Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1195 - Final Trump Card

Chapter 1195 - Final Trump Card

Chapter 1195 - Final Trump Card

While Winston was recovering, the other races were dumbfounded.

They almost couldn't react when Winston was almost killed.

They thought Riley and the others had the absolute advantage.

After seeing Lu Ze use the domain, their skins crawled.

"It was actually a domain! I didn't think I would be able to see it here."

"Even those four cosmic monarch states didn't learn it, but Lu Ze learned it?!"

"He's only a level-3 cosmic cloud state! I heard those very pinnacle prodigies can only learn it in the cosmic realm state."

"Lu Ze has the domain, then that ten-star combat power…"

They didn't really believe it before, but now, perhaps, it was true!

One could see how much suppression Lu Ze had over Winston before.

"But, why would Lu Ze's ranking disappear from the leaders' battle list?"

Everyone was startled. They were very confused, but no one knew why.

They kept watching the battle.

Winston had recovered.

Afterwards, Riley took a solemn look at Lu Ze and slowly said, "That monster has a domain. We can't underestimate him!"

Before, they only considered Lu Ze as a slippery insect.

But now, this insect was poisonous and was lethal!

"Later, Winston and I will team up. You two, stay together. Lu Ze has a Body G.o.d Art Domain, but it doesn't affect me much," Russel said.

The others nodded.

Kaneip said, "You two hold off the serpent and Lu Ze, we will kill that horse as quickly as possible!"


The four charged up again.

Lu Ze saw this and made a command.

The serpent swept the sand river towards the four.

Winston roared, "p.i.s.s off!!"

He pounded out countless fist forces.

The golden fist force kept striking the sand.

Meanwhile, Riley and Kaneip charged at the horse.

"Die!" Riley roared. His huge body burned with blood flames and so did his sword.

Riley slashed down with this sword at the horse.


On the other hand, Kaneip roared as lightning snakes swam around his hand. They gradually turned faint golden.

He brought his two hands together and formed a golden lightning beam that shot towards the horse.

Even Lu Ze felt the terrifying threat.

This attack was too powerful. The horse wouldn't be able to defend against it.

He quickly ordered the serpent to block it.

The serpent swept sand towards the blood sword ray and golden lightning.

Russel and Winston snarled, "You want to help?! You underestimate us too much!"

Russel sliced at the serpent with the power of darkness and sword intent.

Winston punched a golden fist force at the serpent's head.

Seeing this, Lu Ze disappeared and came before their attacks.

The two grinned.

"So what if you have a Body G.o.d Art Domain?! I'm not alone now!"

Lu Ze said coldly, "Who said I only have Body G.o.d Art Domain?"

White spirit light and black spirit light glowed in his eyes at the same time.

He used the Body G.o.d Art Domain and Darkness Domain at the same time.

The power of the two attacks was disa.s.sembled by Lu Ze's domain and exploded.


Lu Ze moved away from the attack and appeared back on the serpent's head.

His face was a little pale.

Using two domains at the same time was very taxing.

He felt his power disappear by more than two-thirds after that short moment.

If it didn't cost that much power, he could control the two and let the serpent kill them first.

Winston and Russel saw their attacks being dispelled and gasped in disbelief.

"What?! Impossible!"

"d.a.m.n it, how can you have Darkness G.o.d Art Domain?!"

Domain meant one had learned G.o.d art to an extremely advanced level.

He was just a level-3 cosmic cloud state and had two domains?!

What sort of monster was he?

The sand river had clashed with their attacks.


Their full-powered attack was very powerful. Even the sand river couldn't stop it completely. The remaining attack kept a.s.saulting the warhorse.

However, it was much weaker and the horse dodged it easily.

The two fell silent. They didn't expect that there would be such a terrifying being in the universe.

Riley roared, "Don't worry! Using two G.o.d art domains at the same time will be very taxing. Look, his chi is much weaker!"

Riley's roar strengthened their weakened morale.

They noticed that Lu Ze was indeed a lot weaker.

"Indeed! Don't give him a chance to recover! Keep attacking!"

He was furious that he was scared by a mere level-3 cosmic cloud state insect!


Lu Ze frowned. He had already tried his best to pretend he wasn't exhausted, but they still saw through it.

If they attacked with full power, he would only be able to stop two attacks, and he would be depleted.

He was still too weak.

Lu Ze sighed.

He still had to use his final trump card in the end.

His mental force went inside his mental force dimension and touched that crystal.