Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1269 - Cosmic Lord Beast

Chapter 1269 - Cosmic Lord Beast

Chapter 1269: Cosmic Lord Beast


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls learned how powerful turning the power of the dao rune into an element.

Just turning his right hand into an element allowed his combat power to shoot up. If he could form a dao rune and completely release elements from his body, it would be even stronger.

Hopefully, we can encounter more beasts with a domain.

Although a level-4 cosmic realm state snow leopard with a domain was on par with a level-5 cosmic realm state beasts, the drop was too good!

Lu Ze and the girls had the power to hunt them, so it was better to get more of those.

The group started searching for prey.

A few hours later, Lu Ze and the girls encountered a few beasts with an Ice G.o.d Art Domain. They even encountered a level- 5 cosmic realm state domain beast.

It was stronger than a level-6 cosmic realm state beast.

However, it was quick to run away.

Lu Ze and the girls were moving through the vast snowy grounds.


Lu Ze and the girls turned around. Far away, there was a terrifying chi that crushed the mountain ranges.

The shockwave was charging at them.

Just when Lu Ze was planning to use s.p.a.ce transmission, an ice blue flow swept past and instantly froze Lu Ze and the girls. Their consciousness dissipated, and they disappeared from the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lu Ze and the girls opened their eyes and felt a chill from the depth of their souls.

Nangong Jing opened her mouth and said, That was definitely a cosmic lord beast!

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

That battle was world-breaking.

Even the cosmic monarch state didnt have such terrifying chi.

Only cosmic lords could have such power.

Qiuyue Hesha leaned towards Lu Zes arms. I didnt expect that in just one region, there would be at least two cosmic lord beasts.

There are quite a lot of cosmic lord beasts in just this region.

Lu Ze and the girls were helpless.

Cosmic lord beasts were too scary. They couldnt even avoid it.

However, the loot on this map was great. They killed three beasts with domains. They also eliminated twenty-three other beasts. The loot was enough for them to cultivate for many days.

Lu Ze and the girls started cultivation.

Lu Ze didnt use domain-level ice domain G.o.d art orbs and continued to learn the lightning G.o.d art rune shard.

After distributing the resources, they began to cultivate.

The next morning, Lu Ze came out of the room and looked at the couch. When he didnt see Ying Ying there, he was dazed.

Only then did he remember that Ying Ying was still asleep.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and said, Lets go feed Ying Ying first.

They went to Planet Jinyao and found that Elder Nangong was the only one around. The other elders probably went to cultivate.

They went inside the shack to feed Ying Ying.

They were using the level-5 cosmic realm state liquids and G.o.d art orbs they got from yesterday.

With this, Ying Yings chi soared rapidly.

Lu Li smiled and said while looking at the s.h.i.+ning starlight flas.h.i.+ng all over her body, At this rate, Ying Ying would wake up in, at most, ten days.

Lu Ze grinned too. This speed is much faster than before. Were not far from this little guy anymore.

The others smiled.

When they used low-level orbs, Ying Ying needed one or two months to wake up.

After this, they had breakfast and went back to cultivation.

Lily and Louisa didnt come out of their rooms. They probably hadnt digested the things they learned from the phenomenon.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and used a golden dew before using a level-5 cosmic realm state red liquid.

Powerful red energy surged inside his body.

The level-5 cosmic realm state energy was too powerful. Even though he used golden dew, he could still feel pain.

However, this was nothing to Lu Ze.

He didnt even frown and focused on cultivation.

At night, Lu Ze finally digested the red liquid.

He opened his eyes and smiled.

This liquid was indeed very effective.

At this rate, he would break through, in at most, twenty days.

This was because he had the golden dew as a lubricant. Otherwise, he wouldnt even dare to use level-5 cosmic realm state red liquid.

After dinner, Lu Ze and the girls went back to the room.

Lu Ze smiled. We earned quite a lot last night. Lets continue today. Perhaps there are better things.

The girls nodded hopefully.

As soon as they entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension, they felt that their bodies sank.

Such a powerful gravity! Alice exclaimed.

Even with their cultivation level, they felt their body couldnt handle it.

They looked around.

It seemed to be a very ordinary mountain range. There were no elemental regions.

Lets see if there are any beasts, Lu Ze said.

But suddenly, the ground below them wobbled as a powerful chi soared up.

They looked down and found that the rock they were on stood up.

At this moment, they just realized it was actually a ferocious beast that was over 100 meters tall and 200 meters long.


This beast clearly wasnt happy with them standing on its head.

Lu Ze and the girls spat blood, and their chi instantly weakened.

Just when Lu Ze was about to use s.p.a.ce transmission to take them away, they found that the sky suddenly darkened. s.p.a.ce was bound.

Even with the s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art Domain, Lu Ze couldnt break open s.p.a.ce.

Immediately, they felt pain and died on the spot.

On the ground, a black dinosaur scratched its head.

Then, it went back to sleep.