Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1231 - Feel Crushed

Chapter 1231 - Feel Crushed

Chapter 1231: Feel Crushed

The next morning, Lu Ze and the girls went to find the others.

Nangong Lin and the others had changed into new clothes and cleaned themselves.

They had recovered quite a bit of spirit.

“Ze, you guys are here?”

“Are we going?”


Although they had gotten freedom, they still wanted to go back and were quite desperate.

Nangong Lin looked at Lu Ze with eerie eyes.

Lu Ze sweated cold. He had seen the same type of look from Uncle Merlin before.

Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing who pretended like nothing was happening. Clearly, she told Nangong Lin about them.

Lu Ze rejoiced that he was rather strong now and wouldn’t get beaten up like when he encountered Alice.

Lu Ze smiled at Nangong Lin. “Uncle Nangong, Predecessors, did you rest well yesterday?”

“Hahaha, I haven’t been so comfortable for a long time.”

“Yeah, thank you so much, Ze.”

Everyone smiled, and only Nangong Lin had a stiff face. He felt more complicated.

He wanted to criticize Lu Ze, but he was just saved by him. He would seem too fussy if he did that now.

Nangong Lin was furious, but he couldn’t say anything, so he remained silent.

Lu Ze said, “Since everyone has rested, let’s go eat something. We can buy some things for you guys and then go back to the Federation.”

The younger humans were dazed.

Liu Qingfeng said in embarra.s.sment, “How can you do that? We’re already very grateful that you have saved us, and yet you’re still going to buy stuff for us… Ze, how much money do you have?”

Lu Ze was also embarra.s.sed. “Old Man Yourista didn’t tell you? Just one billion.”

The people were speechless.

Nangong Lin and the others were dazed.

Wow?! That much?!

This meant that Lu Ze could’ve bought them over 200 times?! Or more?

Liu Qingfeng’s smile froze. He felt quite dejected.

Lu Ze could understand. After all, no one would feel good after knowing how cheap he was.

Red Flame Saint and the rest rejoiced that they weren’t the ones being sold. However, thinking about how the meal they ate yesterday could buy Nangong Lin and the rest six times, they didn’t feel too good either.

Lu Ze grinned. He felt quite great about showing off in front of them. He said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The others nodded in dejection.

The hotel price was five digits for one night.

They went to the restaurant yesterday.

They went to a room and sat down. Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s order some more in order to celebrate Uncle Nangong’s and the others’ successful rescue?”

Red Flame Saint quickly said, “Just order a few, no need to order too much!”

Liu Qingfeng was very touched.

Lu Ze was such a nice guy!

He saved them and did so much for them!

Even Nangong Lin looked at Lu Ze with softer eyes.

Although this guy was wearing fancy pants, he seemed to be a nice guy.

But after finis.h.i.+ng ordering and seeing that 40 million price tag, they were dumbfounded.

Just this meal was enough to buy them ten times.

They were worthless.

They even wondered if Lu Ze did this on purpose.

Lu Ze sensed their gaze and blinked his eyes innocently. “What? You don’t like the flavor? Should we order some more?”

The girls rolled their eyes.

They knew he was very happy.

Nangong Jing pinched Lu Ze’s leg.

Her dad was there!

Soon, the food had arrived. Nangong Li and the others didn’t stop eating at all.

The food was very nouris.h.i.+ng to them.

Red Flame Saint’s essence hadn’t recovered, but the others all improved quite a bit in cultivation. Old Yu broke through.

After today’s meal, quite a few more would probably break through.

This meal lasted a few hours.

Everyone ate as much as they could.

After the restaurant, Sabrina took them to the shopping mall.

There was everything. Lu Ze and the girls didn’t need anything, but Nangong Lin and the others did, especially spirit fruits. They could be brought back to the race.

Lu Ze and the girls walked around and shopped slowly. They didn’t need equipment nor trump cards nor divine arts.

All they needed now was spirit fruits and technology.

This was what the Human Race lacked and what the Pocket Hunting Dimension didn’t have.

Eventually, Lu Ze bought some cosmic cloud state spirit fruit seeds and a large batch of cosmic system state spirit fruit seeds.

Lu Ze even bought two medium-grade dao enlightenment stones and five medium-grade spirit gathering stones.

One medium-grade dao enlightenment stone cost 200 million.

The spirit gathering stone was much cheaper and was only 50 million.

Lu Ze and the girls got some from the Tower of War challenge, but you could never have too much of these, right?

Lu Ze had over 30 medium-grade dao enlightenment stones and nearly 100 medium-grade spirit gathering stones.

The human prodigies would be benefiting a lot from this.

Lu Ze looked at the remaining balance of his card after all this shopping. It was just a few million.

He smiled. “We only have a few million left. We can’t seem to buy anything with this. How about we buy some more food?”