouldn’t do anything over the top, right? But she was still a kid. Who knew if she would throw a tantrum and destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy? If they found out that Tingting didn’t exist, and they didn’t tell Yingying, who knew if Yingying would still find out about it in the future? Her means were things they couldn’t even fathom.

If she realized that Lu Ze and the others were lying to her, would she be angrier?

Thinking about this, everyone felt bitter.

Did the heavens give them the task of saving the Milky Way galaxy?

They could only wait for the investigation results.Hopefully, the worst won’t come.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Yingying, do you usually sleep?”

Yingying shook her head. “No.”

It seemed this little girl won’t be sleeping.

If she did sleep, they could discuss what to do. But for now, they should wait until tomorrow.

Lu Ze smiled. “In that case, we’ll play with you.”

They could only get close to Yingying first.

If Yingying considered them friends like Tingting, then perhaps, she wouldn’t do anything over the top?