Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 256 - Big Foodie and Little Foodie

Chapter 256 - Big Foodie and Little Foodie

Chapter 256 Big Foodie and Little Foodie

Lu Ze wanted to be a man.

He had decided to teach Yingying the ways and mysteries of gourmet and naturally took out gourmet food made by Alice.

His stash was no longer much, and he had intended to economize on it.

But on Yingying’s pitiful account, Lu Ze decided to take good care of her.

Anyway, Alice’s reinforcement would be arriving soon.

The gourmet food that emitted an enticing fragrance filled the area. Yingying could not resist taking a whiff with her nose. She looked over with curiosity.

She had never experienced such a scent before.

She recalled smelling a similar scent previously, but it was not as fragrant as this. Lu Ze smiled and waved at her. “Come over and eat.”

Lin Ling looked over to Yingying who stood by the side and observed the food on the table, smiling warmly toward her. She then asked, “Yingying, do you want to try some?”

Desire flashed in Yingying’s blue eyes as she opened her mouth. “Can I?”

“Of course you can, Yingying, this was all made by a very adorable older sister? You can come and try it, right?” Lu Ze added with a smile.

Alice’s gourmet food was indeed delicious. At the time of cooking, her power was still relatively weak, so the grade of the spirit food was not high as a result. However, the fragrance and taste were absolute.

When Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha saw the slight excitement on Yingying’s emotionless face, they smiled and encouraged her. “Little Yingying, do you want to try it?”

There are times when it is not difficult to form a good relations.h.i.+p with others, just simply using the heart to understand their interests is a good start.

And maybe by sharing the things you enjoy, who knew if others might like it?

Upon hearing that it was made by an adorable older sister, her sparkling blue eyes flashed with starlight as she glanced at Lu Ze. “Is she as adorable as older sister Lin Ling?”

Yingying’s question immediately turned the place silent.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha looked over at Lu Ze who became stiff. A smile formed on their faces as though they were enjoying a show.

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed as she felt somewhat awkward as well. She gave a nonchalant smile and looked at Lu Ze, wanting to know what the fool would say.

Lu Ze looked at Yingying in disbelief.

Does she not know that there are some words that can never be uttered?

It is absolutely forbidden to compare girls!

I’ll die no matter who I say is more adorable, ok?

He gave a dry cough and spoke up as upright as possible. “The two older sisters are different in terms of being adorable, they are both very adorable. Little Yingying, you will definitely like her as much as you like Lin Ling.”

Nangong and Qiuyue Hesha pouted as though dissatisfied with the response, this was not the outcome they had envisioned.

Lin Ling raised her brows but did not say anything.

Hearing that, Yingying turned to look at the gourmet food that emitted the enticing fragrance and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She nodded her head vigorously. “I want to eat!”

She felt that someone like Lu Ze who had such good smelling food would not lie to her.

But of course, the fact that the food was indeed fragrant was part of the reason. Everyone smiled upon hearing Yingying’s words.

Yingying had willingly accepted Lu Ze’s suggestion, this was a good start.

Lin Ling stood up and saw Yingying carrying her red school bag up and asked with curiosity, “Yingying, why are you always holding onto this bag?”

Yingying responded while carefully placing the bag up. “This was given by Tingting, I want to go to school with her!”

Everyone looked at each other when they heard the reason and noticed how careful she was with the bag.

This little girl attached so much importance to a gift from her friend, it’s impossible for her to be a bad person, right?

Seeing how Yingying treasured the bag, Qiuyue Hesha’s gaze seemed distant, as though having recalled something.

Her gaze became gentle as she squatted down to caress Yingying’s little head. “Yingying is such a nice girl.”

Yingying had originally wanted to avoid Qiuyue Hesha’s hand. But after hearing her gentle voice and words, a hint of pride flashed in her eyes as she nodded. “En!”

Nangong Jing was stunned when she saw that Yingying did not avoid Qiuyue Hesha’s head.

Is she really the fox-spirit?

Why is she so good with this kid?

She had always thought that Qiuyue Hesha was the same as her. Who would have thought that she had such a technique hidden under her belt?!

Could it be that I truly have no talent in coaxing little kids?

Nangong Jing was slightly disappointed. Just then, Lu Ze cracked up a smile. “Yingying, you can’t eat if you carry your bag like that, can you place it on the sofa?”

Yingying fell into silence and thought for a moment. She then looked at Lu Ze and the others before carefully placing the bag on the sofa.

When they saw her response, their smiles grew even bigger. They could see that Yingying’s cautiousness toward them was decreasing constantly. Of course, she might not even be cautious against them from the beginning. After all, her personal strength was extremely terrifying and maybe even the explosion of a star system would not be enough to harm her?

