Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1311 - Prodigy Stronger Than Emperor Race Prodigy

Chapter 1311 - Prodigy Stronger Than Emperor Race Prodigy

Chapter 1311: Prodigy Stronger Than Emperor Race Prodigy


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls set off in a random direction.

They didnt know the Barren Realm well, so they didnt know where to go.

The only thing certain was that they just killed two Elemental Race prodigies.

They had to leave as soon as possible.

They flew for a week. On the way, Lu Ze kept using Chi Concealing G.o.d Art and s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Dao Runes to wipe away their traces.

Lu Ze wasnt certain if this would be effective. After all, the Emperor Races were very powerful, and they were just cosmic monarch states.

However, they still had to do what they needed to.

Finally, they came to a barren place.

Lin Ling looked at the nearby asteroids and said, There only seems to be a few barren beasts on there. There doesnt seem to be anyone powerful.

Lu Ze nodded. Then, lets go here.

The group flew to the asteroids.

As soon as they neared, roars sounded from inside.

A few golden beams shot out from the asteroids. The nearby asteroids were all pulverized into a powder.

A few beasts with golden scales appeared.

Their eyes were filled with murderous intent.

The barren beasts, like the Barren Emperor, had powerful bodies, but they lost their souls. They could only act on instinct.

There were eight of them.

Two peak cosmic monarch states and six level-7 and level-8 cosmic monarch states.

Lu Ze said, Ill fight the two peak cosmic monarch states, and you girls handle the rest.

The girls didnt object.

The barren beasts were very powerful. Their defense was very terrifying. Even Lu Ze would have some trouble handling peak cosmic monarch state barren beasts, much less the girls.

Lu Ze used the spirit force in his body and Undying Battle Intent. His cultivation level soared to level-7 cosmic monarch state.

Then, he used all sorts of G.o.d art dao runes.

These G.o.d art powers shook the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

All the nearby beings looked in their direction in shock.

Whats going on?!

So many terrifying G.o.d art? Is there a huge battle going on there?

Are the emperor races fighting?

None of them pa.s.sing by wanted to get involved and went around, but some couldnt suppress their curiosity and came to see.

Although Lu Zes chi was powerful, the barren beasts werent scared at all, and instead, charged towards him.

Lu Ze appeared above the heads of the two beasts.

He opened his hands and formed two dead gray orbs.

Death Divine Art, death energy ball.

The b.a.l.l.s smashed on the two beasts.


The death energy ball exploded. The death energy seemed to even have corroded s.p.a.ce.


The two beasts howled in pain, but the orbs could only crack the beasts scales by a little.

Not even blood dripped out.

The two beasts charged at Lu Ze again.

However, their speed really wasnt too good.

It wasnt hard for Lu Ze to dodge.

The troublesome part was how to kill them.

Their life force was too strong.

Lu Ze used all the divine arts he got from the Pocket Hunting Dimension on the beasts and forced them back incessantly.

However, they recovered rapidly.

Far away, beings came close to watch the battle.

They were in disbelief.

What race are they from?

Level-5 cosmic monarch state? Yet, theyre suppressing level-7 and level-8 cosmic monarch states and even peak barren beasts? What monsters are they?!

Are they newly on the monarch ranking? They should be ranked very ahead???

No theyre not on it! I just bought a monarch ranking. Theyre not on it!

Then, they are

Theyre probably the prodigy of some cosmic lord civilization. Why do I feel theyre on par with Emperor Race prodigies?

Look at that male. Hes beating two peak cosmic monarch state barren beasts. Which Emperor Race prodigy can do this?!

Emperor Race prodigies werent rare in the Barren Realm, but to be able to suppress two peak cosmic monarch state barren beasts at level-5 cosmic monarch state was something non-existent.

Was there a prodigy stronger than the Emperor Race prodigy??

A few minutes later, the beasts recovery ability finally couldnt keep up.

The watchers in the dark said, Not good, run! Those beasts are going to die!

They didnt dare to stay anymore.

Who knew if Lu Ze would kill them for watching?

Lu Ze used two more lightning claws and killed the two beasts.

The girls also killed their opponents.

Lu Ze and the girls had panted. The beasts flashed, and a few golden crystals appeared.

These were body law shards.

Lin Ling said, Someone was watching us before.

Lu Ze nodded. Yeah, I felt it.

Lu Li raised her eyebrows. Would they spread the news about us?

Lu Ze thought about it and said, Never mind, so what if they do.. We wont be able to hide our power here for long anyway.