Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 130 - Chain of Martial Artists’ Contempt

Chapter 130 - Chain of Martial Artists’ Contempt

Chapter 130: Chain of Martial Artists’ Contempt


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze looked at the three people. He was puzzled, so he asked, “Isn’t this normal? Teacher Nangong has at least two G.o.d art.”

According to what he knew, Nangong Jing had strength G.o.d art when she was only 12 years old. Now, she had golden battle blood. That was at least two G.o.d art.


Ye Mu’s voice was shaky, his eyes were a little green.

Ian shrugged his neck and said, “You’re talking about teacher Nangong Jing. She’s a young duke…”

Even Xavier nodded. “Usually, those who had two G.o.d arts with a good level of mastery of the G.o.d arts weren’t bad. They had a 90% chance of reaching the young duke level. That means, Lu Ze, you have more chance of becoming a young duke than Ye Mu.”

Young dukes didn’t necessarily have many G.o.d arts, but those who did were usually young dukes.

Xavier’s words pierced deeply into Ye Mu’s heart.

Ye Mu said with despair, “According to what I know, out of all the students in all the year levels of the elite cla.s.s, there are no more than five people who have two or more G.o.d art. In our first year, you seem to be the only one.”

After all, Federal University was one of the best universities in the federation. There clearly wouldn’t be more people with dual G.o.d arts in the Emperor Capital Academy. Other schools might not even have one.

Lu Ze heard this and was stunned for a moment. He was compared with the strongest batch of people in the young generation like Nangong Jing. Of course, he felt it was normal.

Ordinary people don’t even have a G.o.d art. Those who had a G.o.d art could pretty much all enter the elite cla.s.s of the Federal University as long as their cultivation talent wasn’t too bad.

Lu Ze felt great as he smiled. “Ahahah, so I’m that strong?”

The three: “…”

This was adding salt to wounds.

Then, Ian smiled. “In that case, Lu Ze should be able to s.h.i.+ne brightly in the military drill tomorrow.”

Lu Ze was surprised. “Military drill?”

Nangong Jing didn’t tell him about this.

Ian explained, “Because the military doesn’t know much about our combat power, they need to confirm our power before they a.s.sign us missions. Otherwise, if they a.s.sign tasks beyond our capabilities, it might cause ma.s.s injuries and death.”

Ye Mo also added, “Another reason is due to the frequent conflict between the practical party and the academic party.”

“Practical party? Academic party?”

Lu Ze realized that he really was a noob and knew nothing.

The three glanced at Lu Ze speechlessly, and then, Ian explained, “Other than the university, the military also has a prodigy barracks. They’re different from us. They did not graduate to perform military service. They start here. They grow in slaughtering enemies, so they always feel that we who come from academies are soft and are insufficient in real battles.”

Lu Ze was suddenly dazed.

Chain of contempt?

Lu Ze asked in confusion, “But what does the drill have to do with the two parties?”

Ian blinked and said, “The drill is the compet.i.tion between the elite cla.s.s and the prodigy barracks. There would be one annually. It’s quite compet.i.tive.”

Xavier added, “It’s said a prodigy, who is just 18 years old, came this time. He had awoken three G.o.d arts, and his cultivation level is abstruse martial state level five. It’s said his combat power might’ve reached core martial state. He’s killed countless enemies on the battlefield, and his military t.i.tle is 1st lieutenant.”

The three fell silent here.

18 years old, the same age as them. Three G.o.d arts, abstruse martial state with a level five cultivation, and core martial state combat power. Such prodigy made it hard for them to breathe.

Too strong.

Even in the elite cla.s.s, the cultivation level of the first years was only a high spirit martial state or low abstruse martial state. Most students only had one G.o.d art. Some didn’t even have one.

This new person was quite terrifying.

Lu Ze scratched his head.

That person seemed quite strong.

Lu Ze wanted to compete.

He felt he was getting a bit c.o.c.ky. Someone needed to poke him a bit.


Then, the four left and came to the entertainment facilities to eat.

In the meantime, Ye Mu kept staring at pretty girls.

The h.o.r.n.y wolf-like gaze made Lu Ze and Ian quite embarra.s.sed as they pretended not to know him. Only Xavier smiled and didn’t mind.

The group ate and chatted.

Nangong Jing, Lu Ze, and Lin Ling were the latest to arrive, so today was the last break.

They would gather tomorrow morning and listen to the instructions of the teachers and officers, so they could conduct the drill in the afternoon.

Although it was compet.i.tive, it was just the fire of youth. The higher-ups loved seeing young people compete.

It’s said that quite some military high levels will be coming to watch.

All three of them took this drill seriously. Ian’s face was bursting red.

Lu Ze saw this, and his mouth spasmed as he looked away.


This person didn’t feel too right.

After dinner, they returned to the dorms and saw the other new students.

They didn’t know each other well, so they just greeted each other.

It was night time when they went back to their rooms.

The room only had one table and chair, as well as a single bed.

Lu Ze laid on the bed and took out his phone. There were too many unread messages. Most of them were from Alice and Lu Li. Some were from his parents, as well as Merlin who was asking how he was.

He only saw these now.

Lu Ze reported to his parents and Merlin that he was safe and then looked at the tens of notifications from Lu Li and Alice.

This many?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Just how worried were they for him?


He wasn’t a kid anymore.

And… seeing this many messages, it was troublesome to reply.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He thought of an easy way.

He made a group and added Lu Li and Alice.

The name was ‘Lu Ze’s Wartime Broadcast.’


Lu Ze: “Li, Alice I’ve arrived at the battlefield. I’m safe.”

Then, he told them about Ian and his three roommates.

As Lu Ze was happily typing, it was already 10 p.m. on planet Lanjiang. Lu Li and Alice just finished training and returned to their rooms.

Hearing their phones, the two young girls in different rooms immediately took out their phones and looked at it hopefully.

Lu Li’s mouth spasmed when she saw Lu Ze’s group and the name of the members. She angrily threw the phone on the bed.


A few seconds later, she bit her lips and picked up her phone.

When Alice saw the group, she was a little surprised. She bit her lips. Her complexion was a bit strange as she looked at the content.

When they saw what Lu Ze said, they couldn’t resist laughing.

A girl-like guy?

A big dumb guy?

And a flirty boy?

Lu Li: “Brother, don’t be influenced by that Ye Mu.”

Alice: “Senior schoolmate, don’t learn from that Ye Mu.”

Lu Ze saw this and scratched his head before replying, “I’m an honest person! I would definitely not!”

Then, the three talked about the military drill.

Ten minutes later, Lu Li replied, “Brother, you’re starting tomorrow. Have a good rest, be careful on the battlefield.”

Alice also replied, “Mhm, Li is right, good luck Senior schoolmate! If you have the time, tell us you’re safe.”

Lu Ze: “Okay!”

He put his phone away and stretched his back before sitting down happily and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Just when he closed his eyes, Lu Ze opened his eyes again. At the same time, his body shook with rhythm.

He touched the flame, and it felt too satisfying.

Moments later, the pain dissipated.

He found that perhaps he felt too much pain. The pain wasn’t as unbearable as before.

At least, he could still think.

Lu Ze breathed slowly. He felt in just a few days, he would be able to kill that male lion.

Now, he should work on cultivation for the drill tomorrow.

Lu Ze closed his eyes slowly and studied the new secrets to the flame G.o.d art.