Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1256 - Take Me, Ze!

Chapter 1256 - Take Me, Ze!

Chapter 1256: Take Me, Ze!

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“What happened?” Elder Nangong asked.

Red Flame Saint looked at the two and recounted what happened, including the search for powerful energy, the death of other humans, and eventually the matter of being saved by Lu Ze and the girls.

Elder Nangong and Elder Lin listened quietly as their faces kept changing.

When they heard Red Flame Saint was brought back by a powerful cosmic realm state civilization to become slaves, cold sweat came off their backs.

That was a cosmic realm state civilization!

That civilization sounded much stronger than the Elf Race too!

However, their faces became strange when they heard Red Flame Saint and the others weren’t even valued as one meal’s worth of money.

They didn’t know what to say.

They didn’t expect Yourista to mention this.

Lu Ze and the girls wanted to laugh, but they tried to hold it in.

Nangong Lin coughed and changed the topic. “That’s what happened. By the way Elder, what’s with Ze and the girls?”

Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze and the girls and asked in surprise, “Didn’t they tell you?”

Lu Ze smiled. “There was the Elf Princess and a cosmic realm state. I wanted to come back first, and you can tell old man Yu.”

Indeed, they couldn’t let outsiders know of this.

Elder Nangong explained…

“What?! Ze is only 23 right now?!”

Nangong Lin and Red Flame Saint looked at Lu Ze and were dazed.

They thought Lu Ze was quite old, but this guy was only in his 20’s?!

“A 20-year-old cosmic cloud state?!”

They were the Human Race. A race that needed to start from body refinement!

What sort of special breed of humans did he come from?

Lu Ze scratched his head. “I’m not that amazing.”

Elder Nangong and Elder Lin’s mouths twitched too.

Elder Nangong continued to explain that Ze has a powerful cultivation G.o.d art that can create powerful energy orbs.

About the Pocket Hunting Dimension, even Lu Ze didn’t know if it was a cultivation G.o.d art.

Even the elders didn’t know about it.

After hearing that, Red Flame Saint and Nangong Lin looked at Lu Ze like he was a monster.

They had never heard of such a terrifying G.o.d art after being out and about for this long.

They felt their reality was being rubbed on the ground by Lu Ze.

Then, Elder Nangong told them about Ying Ying.

She was the true background of the Human Race.

Nangong Lin and Red Flame Saint looked at the cute Ying Ying in Qiuyue Hesha’s arms. They didn’t feel too good.

Such a cute little girl was the strongest of all of them?!

Cosmic monarch state?!

Red Flame Saint thought of something and looked at Lu Ze. “Ze, the one who annihilated the Gus Race wouldn’t be…”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yeah, it was Ying Ying.”

On the s.h.i.+p, they felt Ying Ying was very cute. Red Flame Saint fed her a lot of food.

He had even wondered if Alice and Ze could have a child this cute.

Then, he would be able to carry his great-granddaughter.

Yet, his old pal told him this cute little girl was a cosmic monarch state boss.


Red Flame Saint felt he couldn’t carry her…

Nangong Lin had the same idea.

Seeing the appearance of the two, Elder Nangong and Elder Lin frowned slightly. “What’s wrong with you two? Ying Ying is very obedient!”

He reached out his hand to Ying Ying. “Come to grandpa, Ying Ying.”

Qiuyue Hesha handed Ying Ying over.

Elder Nangong smiled brightly as he held Ying Ying. “Look, Ying Ying is really close to me!”

He rubbed her head. “Ying Ying, grandpa will roast you fish at night. Okay?”

Ying Ying’s eyes lit up as she nodded. “Okay!”

Elder Lin felt jealous. Ying Ying wasn’t as nice to him as with the Elder Nangong.

Red Flame Saint thought of something. “Oh, where are Old Ao and Xu? Where are they?”

Elder Nangong said, “Old Ao is on Earth. Xu is at the void border. It’s his turn to guard the border.”

Elder Lin smiled. “Since you’re back, let’s tell them first. They will be very happy.”

Elder Nangong nodded. “Perfect, let them come over, too. Now, Xunshuang is a cosmic cloud state anyway. She can guard the border.”

After all, their void border didn’t change. There were just cosmic system state civilizations nearby.

Who would dare to invade when there was a cosmic cloud state?

Countless cosmic cloud states even wanted to suck up to the Human Race.

Nangong Lin was dazed as he looked at elder Nangong. “Old man, you’re saying that Xunshuang is a cosmic cloud state?”

Elder Nangong nodded. “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Nangong Lin didn’t feel too good.

His wife was a cosmic cloud state, and he didn’t even know?!

He only broke through to the cosmic system state with great struggle outside.

Seeing the appearance of Nangong Lin, Elder Nangong thought of something. “Yes, go visit her at the border. It’s been so long.”

Nangong Lin nodded softly. “Okay, I’m going!”

He stood up and ran outside.

Elder Nangong shook his head. “This kid is so old already, but he’s still so hasty.”

Yet soon, Nangong Lin came running back. “Come, come, come, Ze, take me!”

Lu Ze was confused.

Nangong Lin continued to speak. “You have s.p.a.ce transmission. It’s fast. Teleport me there.”

He would need quite some time to fly there.

Lu Ze nodded. “No problem, Uncle Nangong!”

He took Nangong Lin and appeared at the barracks of Shenwu Army.

Nangong Lin was dazed and turned around. “Ze, thank you…”

Before he finished, he found that Lu Ze was gone.

Lu Ze didn’t want to interrupt their reunion, but he didn’t go back to Planet Jinyao.. He went to Planet Lanjiang.