Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 124 - The Smell of Powerful Beings? Is it Good?

Chapter 124 - The Smell of Powerful Beings? Is it Good?

Chapter 124: The Smell of Powerful Beings? Is it Good?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Half an hour later, Lu Ze sat on the dust-covered bed and pressed on the huge lump on his head. His mouth spasmed, and he almost dropped tears of pain.


Pfft, this violent alcoholic.

She hit ruthlessly!

He was going to remember this!


Seeing Lu Ze’s state, Lin Ling couldn’t resist laughing. She blinked her eyes and said, “Lu Ze, you’re the first to receive such a beating and not faint.”

Lu Ze’s body stiffened.

He glanced at Nangong Jing who painfully looked at the room and suddenly felt he was rather lucky.

There were people who were knocked out?

It was that terrifying!

He was shaking with fear.

As though sensing Lu Ze’s eyes, Nangong Jing turned around and laughed at him. “How about it? I’m very experienced in controlling my power. I won’t leave any internal injuries.”

Lu Ze couldn’t speak for a long time.

So she had experience in beating people?

Should he compliment her??

Then, Nangong Jing smiled and said, “You don’t need to compensate me this time.”

Lu Ze was stunned, and his complaints immediately disappeared. He even felt a little touched.

All of Nangong Jing’s things looked pretty luxurious. They wouldn’t be cheap. If she really wanted him to compensate for the damage, he would probably go broke. Yet, she was this generous and didn’t seek compensation from him.

Did he misunderstand her?

Was she actually a good person?

Just when Lu Ze felt touched, Nangong Jing sighed with satisfaction. “I didn’t expect beating you felt so good. It’s easy to get addicted. I hope there are a few more chances.”

Lu Ze: “…”

What just made him go blind, misleading him to feel that this violent woman was a little gentle?

She still wanted to beat him a few more times?


He was definitely not going to give her a chance!

Then, Nangong Jing arranged a new room for Lu Ze. The three began to cultivate again.

Five days later, Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. There were red flames burning at the bottom of his eyes.

During these five days, Lu Ze would go find the male lion and touch the flame every day he went to the pocket hunting dimension.

But, it seemed that each time he touched it, the flame grew smaller.

Thus, every time the male lion saw him, it immediately charged over immediately. The male lion wasn’t too happy, but Lu Ze was very happy.

After all, his fire G.o.d art was getting stronger and stronger. It had even surpa.s.sed his wind G.o.d art.

Lu Ze opened his hands and flames rose up. They turned into flowers, birds, or seemingly live animals.

After playing for a moment, Lu Ze annihilated the flames and got up. He cleansed himself and left the room.

Nangong Jing and Lin Ling were already in the living room.

Nangong Jing was still laying on the couch while drinking. Her face was already red.

Meanwhile, Lin Ling was still playing games of past war campaigns.


Lu Ze walked over and sat on the couch.

At this moment, Nangong Jing burped and said slowly, “We’re about to leave warp drive cruising. It’s about one day until we reach the Xiaer system.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were both a little surprised. The two glanced at each other. They were both excited and nervous.

During these few days, Nangong Jing also told them about the battlefield.

Xiaer system was located at the borders of the human race and blade demon race. The land rights were uncertain, but there were quite some resources here that both races needed.

Thus, both sides proclaimed the system to be theirs and sent their armies in to excavate.

Both sides were evenly matched in power, and these resources weren’t considered extremely rare, so they were preventing a large scale war from happening. However, small scale conflicts were incessant.

At least, if a new resource site was found, they would fight over it first. Then, the surviving side gets the right to excavate it!

Lu Ze sighed. Most wars in the universe started due to resources.

Without resources, one couldn’t progress. If you didn’t progress, it meant you would fall behind and that would mean getting beaten.

Only those naturally near-invincible races didn’t need such things.

Now, they were almost about to arrive on the battlefield.

Their hearts were beating fast.

At this moment, Lu Ze took out the food Alice prepared for him. With a smile, he offered, “Let’s eat first. This is made by my cute junior schoolmate. You guys are lucky!”

Nangong Jing smelled this, and immediately, her eyes lit up. She gulped down her saliva and said, “Alice made it. I’ve long eaten it before you.”

After all, she knew Alice since they were little.

When Alice first began cooking, it was big brothers and sisters like her who tasted it first.

Lu Ze glanced at her. “Then, you don’t want to have it?”

“I do!”

What a joke. Alice learned from Uncle Merlin.

No, she must take out some good wine.

Thinking about this, Nangong Jing took out a bottle from her storage ring. The liquid was gold in color. It emitted an intense aroma.

She happily swung it a few times before starting to drink.

Lin Ling’s eyes lit up too. “Lu Ze you had such good things, and you didn’t take it out earlier. That’s not good enough!”

Lu Ze smiled. “She made it just for me, okay? I’m seeing that we’re going to the battlefield now, so that’s why I took it out. Otherwise, I’m not giving it to you guys.”

He couldn’t have enough for himself.

Food wasn’t going to spoil in the storage ring. When taken out, it would taste exactly the same as when it was placed inside.

The three ate happily while the scene outside changed from a dark twisted tunnel into the cosmic s.p.a.ce.

At this moment, Nangong Jing raised a brow. Her eyes went cold as she grinned. “I smell the scent of a powerful being.”

Lin Ling’s eyes focused. Looking at Nangong Jing’s face, it could only be enemies.

Lu Ze asked, “The scent of powerful beings? Is it fragrant?”

Nangong Jing: “…”

Lin Ling: “???”

The atmosphere fell silent.

Looking at how Lu Ze kept eating, veins popped out on their heads.

Did this guy leave his brain behind on the way??

Seeing the two look at him, Lu Ze realized what happened.

It was Nangong Jing’s fault. After all, he was just enjoying Alice’s beautiful food.

He scratched his head awkwardly. “I thought it was some food. Don’t look at me like this. I will feel embarra.s.sed.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Oh, you’re really humble. You would feel embarra.s.sed?”

Nangong Jing didn’t even want to talk to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze laughed drily and said, “What should we do? Find a planet to land?”

They weren’t planetary states yet.