Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1267 - Ancient Ship Below The Abyss

Chapter 1267 - Ancient Ship Below The Abyss

Chapter 1267: Ancient s.h.i.+p Below The Abyss

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Demon Realm, Demon Palace.

A black beam sliced across the air and entered the palace. It turned into a skinny demon from the Demon Race.

He bowed to the man on the throne. Your Majesty, Im back.

The Demon King nodded. How is it?

The demon said, Your Majesty I broke through.

The Demon King was stunned.

What did you say?

Your Majesty I broke through, the skinny demon repeated once more.

He went out and broke through just like that? Did he come back just to show off?!

Your Majesty, this is what happened

He explained that an eerie light appeared in the Milky Way. Furthermore, there were powerful beings present.

The Demon King frowned. A phenomenon that is connected with the source of the universe? A phenomenon alone allowed you to break through a level? Even the Elf Queen and elders were there?

What is in this Milky Way?

The Demon King rubbed his temples. Is there still no news from Lucia and the others?

The skinny demon shook his head.

Lucia and the others followed the Master Race into the Xavier Ancient Ruins. They should be fine. Theyre probably still inside. Lucia is the one with the purest blood of Abyssal Race among us.

The Demon King nodded. You can leave.

The skinny demon nodded and disappeared.

The Demon King sat for a while before slowly disappearing into the dark shattered valley.

There was intense dark chi surging in the area.

The Demon King went to the bottom of the shattered valley after a while.

There was a shrine with small statues. All the statutes resembled the Advanced Demon Race.

The Demon King proceeded further and soon saw a pitch-black s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

It seemed to be extremely ancient.

The Demon King approached the s.h.i.+p.

At this moment, a voice sounded. Why did you disturb me again?

The Demon King bowed. Please forgive me, Ancestor. There seems to be a special circ.u.mstance in the Elf Cosmic Realm. And Theres still no news about Lucia and the others. I feel uneasy

The s.h.i.+p remained silent.

The Demon King stood there waiting. There was sweat on his forehead.

After a while, a demonic chi surged. What happened there?

The Demon King exhaled slightly, and said, There was a terrifying phenomenon in a small galaxy in the Elf Cosmic Realm. A level-1 cosmic realm state being from our race broke through to level-2 just by watching it

The latter responded, If its such a powerful phenomenon, I shouldve been able to feel it. How come I didnt sense it?

The Demon King explained, Ancestor, someone seemed to have stopped the phenomenon from spreading. You can only sense it within the nearby galaxy.

They shouldve left you a contact method, right? Contact them. They would be interested.

The Demon King nodded in joy. Thank you, Ancestor.

He bowed to the s.h.i.+p and left.

Afterwards, a handsome man sitting in a dark room of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p opened his eyes. There was an extremely dim darkness rune on his forehead.

He looked very young, but his chi was very old and frail.

Phenomenon just what was that?

Even he felt a little scared from the chi coming from the Milky Way.

In his prime, he was a cosmic monarch state.

How could there be such a being in such a place?

Based on his descendants words, that phenomenon was a prodigy breaking through.

But how could a prodigy have such a powerful phenomenon?

He sighed and looked across the room. Everyone wait a bit longer. Well be able to return soon.

There were a few young figures in the room. Some were male, and some were female.

However, their figures were lifeless.

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the girls appeared on an icy plain.

They concealed their chi immediately.

After that, Lin Ling breathed out a little and said, There doesnt seem to be beasts nearby.

Lu Ze and the girls nodded and felt relieved.

Okay, lets go search for beasts. Lu Ze grinned.

This region was extremely freezing. Even though Lu Ze and the girls were strong and had Ice G.o.d Art, they still felt a little cold.

The snow on the ground was at least one meter tall.

There were valleys here, mountains, and trees.

Lu Ze and the girls didnt dare to fly too high.

They just stuck close to the ground while flying.

Soon, Lin Ling stopped. Found a beast!

Lin Ling was looking at a region with a snow-white tree that was a few hundred meters tall. The branches were made of ice, and the leaves were white.

A snow-white beast was lying at the bottom of the tree.

They felt that this beast was a level-4 cosmic realm state.

Lu Ze nodded. Not too strong. We can test our power.

Nangong Jing and the rest nodded.

They could handle level-2 cosmic realm state beasts before they broke through.

Lu Ze charged up with purple lighting.


The beast jumped up upon sensing Lu Zes chi.

Only then did they realize that this was a snow-white rabbit that was nearly ten meters tall.

It looked the same as the rabbit on the first map.

It roared and a shockwave spread in all directions.

It used Ice G.o.d Art and formed thick ice s.h.i.+elds above it to block Lu Zes attack.