Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1201 - Undying Battle Intent

Chapter 1201 - Undying Battle Intent

Chapter 1201 - Undying Battle Intent

A week later, beams of light flashed across the entrance of the war domain.

It was the Blood Stone Race, Abstruse Lightning Race, Single-Armed Race, and the Abyssal Race.

The leaders of the four races were even stronger than Riley and the others.

Blood Stone Race Haci looked around. "Strange, isn't the entrance to that war domain here? Why don't we see it?"

The news of the war domain spread in the Blood Stone City. The location was here.

However, they didn't find an entrance here?!

How was this possible?!

The Abyssal Race leader frowned. "Did it change?"

Abstruse Lightning Race said, "I've never heard of the war domain entrance changing!"

After the atmosphere fell silent again, Hachi opened his mouth and said, "Let's search the surroundings!"

They headed off to search.

Moments later, they flipped the entire place upside down and gathered together again.

"Didn't find it."

"I didn't find anything."


None of them found anything.

The Single-Armed Race said, "It seems that a huge change occurred here!"

"Let's go back. Once they revive, we will be able to know why."

They nodded and left this region.

In an extremely distant gra.s.s plain, a crisp green s.h.i.+p was parked.

Lu Ze and the girls were inside. Lu Ze and the girls were sitting on the bed cultivating.

At this moment, Lu Ze opened his eyes. Bronze light flashed and powerful battle intent surged.

He panted and smiled.

During this week, he didn't learn the G.o.d art orbs from the Pocket Hunting Dimension. He was learning the battle intent seeds from before.

With the help of the super purple liquid, blue dew, and blue crystal, his learning speed was at the pinnacle.

In just a week, his battle intent was near domain level mastery!

However, the battle intent seeds weren't as useful to him as before.

There were many more battle intent seeds, but Lu Ze didn't plan to use them.

He might as well leave it to the elders.

As for the rest, he could learn it in the phenomenon that he would get when he broke through to the cosmic realm state.

Lu Ze looked around. The girls were still cultivating, and it wasn't time for the Pocket Hunting Dimension yet.

He had some time, so he planned to check out that cosmic lord divine art.

One could only imagine how high the prerequisite for G.o.d art mastery was.

The cosmic lord divine art was very hard to understand despite Lu Ze's Battle Will G.o.d Art reaching near domain level.

However, Lu Ze understood the basic information of it.

This divine art was called Undying Battle Will. One could use battle will to improve his own combat power, cultivation level, body, and mental force.

The beginner's mastery alone could increase one's combat power by one to two small levels.

And this Undying Battle Will increased a person's basic combat power, so that meant that power amplification through G.o.d art and divine art would be more terrifying.

If he could cultivate Undying Battle Will into beginner's mastery, he could even reach battle cosmic realm state with his current cultivation level.

Lu Ze was very excited.

This was too strong!

However, it was too hard to learn.

Lu Ze estimated that he would need at least a month to reach beginner mastery.

Three hours later, Lu Ze rubbed his forehead. His eyes were fatigued.

Just after three hours of learning, he felt a headache and a lack of mental force.

He stopped learning and looked around.

The girls had left. When he got out, he found that they had already started eating, so Lu Ze joined them.

Afterwards, they went back and kept cultivating.

This time, they went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Lately, the overlords didn't fight, so they had no chances of freeloading.

During this week, the strongest beast they killed was only a level-7 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpion, and this was because it had lost a battle against another level-7 cosmic cloud state super golden lightning eagle.

Otherwise, they could at most, fight with level-6 cosmic cloud state super beasts.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared in the desert.

They concealed their chi.

After one short day, they acquired quite some loot.

They killed an ordinary peak cosmic cloud state earth wolf.




At this moment, terrifying roars and chi sounded.

Lu Ze and the girls stiffened, but they rejoiced.

Lu Li said, "It's finally here!"

The rest of them smiled excitedly.

Battle of the overlords!

They had been waiting for this.


A series of terrifying waves spread in all directions. The sand was ravaged.

Countless beasts fled in terror.

The battle region wasn't too far from Lu Ze and the girls.

Red fire waves shot at them.

That terrifying pressure made their faces go pale.

Lu Ze quickly used the s.p.a.ce Domain and broke through the s.p.a.ce of this Fire Domain and left with the girls.

They appeared a few hundred thousand light-years away.

Lu Ze's face was pale.

"Good thing my s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art has reached domain level, or we would've all died there."

Qiuyue Hesha said, "Let's hide first."

They were very accustomed to handling this situation.

This time, the battle was quite similar to the last time. However, it was more intense.

All five overlords were covered in wounds.

Despite this, they were still attacking each other like crazy.

This battle lasted even longer than the previous one.

Only when their chi dropped to almost peak cosmic cloud state super beasts did they stop.

The fire and ice birds were the weakest and most heavily injured. They quickly fled.

Soon, Lu Ze and the girls came out of the desert.

Lu Ze smiled. "Let's go find peak cosmic cloud state super beasts!"

They were very short on trump cards right now!