Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 137 - : That’s Your Misperception

Chapter 137 - : That’s Your Misperception

Chapter 137: That’s Your Misperception

While Frances was dancing around, Lin Kuang waved his hand and a blood-red spirit force sent Frances back to the dazed group of youth in the prodigy barrack.

“He has no injuries. It’s just that the speed was too fast for him to handle. He’ll recover soon,” Lin Kuang explained.

Then, he looked at Lu Ze and realized that he still didn’t know where Lu Ze’s bottom line was.

Should he find a prodigy from a year higher to test him?

As a brother, Lin Kuang felt he should get to know his sister’s friend better. That didn’t seem wrong, isn’t it?

While Lin Kuang was looking at Lu Ze, Lu Ze suddenly felt a chill on his back.

At this moment, Nangong Jing said, “The drill should be over now Lin Kuang. You’re not thinking of finding a higher year student to compete with Lu Ze, right?”

Lin Kuang’s face stiffened in awkwardness, but then he quickly replied, “How can that be? With Lu Ze’s current power, he should be able to easily handle the new students’ missions.”

The missions given to students differ based on their year. The difference in power between years was quite big.

Thus, the drill wouldn’t allow students of a higher year to battle a student of a lower year.

“In that case, let’s end now? It’s very late. There will still be missions tomorrow,” Nangong Jing said as she rubbed her hair.

Lin Kuang glanced at Lu Ze. He could only choose to give up testing this kid.

“In that case, the drill has ended.”

Lin Kuang announced the decision and went back to the stand. Lu Ze went back to his seat too.

Everyone at Federal University looked excitedly as Lu Ze came back.

“Good job, Junior schoolmate Lu Ze!”

“You brought honor to the Federal University!”

Lu Ze looked at all the people cheering him on and smiled with some embarra.s.sment.

It’s not too good…

He thought he could cure his pride, but then Frances wasn’t good enough. He didn’t even release his second stage.

He was thinking that if wind G.o.d art couldn’t beat Frances, he would use fire G.o.d art to give Frances a fiery surprise…

However, Frances only had core martial state level one power.

A bit weak.

Thinking about what Frances said to him at the start, Lu Ze wondered if Lin Ling had enmity with that guy.

He returned to his spot, and Ye Mu and others looked excitedly at him.

“Ze, you’re strong! You’re probably going to be famous as soon as you return to school!”

Lu Ze was stunned. He didn’t feel it was enough.

That would probably not benefit him in being famous.

Ye Mu’s eyes had a look of longing. “After Ze is famous, there will be many cute girls coming to find him. Since Ze has someone he likes, then these resources can be mine…”

Everyone heard this and stayed silent, giving an awkward yet polite smile.

Lu Ze looked at the guilty-looking Lin Ling and asked, “Lin Ling, do you have a conflict with Frances? Why did that guy bite me like crazy as soon as I said we were friends?”

Lin Ling got dazed. She didn’t expect that Lu Ze thought there was a conflict between the two.

Her mouth spasmed as she glared at Lu Ze. “You’re wrong! That person fell in love with me at first sight, and you know what happened afterward. But I don’t like him. You helped me beat him up this time. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Lu Ze heard this, and his eyes lit up immediately. “I want a special meal!”

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze speechlessly. “… Sure!”

Lu Ze felt great. He didn’t expect beating someone up earned him a beautiful meal.

When would Frances come for him again?

At this moment, Major General Barry got up and announced the drill to be over. Then, he gave some information about the missions. He said that the military will a.s.sign missions to people based on the strength they showed today. At the same time, their performance will be recorded.

Half an hour later when everyone was nearly falling asleep, Barry finally let people off.

Nangong Jing and Luo Bingqing came off the stand and came to the students.

Nangong Jing smiled. “The heavily injured students have been sent back to the dorms already. Let’s go back too.”

She glanced at Lu Ze. “Lu Ze did very well this time. He could beat the strongest of this year as a new student. He raised morale for the school. He is awarded 10,000 school credits.”


Those senior schoolmates could not help but exclaim in shock.

Then, they looked at Lu Ze with green eyes, making Lu Ze feel vigilant.

Were these people going to eat him?

If it was a female senior schoolmate, he could barely accept it, but if it was a male senior schoolmate, this wasn’t too good.

Was 10,000 school credits a lot?

“Okay, it’s late now. Let’s go back first.” Nangong Jing smiled.

It was getting dark. Everyone walked out of the stadium and went on the vehicles back to their dorms.

Then, everyone gathered in the garden and had a barbecue to celebrate.

Even those heavily injured students couldn’t resist coming up to drink after hearing the good news.

The celebration lasted late into the night.

Lu Ze was being hara.s.sed by all sorts of girls the entire night.

This made Lu Ze happy and yet speechless.

He was happy to find that his handsomeness was unstoppable.

He was speechless that he clearly said he liked someone, but it still couldn’t stop others.

Thus in the end, Lu Ze could only use Lin Ling as the s.h.i.+eld.

He was her s.h.i.+eld before. Now, it was her turn.

Lin Ling immediately felt envious looks from other girls. This made her feel quite bitter.

Would she be ostracized?

This r.e.t.a.r.d was setting her up.

This wasn’t blocking a bullet. This was blocking an army.

Later on, the celebration was finished.

Lu Ze and his roommates went back to their doom. They quickly went to their rooms after cleaning themselves.

Lu Ze stretched his back and took out his phone to recount the day in the group chat.

He happily typed: So many senior schoolmates like me. Did I get more handsome?

Lu Li: Cold smile.

Alice: Senior schoolmate, this is your misperception.

Lu Ze: …

This conversation couldn’t continue.

Lu Ze put away his phone helplessly and closed his eyes to enter the pocket hunting dimension.