Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1203 - Free?

Chapter 1203 - Free?

Chapter 1203 - Free?


A thud could be heard from the sky. The red Fire G.o.d Art Domain was tainted with traces of dark green smoke.

Lu Ze's face instantly turned pale.

He combined Fire and Poison G.o.d Art Domain!

With his current power, this would, at most, last three seconds.

However, he didn't stop at all.

The fire and poison mist fused and produced a dark green fireball.

There was a mist surging from the surface of the fireball, and it made a screeching sound in the air.

Spirit force around Lu Ze spun like crazy as he instantly formed tens of fireb.a.l.l.s and threw them out.

The wolf felt the lethal threat, and its fur stood up.

It was planning to run.

At this moment, it felt that its mind was in a trance. A set of shackles seemed to have been placed on its body. It felt its body pause for a moment.

If it was in its prime, this would not affect him at all.

But right now, he was heavily injured. He was weakened in all aspects.

This slight pause for the wolf was extremely lethal.

Those poison fireb.a.l.l.s stuck it instantly.


The dark green fire waves spread as the wolf howled in pain.

The fire wolf's chi was rapidly weakening. In just a short instant, its life force was gone.

When the fire wave calmed down, the wolf was burnt crisp. Several corrosion marks appeared on its flesh, causing it to look pitiful.

The ma.s.sive body fell heavily on the frost-covered ground.


The body slowly turned to dust.

Lu Ze was drenched in sweat as he fell to the ground as well.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt a warm hug.

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze with some worry. "Little Brother Lu Ze, are you okay?"

Lu Ze's face was pale. He felt the emptiness in his lower body, the feeble flesh. He almost depleted his mental power. Thereafter, he shook his head. "I'm fine, I just used too much power."

Using two domains at the same time was too taxing. He also used Fire and Poison Ball Fusion Divine Art.

This drained all his power up in an instant.

Nangong Jing patted Lu Ze's shoulder. "Ze, your Fusion Divine Art worked?!"

This alcoholic...

He was out of power, but she still slapped him that hard.

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah."

"Fusion Divine Art is so powerful!" Nangong Jing remarked.

It wasn't too plausible to kill that fire wolf with their power. However, it got instantly killed by the Fusion Divine Art.

Lu Li and the girls nodded.

Alice looked at Lu Ze with admiration. "Senior is indeed the strongest!"

Both of those divine arts were cosmic cloud state divine arts. Lu Ze was only a cosmic cloud state.

To be able to fuse the two in such a short time would be considered impossible to others.

Others should be amazing enough to even learn it.

Of course, Lu Ze had the most advantage due to the Pocket Hunting Dimension, which allowed him to experiment unlimited times without dying.

Lu Ze soon recovered. He moved out of Qiuyue Hesha's warm arms and smiled. "Okay, let's go and pick things up."

The girls were very hopeful.

They looked at the ground.

Since a long time had pa.s.sed, the body was gone. Only drops were left behind.

They flew over and looked.

Super red and purple liquid, fire G.o.d art orb, divine art rune shard, and two red crystals.

One was a summoning crystal and one was an equipment crystal.

However, that diamond crystal didn't appear. That was the best treasure for Lu Ze.

It seemed that not every peak cosmic cloud state beast would drop it.

Lu Li smiled and said, "There should be other peak cosmic cloud state beasts. Let's keep searching."

The group went further.

They found four more level-7 cosmic cloud state and two more level-8 cosmic cloud state super beasts.

However, there were no more cosmic cloud state peak beasts.

At this moment, Lin Ling suddenly turned toward a region greatly affected by lightning and fire.

Violent chi surged in there.

Even Lu Ze and the girls sensed it.

"Peak cosmic cloud state super beast!"

They looked at each other. "Let's go in and see!"

The group leaned against each other. Lu Ze used Fire and Lightning G.o.d Art to direct the fire and golden lightning away.

They carefully tread in.

Soon, they saw a crystal warhorse lying on the ground while covered in cracks.

Greenlight formed a barrier around it, blocking the surrounding lightning and fire.

With every flicker of the lightning and fire, the horse's chi would weaken.

Its chi was even weaker than Lu Ze's now. It would probably be torn apart soon.

It was very easy for them to kill it now.

It was a free peak cosmic cloud state super beast!

Lu Ze smiled. "Let's go over! You guys support me!"

As they got closer, the horse also sensed their chis.

Its head shot up and looked coldly at the group. However, the horse wasn't able to get up.

Lu Ze grinned.

A few hundred fireb.a.l.l.s appeared as he waved them towards the horse.


Lu Ze and the girls felt a terrifying chi. As soon as they looked up, they saw a five-meter-long fireball shoot at them.


They died instantly.

When they woke up back in their room, they didn't feel too good.

They were clearly about to kill that warhorse, but they encountered another peak cosmic cloud state fire wolf!

Did it seem to be in its prime?

Was it there to freeload too?