Following that, everyone sat at the dining table. As Yingying was only a meter odd tall, she struggled on the chair, wanting to make herself more comfortable.

Lin Ling carried her and sat her in her own lap and smiled. “Yingying, will you be able to eat like this?”

Yingying nodded her head as her large eyes narrowed slightly as though in elation.

Lu Ze’s mouth trembled when he saw her carry Yingying

How great is it to be a child. Following that, he picked up a piece of his favorite sweet and sour pork rib and placed it in Yingying’s bowl and said, “Yingying, try this, it is very nice.”

Yingying looked at the chopsticks by the side but did not pick it up with her small hands.

Lin Ling immediately used hers to pick up the pork rib and placed it at her mouth. “Here, Yingying, open your mouth.”

Lu Ze felt a burst of jealousy, what a king-grade service, she can idle and have food fed to her.

He wanted it too.

By the side, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha watched on excitedly. It would be best if she liked it.

Yingying opened her mouth and swallowed the entire pork rib.

But what stupefied the four people in the room was that aside from the pork bone, the little girl even ate the chopsticks?!

The chopstick that was bitten disappeared into her mouth.

Everyone: “???”

There’s such a method of eating as well?

They were all stunned.

Qiuyue Hesha immediately spoke up anxiously. “Yingying, spit out the chopsticks, it cannot be eaten, it’ll get stuck..” She stopped mid-sentence. Will such an incident occur to this little girl? Who knows if it is normal for her?

Lu Ze and the others glanced at each other. Just then, Yingying’s blue eyes lit up as starlight filled with her eyes. She spoke in a clear and elated voice. “So nice!”

When they heard it, they no longer cared about the chopsticks being eaten.

As long as Yingying likes it, it was fine.

This was the first step in forming a good relations.h.i.+p.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Starlight flashed in her eyes again as Yingying looked at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze, I want more!”

Lu Ze smiled. “En, there’s more here… Eh? Where’s the food? Where’s my food??”

He paused midway and stared at the speckless table.

Didn’t he just fill the table with gourmet food? Where is the food?

Much less the food, why are the plates gone as well?!

He raised his head in disbelief and realized that Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, as well as Qiuyue Hesha, were also staring at the speckless table.

The four turned to look at Yingying, who was looking at Lu Ze with her bright eyes and a hint of oil on her lips.

Lu Ze noticed that the oil stain was definitely not from the sweet and sour pork, but from the barbeque pork!

The atmosphere became awkward.

Lu Ze looked at Yingying’s sparkling eyes and suddenly felt pain in his liver.

He was wrong, he had been wrong right from the beginning. He should never have offered to teach Yingying how to eat.

If he didn’t teach her, the gourmet food on the table would still be there, and he would not have liver pain.

Upon thinking about being afraid of her unique taste buds and even preparing an abundance of gourmet food, he couldn’t help but reflect on why he brought such evil down unto himself?!

Lu Ze felt grief in his heart. By the side, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at each other with shock in their eyes.

Even they had not seen when Yingying had consumed all the food on the table.

Although it was suspected that Yingying was a powerful being, they only truly sensed it now.

At this time, Yingying’s voice came out again.

“Lu Ze, are all the good food finished?”

Her clear voice had a hint of skepticism, as though unable to comprehend why Lu Ze had not brought more good food out.

Lu Ze’s mouth started to twitch when he heard the question.

He silently pointed at the clean table and was about to speak up when he realized that there was a bite at the corner of the table.

Lu Ze: “…”

She even tried to eat the table?

He asked straightforwardly, “Where is the food on the table?”

Yingying blinked her eyes and replied nonchalantly, “I ate them.”

While saying that, she pointed to the corner of the table that she had bitten and frowned with a hint of disdain in her voice. ” This isn’t nice to eat.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling: “…”

Nangong Jing: “…”

Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

The atmosphere turned silent again. A moment later, Lu Ze spoke up with pain in his heart. “Yingying, when eating, everyone should eat together? And you cannot eat the chopsticks and plates as well.”

Although their bodies were able to digest even stones, they never had the brazen idea to even consume chopsticks or plates.

Yingying blinked and turned to look at Lin Ling. “Elder sister Lin Ling, is what Lu Ze says true?”When he heard her doubts, he almost spat blood out.

“You little girl, why weren’t you doubtful when I invited you over just now and only became doubtful at this moment?!”

She only became doubtful when she wanted to eat more!! He would never allow that!

He didn’t even have any yet!

If I can beat her, I would definitely spank her b.u.t.t!!

When Lin Ling, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha saw Lu Ze’s helpless face, they all laughed. Who would have thought that Lu Ze, the big foodie, would actually encounter Yingying, a little foodie?

This little foodie was a true expert to actually force Lu Ze to reveal such an expression.

They all suddenly found it to be very amusing.