Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1241 - Lightning Dao Rune Shards

Chapter 1241 - Lightning Dao Rune Shards

Chapter 1241: Lightning Dao Rune Shards

In the room, Lu Ze and the girls woke up.

Their eyes were filled with pain, but they smiled.

This death was worth it.

They killed two overlords, and the loot was huge.

After they recovered, Nangong Jing smiled. “Ze, let’s see what we got.”

Lu Ze nodded and started organizing the drops.

There were the usual red and purple liquids.

The overlord ones flashed with golden light. It was easier and more gentle to digest than the super liquids.

It contained more energy too.

The white liquid was the overlord’s only energy and could change a being’s talent.

Lu Ze planned to use this for himself. He gave the overlord liquids to the girls.

There was also the lightning G.o.d art orb and ice G.o.d art orbs. They were just like ordinary G.o.d art orbs but contained more knowledge.

Lu Ze suspected that the G.o.d art orbs contained domain-level G.o.d art knowledge.

However, he could learn the Ice G.o.d Art Domain in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. As for the Lightning G.o.d Art Domain, he already had it.

Therefore, Lu Ze gave the lightning one to Qiuyue Hesha and the ice one to Nangong Jing.

The Ice G.o.d Art Domain was more about crowd control. Nangong Jing had enough offensive power.

The Lightning G.o.d Art Domain was more about attack and speed. Qiuyue Hesha lacked this.

As for the Ice Sealing Technique and Lightning Ball Divine Art, Lu Ze and the girls already had it. Lu Ze threw the two divine arts into his mental force dimension and planned to give them to the elders.

Then, there was the golden lightning crystal dropped by the golden eagle. Lu Ze opened it and found that it was a complete set of equipment.

This included a weapon too.

Lu Ze changed into it and found it was much stronger than the fire wolf set.

The spirit force digestion and usage efficiency nearly doubled. It could also improve the effects of Lightning G.o.d Art. The Lightning Ball Divine Art’s power was almost doubled.

With this, Lu Ze’s combat power had more than doubled. It was very terrifying!

The ice bird’s ice blue crystal also contained a set.

It was the same as the golden eagle’s equipment set in terms of spirit force usage and efficiency.

However, it amplified the Ice G.o.d Art and Divine Art.

Lu Ze thought about it and decided to give this set to Nangong Jing. After all, she was using the ice G.o.d art orb.

Qiuyue Hesha saw this and felt a little jealous. Lu Ze had to sacrifice his body to appease her.

There would always be more equipment, after all.

The ice bird also dropped an ice blue crystal. This was the summoning crystal for the ice bird.

The overlord’s summoning crystal was still quite useful. The combat power could reach level-4 to 5 cosmic realm states.

The last thing left was that lightning rune dropped by the golden eagle.

Lu Ze was quite curious about it.

It was floating in his mental force dimension. It was emitting lightning knowledge. The knowledge contained was rather deep. Even though Lu Ze’s Lightning G.o.d Art was at the domain level, he still felt that he couldn’t understand some of the things.

He was quite hesitant about taking it out.

After all, he was almost shocked to death in the Pocket Hunting Dimension by it.

Lu Ze eventually decided to take it out. If he really couldn’t handle it, he would put it back in his mental force dimension.

Lu Ze took it out, and it appeared on his hand. He immediately felt that his hand went numb and a lightning power entered his body.

This time, it wasn’t as strong as it was in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

However, as this power entered his body, his body was refined even stronger by this lightning.

Lu Ze was a little shocked.

His body was rather strong now, but just this sliver of lightning made his body stronger.

What was this?

The girls looked at it curiously. “Little Brother Lu Ze, what is this?”

Qiuyue Hesha’s face blushed and asked.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let me see.”

He inserted his mental force into the lightning rune. Information about this appeared.

Lu Ze opened his eyes in surprise and joy.

Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, what is this?”

Lu Ze’s voice was shaky. “This is… lightning dao rune shard!”

The people around were overjoyed.

Lin Ling looked at this in disbelief. “Dao rune? This is actually a dao rune?!”

Makin Thor has told them about this.

This was power only cosmic lords could master!

No one knew how hard it was to learn dao rune.

However, Lu Ze had one.

Alice opened her mouth and said, “No wonder the golden lightning eagle was so powerful!”

This was the power of dao rune!

Even though it was just a shard, it’s still much stronger than the power of the domain.

The golden eagle hadn’t completely learned its power or else, the other four overlords wouldn’t be able to resist this at all.

Lu Ze smiled. “The eagle probably used the power of the dao rune and received a backlash. That’s why it was suddenly heavily injured when the black dragon pa.s.sed by.”

The eagle was suppressing the backlash, but the dragon’s pressure destabilized its situation.

No wonder it died.

The girls grinned. “This is amazing!”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Ze, can you use this?”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “I can use this, but as long as I don’t use the power of the dao rune itself, I won’t experience a backlash.”

After digesting this dao rune, his Lightning G.o.d Art would be greatly improved.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Use it, we’ll protect it.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “I’ll use it first then.”

He sat and closed his eyes.

He used an overlord purple liquid, blue dew, and a blue crystal.

Then, he suppressed his excitement and digested this dao rune into his body.