Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1284: Settle The Score Lu Ze!

Chapter 1284: Settle The Score Lu Ze!

Chapter 1284: Settle The Score Lu Ze!

Lu Ze panted and the girls came over.

This beast was far stronger than ordinary level-6 cosmic realm state ice bears.

Soon, the body turned to dust, leaving behind drops.

There were the usual liquids, one ice-blue divine art rune shard, one ice G.o.d art domain orb, and an ice blue crystal.

"Luckily, it dropped quite a lot."

Lu Ze grinned. They finally completed the Ice s.h.i.+eld Divine Art.

It took them three months to do this.

"Let's leave here first."

"The previous battle was too big. A powerful beast might be attracted over"

Before she could finish, an ice blue beam struck them, and they died on the spot.

Lu Ze and the girls woke up and looked strangely at Lin Ling.

Alice couldn't help but spit out in a trembling voice. "You jinxed it Sister Ling."

Lin Ling was speechless.

Lu Ze coughed. "At least the loot was good."

The girls nodded.

They also killed other beasts.

Lu Ze counted the drop after the pain was gone.

There were 60 drops of red liquids. The highest level was level-8 cosmic realm state, and the most effective one was probably the level-7 cosmic realm state G.o.d art beast.

The blue liquid and red crystals had the same amount.

There were twelve ice G.o.d art orbs. Three of them were domain level.

Lu Ze took out the other three pieces of rune shards, and they fused to form the complete ice s.h.i.+eld rune.

Lu Ze happily put everything away.

They had been to quite some maps this past three months. Some maps were extremely dangerous, and they died on the spot. Some maps were suitable for them to hunt now. The snow plains were one of them.

They had been here a few times and could obtain loot every time.

This was the first time they had gotten a divine art shard on the sixth map.

The cosmic realm states divine art!

Lu Ze kept cultivating it until perfect mastery.

Lastly, there was an ice-blue crystal.

Lu Ze scanned it with his mental force.

Inside, there was a mini ice bear roaring.

"It's a summoning crystal."

The group grinned.

That ice bear's combat power was extremely strong. Its cultivation level was level-6 cosmic realm state, but its combat power was near cosmic monarch state!

Lu Ze said happily, "Now, we have six summoning crystals."

During these three months, they got three more summoning crystals.

Of course, this ice bear was the strongest.

Qiuyue Hesha had some regrets. "Our cultivation level has been growing too quickly. The other summoning crystals aren't of much use to us."

Lu Ze nodded. "I'll give the crystals to the elders in a few days."

The group nodded.

"But that diamond crystal that directly increases our cultivation level is very useful." Nangong Jing smiled.

They got two more of those.

One was a level-8 cosmic realm state dropped by a death spider with death G.o.d art.

The other one was a level-7 cosmic realm state dropped by a poison vine with Life G.o.d Art.

Nangong Jing had kept pleading with Lu Ze for him to give her the level-8 cosmic realm state summoning crystal to her, and Qiuyue Hesha called her shameless.

They all wanted to use it.

Lu Ze flicked Nangong Jing's head and said, "Okay, cultivate."

Lu Ze began to learn this cosmic realm state divine art.

Three days later, Lu Ze was glowing with ice blue light.

Dim runes were flas.h.i.+ng in the ice-blue mist.

At this moment, the dim runes fused into Lu Ze's body, and the mist dissipated.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He grinned.

He had finally cultivated the Ice s.h.i.+eld Divine Art to beginner mastery.

A thick ice s.h.i.+eld appeared before him.

It was completely blue like a crystal and seemed very fragile. However, Lu Ze knew how tough this was.

At least, ordinary peak cosmic realm states couldn't break the s.h.i.+eld he formed!

He poked the s.h.i.+eld. It was cold.

His defenses were many times higher now that he didn't need to tank hits with his own body.

He got up and saw the girls were gone.

He looked outside. It was a great day today.

He went out and heard Nangong Jing and Lin Ling's chanting.

"Ying Ying! Beat her! Beat her!"

"Arghhh, I lost again!"

Lu Ze was speechless.

He felt they were addicted, and he had the responsibility of stopping them.

He coughed and came downstairs.

However, the girls didn't look at him, so Lu Ze coughed again.

Alice looked worriedly at him. "Senior, are you okay? Have you been backlashed by cultivation?"

Lu Ze didn't say anything.

Then Lu Ze smiled awkwardly. "I'm fine, Alice."

"The weather outside is so beautiful. How can you sit there and play games? Let's take Ying Ying out and enjoy the sun"

Before Lu Ze finished, Nangong Jing cried. "Argh, I lost again!"

"Hahaha, newest record. KO in five seconds."

"Sister Jing, how about you give up."

"You can only bully Lily and Louisa."

Nangong Jing's face went red.

She turned around and pulled Lu Ze over. "I'm definitely not the worst! Ze is definitely more noob than me!"

Ying Ying's eyes flashed as she said, "Lu Ze, let's settle the score!"