Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Chapter 208: New Milestone

“So, what are you guys talking about?”

Lu Ze looked at the two with a puzzled expression.

Lin Ling smiled. “I’ll tell you after school starts.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Both of these guys loved to leave people hanging.

This was no different from a ReadNovelFull author abruptly stopping the updates?

If this was back during the Earth era, blades would be mailed to them!

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed, and she hesitated. She turned to Lin Kuang, who was surrounded by a few beautiful female officers, and said something to him. Then, the two left the area.

Lu Ze looked at the two curiously and smiled at Nangong Jing. “Um, the embodiment of beauty and wisdom, Teacher Nangong, are you going to tell me something?”

If Lin Ling really surpa.s.sed him, he will be crushed. He needed to understand the enemy better now.

Nangong Jing looked at Lu Ze’s sycophant smile and wobbled her wine bottle. “Do you have good wine? Those that can knock out a planetary state.”

Lu Ze: “…”

“Sorry for disturbing you, goodbye.”

The wine that can do that is itself a treasure, okay?

Where would he get that from?

He was Lu Poverty Ze.

Lu Ze gave up trying to acquire intel from Nangong Jing.

Regardless, he would work hard. What would happen eventually was up to fate.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze started enjoying the food again.

Due to the ensuing war, the celebration didn’t last until daylight. It stopped deep into the night.

Lu Ze and the others went back to the dorms. On the way, Lu Ze looked at the bored Lin Ling curiously but eventually asked nothing.

Now, Lu Ze had a new goal.

He couldn’t be surpa.s.sed by Lin Ling. Thinking about this, Lu Ze sat down and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

He felt his handsome face. Mhm, he was definitely going to have good luck today.

Lu Ze confidently chose a direction to go.

A day later, Lu Ze killed more than a hundred core martial state beasts but still didn’t encounter an aperture opening state with G.o.d art.

Was he actually unlucky today?

At this moment, a roar sounded from his right. Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

He found it!

He rapidly flew toward the right.

Soon, Lu Ze felt quite some chi before him. One was very strong, reaching aperture opening state level while the others were all core martial states.

Lu Ze grinned. It seemed that powerful chi belongs to a beast with G.o.d art.

However, it was much weaker than the three beasts he encountered last time. It had just reached aperture opening state and thus possessed no threat to Lu Ze.


Lu Ze felt wonderful.

This was pretty much picking up a G.o.d art crystal ball from the ground.

Lu Ze happily approached the group and looked at them through the openings in the gra.s.s.

It was a small lawn with gra.s.s, which only reached ankle height. There were more than a hundred black scaled leopards. Standing at the very front was one black scaled leopard. A green wind was swirling around its body.

He was like a king looking down on his citizens.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. This leopard probably devoured a wind G.o.d art shard and now became the leader of this pack of black scaled leopards?

This beast was too c.o.c.ky. Even he didn’t dare to make sounds here, and this black scaled leopard acted this c.o.c.kily?

Was it not scared of being caught for lunch by a boss?

He had seen too many of that.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. All his power surged.

He would finish this battle quickly.

The black scaled leopard was very happy. It just rose above the rest and expanded his domain. He had all the food and reproduction rights he wanted.

At this moment, a powerful chi surged. The black scaled leopard froze for a moment and looked at his left in terror.

It roared in terror and wanted to flee, leaving behind his domain.

Lu Ze became dazed upon seeing this. He didn’t expect this.

Then, he grinned and chased after it.

The land shook, and a huge ditch appeared. The already scared pack of black scaled leopard immediately fled.

Lu Ze turned into a beam of light and appeared above the head of the fleeing black scaled leopard.

His right palm pressed down on its head.


The black scaled leopard was immediately rammed against the soil. Its four legs waved around in the air.

Lu Ze frowned. This scene seemed familiar.

When he first encountered the birth of a blue bird boss, he leaned on a black scaled leopard like this.

He didn’t kill it at that time, but this time was different.

A red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and the black scaled leopard immediately lit up in flames.

Soon, there was the smell of meat.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up as he had an interesting idea.

He sliced off the leg with a wind blade and tried to see if he could bite it before it disappeared.

But as soon as his hands touched the leg, the leg turned to dust.

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt this pocket hunting dimension was acting against him. The beast looked so appetizing. Why couldn’t he eat it?!

Soon the black scaled leopard turned to dust, leaving behind six red orbs, four purple orbs, and one wind G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze then looked around at the scurrying black scaled leopards. They seem to be frightened. Why not send them off?

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as countless wind blades appeared, instantly annihilating the remaining black scaled leopards.

After collecting a large wave of red orbs, Lu Ze was off to hunting again.

Time flowed past quickly. It was already the third day.

Lu Ze just realized that he had stayed in the pocket hunting dimension for three days.

This was probably because his cultivation level had reached abstruse martial state?

This was a new milestone!

He made up his mind to stay for the entire duration before leaving.

However, at this moment, Lu Ze suddenly crawled down.

Two huge blue birds flew past in the air, almost blowing Lu Ze out.

After the blue birds flew off, Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief.

He was a mature hunter who could attack or defend.

He had seen more than ten waves of big bosses these past few days, but he safely dodged them all.

People would eventually mature!

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up again as he dashed to the left.

He saw an aperture opening state feline beast. It was completely purple, and lightning sparks were crackling on its surface.

This cat looked around everywhere. This was a beast slightly weaker than him, but it was approaching five apertures?

Finish it quickly!

He used all his power and instantly appeared next to the beast.


He punched its stomach. Green and red fist forces sliced through the air. The power was shocking.


The lightning cat sensed the danger and turned into a lightning spark as it tried to dodge.

However, it was a little slower than Lu Ze.

Lu Ze followed after it.

He grabbed the fur on its neck. The cat roared, and its lightning sparks shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned and didn’t dodge.

Although his lightning G.o.d art was weak, he had quite the resistance to lightning G.o.d art. With his powerful body and regeneration G.o.d art, he could take the attack head-on.

Then, Lu Ze clenched his right fist. Fire and wind entwined. Power surged.



In two huge bangs, Lu Ze’s fist landed on the cat, and the lightning also struck Lu Ze.


The cat made a hideous meow as Lu Ze’s terrifying fist force penetrated its defenses. Lu Ze’s G.o.d art and spirit force went inside its body, destroying its internals.

Its violent chi weakened. It struggled while coughing blood.

When its lightning struck Lu Ze, most of its power was mitigated by the wind and fire barrier. The remaining lightning only shook Lu Ze a little, making him feel numb.

Lu Ze’s face was cold. He waved his fist again.




Three punches and the cat lost its life force.