Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 122 - Fire Tree and Flame

Chapter 122 - Fire Tree and Flame

Chapter 122: Fire Tree and Flame


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze saw the aspiration in Nangong Jing’s eyes and asked curiously, “Teacher Nangong, what level are you now?”

Nangong Jing replied with a smile, “Still mortal evolution state. When all the cells in my body contain planet seeds, I can enter planetary state.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt it was best that he didn’t tell her he had reached a complete spirit body.


However, he didn’t have planetary seeds in his cells as his spirit force cultivation level was too low.

Nangong Jing grinned. “What? You’re asking about my level. Do you want to catch up to me?”

With a smile, Lu Ze said, “Doesn’t Teacher Nangong believe it? You said my talent is quite good. Perhaps, I can really catch up to you.”

Nangong Jing looked outside at the distant stars and said, “If you really can catch up to me, then that’s good. I will be happy for you.”

Lu Ze widened his eyes. Those words were much more mature than before.

Soon, the s.h.i.+p went into warp drive flight. The three went to their own rooms and started cultivation.

They could rest, but they must not leave behind cultivation.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension again.

It was still the gra.s.sy plains. 20 days ago, Lu Ze thought he was invincible in the gra.s.s, and then, he realized he was too naive.

The tall red horned lion taught him a lesson.

After that, Lu Ze had thought about hunting new beasts in other regions.

When he ran for an entire day, he finally encountered some different animals.

One was a 3-meter tall leopard. It was covered in black armor with a hideous horn on its head. Lu Ze called this strange beast a black scaled leopard.

When they saw Lu Ze, they charged at him with red eyes as though he had candy.

At that time, Lu Ze was just an abstruse martial state and was beaten up helplessly. He was instantly killed by the four black scaled leopards.

When he came out of the pocket hunting dimension, he realized that those leopards probably had at least core martial state power!

After that, Lu Ze could only launch sneak attacks toward the red female lions.

However after he killed a few, the male lion would appear, and Lu Ze would die in his resistance.

He even suspected if this male lion was the main character amongst lions; the type that had hacks.

No matter how far he went to hunt, why could this guy still come to him??

However, as Lu Ze got stronger and stronger, it was getting harder and harder for the lion to kill Lu Ze.

Last night, Lu Ze could even fight with the lion for a while. It was just that he didn’t have the same stamina; thus, he died from the flames that were spat out.

He believed that in just a few days, he could definitely kill the male lion!

But today, Lu Ze didn’t want to sit and wait. He started to run toward the direction of the male lion. He wanted to see how the male lion knew he was hunting female lions.

He was very curious.

After running a few hours, Lu Ze widened his eyes. He saw a huge tree over fifty meters tall.

The huge tree didn’t have leaves. It only had a ray of red flames burning. However, the tree trunk wasn’t burnt to ash.

This was a fire tree.

Then, Lu Ze saw a red horned male lion sleeping under the tree. There were also six female lions resting next to him obediently.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze glanced at that fire tree. At the very top, there seemed to be a flame that was different from the rest of the flames. It was especially bright.

With every sway of the flame, the male lion would flash red.

Lu Ze watched silently, and his smile gradually lost morality.

This was probably a treasure.

Would he be able to use it?

At this moment, the flame suddenly s.h.i.+vered, and the male lion got up. It looked coldly at Lu Ze.

The two stared at each other, and the atmosphere was rather awkward.

Lu Ze couldn’t resist blus.h.i.+ng. He was secretly scheming for the male lion’s treasure.

This shouldn’t be so. It should be overt!

At this moment, the male lion growled and charged at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze focused his glance. He clashed once with the lion and then charged at the fire tree.

At this moment, a furious roar sounded behind him. Lu Ze could feel the heat behind him. A green light flashed under his eyes as he instantly s.h.i.+fted a few meters to the left, dodging the fireball. Then, he kept moving towards the fire tree.

His combat power might not be as strong as the male lion, but his speed was faster than the lion.

At this moment, the six female lions under the tree roared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. Red and green lights flashed in his eyes. A burning whirlwind appeared on his right hand. When the wind spun, the flames grew even bigger.

This was Lu Ze’s wind and fire fusion G.o.d art.

Flame whirlwind!

Lu Ze waved his right hand. The sharp cutting wind and fire flew towards the male lion behind him.

He would stop the strong one behind him first.

While flying, the small whirlwind grew to a big flame whirlwind.

The male lion roared in fury. Vibrant red flames ignited on his body. He slapped out, and a huge flame claw was shot on the whirlwind.


Terrifying energy waves appeared. Lu Ze used this pus.h.i.+ng power to go even faster, instantly turning into a blur and using six punches to kill the six female lions.

He was no longer the noob hunter that would be burned to ashes by a fireball.

He was very strong now!

Lu Ze didn’t stop. In the roar of the lion, he happily came before that wavering flame.

He ignited in flames as he used his fire G.o.d art to grab at this flame.

Immediately, there was a huge pain, and along with it, came all sorts of secrets to the fire G.o.d art.

Surprise and joy flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. It was useful.

But before he could be happy, his vision sunk into darkness.