Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1286: Ying Ying's New Form

Chapter 1286: Ying Ying's New Form

Chapter 1286: Ying Yings New Form

Just as Lu Ze and the girls were studying the insectoid tide, spirit light flew out and stopped outside.

The leading three insectoids were very strong. Their chi even made the warp dimension barrier crumble.

At this moment, there were more than a hundred cosmic realm state insectoids behind these three.

"Three cosmic monarch states?"

The girls frowned.

They clearly had a very small place. It was all cosmic system state civilizations on the side. Why did these bosses come again and again?

Lu Ze and the girls didn't get it.

They glanced at the leading three cosmic monarch states. The leader seemed to resemble a humanoid, except that it had four arms. It was covered in a white sh.e.l.l.

The other one was completely black and very small. The last one was a centipede-like insectoid.

The white insectoid was the strongest.

It was a high-level cosmic monarch state!

Lu Ze asked Ying Ying, "Ying Ying can you handle that white insectoid?"

Ying Ying nodded. "Mhm, he's quite strong, but I can beat him!"

Lu Ze and the girls have breathed out.

If even Ying Ying said that it was strong, one would know how strong this white insectoid was.

Luckily, they had Ying Ying there. Otherwise, they would have to lead the insectoids elsewhere and maybe even sacrifice their lives.

The insectoids also studied Lu Ze and the girls.

"Cosmic realm state?"

Edison was a little confused as well. "How did mere cosmic realm states find us? And, could they stand before us?"

Evan's b.l.o.o.d.y eyes swept across the crowd. His eyes flickered, and he said, "Idiot! Their power isn't weak. Sense their G.o.d art, and"

He looked at Ying Ying. "She"

Seeing Evan's suspicion, Edison was a little confused. "What's wrong, Lord Evan?"

Evan snarled. His eyes flashed with greed and shock. "We're really lucky. I didn't expect to encounter a star spirit here!"

"Star spirit?!" The other two insectoids exclaimed.

"If we devour it"

Evan glared at Edison and the centipede. "You two are going to fight over her with me? Edison, Nate?"

Feeling the cold eyes of Evan, Edison stiffened. A trace of panic flashed in his eyes, and he quickly lowered his head.

Edison opened his mouth and said, "Lord Evan, we definitely don't mean that. This Star Spirit is yours."

Evan nodded. "Good. Get ready to attack. I'll handle the star spirit. You two handle the rest!"


When the insectoids had finished discussing, Lu Ze felt the eyes of the insectoids headed to them.

Lu Ze said, "Why are these three insectoids staring at Ying Ying?"

Nangong Jing was frowning and said, "Did they uncover Ying Ying's ident.i.ty?"

"Are the insectoids and star spirit race sworn enemies?"

"Ying Ying!" Lu Ze called.

Ying Ying nodded and broke free from Nangong Jing's arms.

Her cute face showed some rare seriousness as starlight shone around her.

That terrifying power re-emerged again and instantly covered the entire warp dimension. The sound of s.p.a.ce shattering went off.


A flash of shock glistened in Evan's eyes. "Level-5 cosmic monarch state?! A young being from the Star Spirit Race has such a cultivation level?!"

"So what if you're a level-5 cosmic monarch state? I'm a level-8 cosmic monarch state! Such a special talent from the Star Spirit Race would be even better for devouring, right?!"

Soon, the starlight disappeared, and the chi calmed down.

Lu Ze and the girls looked in Ying Ying's direction.

Soon, they were in disbelief.

The one-meter-tall little girl had grown to 1.7 meters tall. Her body was curvaceous, and her silver hair drifted in the air. Her face thinned down. She was extremely beautiful.

She wore the armor of starlight, and her chi was extremely strong.

Everyone was shocked.

Nangong Jing gasped. " This is Ying Ying?!"

They didn't know how to feel.

After Ying Ying transformed, she seemed to have noticed and looked at her body expressionlessly.

"Why did I become like this?"

She rubbed her face and was bewildered.

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless for a while.

So she didn't know herself?

Lu Ze said, "Ying Ying, we'll leave the white one to you. I'll take on the black one. Jing Jing and the others, handle the blood red one!"

The blood centipede was the weakest amongst the cosmic monarch states. It seemed to have just broken through the cosmic monarch state.

"Then, what about the remaining cosmic realm states?" Alice asked.

Lu Ze grinned, and six summoning crystals appeared in his hand.

He inserted spirit force into the crystal, and immediately, all the crystals glowed with flas.h.i.+ng light.



Six powerful beasts charged out.

Evan's blood-colored eyes were a little dazed. "Summoning beast?! That many? And they're so strong?!"

He saw an ice bear. Its chi was near the cosmic monarch state!

Yet, its cultivation level was only at level-6 cosmic realm state?!

He was dumbfounded.

At this moment, starlight charged at Evan.

He definitely disappeared from the spot. The starlight shattered s.p.a.ce and turned three cosmic realm state insectoids behind him to dust.

Evan charged up at Ying Ying, and the two clashed in the depths of the warp dimension.

Lu Ze used Undying Battle Intent, and his cultivation level soared to level-7 cosmic realm state!

Lightning and fire flowed on the surface of his body as he appeared before the black insectoid.

Edison opened his fangs and snarled while slicing his limbs at Lu Ze.

An ice s.h.i.+eld appeared before Lu Ze.


The ice s.h.i.+eld soon shattered.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze had appeared behind the insectoid.

His eyes flashed with fierceness as he struck a bolt of lightning and fireball on the back of the black insectoid.



The black insectoid was sent flying back.

Nate roared and wanted to help, but at this moment, his mind was dazed. His movements slowed down.

Then, an ice blue beam shot at him.

Nate instantly twisted his body and dodged it.

At this moment, a silver light came behind him.

Lin Ling's silver spear brought endless sharp s.p.a.ce blades and struck at the crack in his sh.e.l.l.

Before it could, a blood spirit light flashed and a s.h.i.+eld formed on the sh.e.l.l.

Lin Ling's face changed, and she quickly disappeared from the spot.

Immediately, a blood arc sliced past where she was.

At this moment, two more deep blue spirit lights crashed into Nate's side.


Fire waves surged and Nate fell back.


Scorched marks appeared on his armor as he howled in pain.

Alice grinned. "It worked!"

Lu Li used Eternal Darkness Mist and Stone Transformation Divine Art to help Qiuyue Hesha interfere with Nate.

At this moment, the six beasts charged at the cosmic realm state insectoids.

The ice bear used its Ice Domain while slapping towards the insectoids.

The insectoid attacks were all blocked by his ice s.h.i.+eld.

Even though tens of insectoids attacked him, he wasn't injured.


The six beasts completely suppressed the hundred cosmic realm state insectoids.