Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1193 - Weaker Than I Imagined

Chapter 1193 - Weaker Than I Imagined

Chapter 1193 - Weaker Than I Imagined

Lu Ze was expressionless.

His eyes flashed with spirit light, then he sent the serpent and horse towards Riley and the other races.

He wanted to see how strong these four were.

The two beasts roared and unleashed their power.

Riley burned in blood flames, then his huge stone body surged with chi. A long sword appeared in his hand and a blood sword ray shot out towards the sand serpent.

Kaneip surged with lightning and formed two thick purple lightning spears in the air and shot them at the serpent.


Winston's thick arm gathered power and punched.


The first force surged.

Russel flowed with dark runes, then an eerie and evil chi surfaced on his body.

A long sword appeared. Demonic chi fused with this sharp sword will.


A dark sword light penetrated s.p.a.ce and shot at the serpent.

The four of them used full power immediately.

The terrifying power scared Lu Ze and the girls.

The super serpent felt a lethal threat.

It formed a sand barrier around it.

The terrifying power struck the sand river.

Those other races standing very far away were stuck back.

Some weaker cosmic cloud states even coughed blood.

They looked at the battlefield in shock.

"Such terrifying shockwave…"

They were cosmic cloud states after all. They were this far away and still got injured from the shockwave.

If they were in the center of the battle, would they be cosmic dust now?!

A peak cosmic cloud state said shakily, "I can't even defend against such powerful attacks!"

The other peak cosmic cloud states nodded.

They couldn't even stop one.

"Could that beast stop it?"

A howl sounded. They could tell it was the serpent's howl.

"It wasn't able to stop it indeed!"

Louisa and Lily looked worriedly at the battlefield. If Lu Ze and the girls died here, they would definitely die here.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded. "Hmph, with those lords there, those few people will definitely die! You guys would be next."

Lily saw Lucia and the others looking coldly at them.

Burberry's broken arm had recovered.

Soon, the spirit light was gone.

That huge serpent's scales were broken. It had wounds over its body.

Most of it was just minor damage but there were four deep wounds from which blood flowed.

Lily and Louisa's hearts went cold.

It was just one attack and the serpent was injured.

Riley and the other races rejoiced.

The beast was strong, but the four of them weren't weak either.

Winston snarled. "Hahaha! Soon after, we kill these two beasts, it will be your death!"

However, Lu Ze relaxed instead.

Their full-powered attack was blocked like that.

He might not even need to use the special crystal.

He thought he would need to use all his trump cards and Ying Ying's help to kill them.

He grinned. "You guys are weaker than I thought."

Hearing what Lu Ze said, Riley and the other leaders were taken aback. "What?"

At this moment, a green light shot from the horse and travelled into the serpent.

Almost in an instant, the serpent's wounds disappeared and recovered to their prime.

Riley and the other four leaders' faces stiffened.


Such terrifying Healing Divine Art!!

Everyone's skin crawled.

That heavy injury was healed in an instant like that?!

This Healing Divine Art was too scary?!

Riley and the other four leaders looked at the horse in disbelief.

"d.a.m.n it! That beast has powerful Life Divine Art."

This was the first time they had seen such a terrifying Healing Divine Art!

Lu Ze said, "That's all you got?"

Riley and the other four finally understood what Lu Ze meant before.

They were looked down on!

Riley roared, "Who do you think you are? You're just a mere level-3 cosmic cloud state!"

"You will die for sure today!"

The black tattoos on Russel's face and body became denser, his breath surged, and he said coldly, "Kill that horse first!"

" The rest of you guys attack too!!"

Although the rest of them weren't as strong as the four leaders, their combat power was still stronger than Lily's!

Lu Ze grinned.

Qiuyue Hesha squinted their eyes and showed a soft smile. "Are we competing with numbers?!"

The five girls also released their summoning crystals.

Immediately, ten-spirit light flashed.

Terrifying chi came from the orbs.

Seeing this scene, Riley and the four leaders were charging over, opening their eyes, showing a startled expression. "What?! There's more?!!"

Roars sounded revealing the figures inside.

Golden lightning eagle, fire wolf, ruby scorpion, crystal warhorse, and so forth.

Ten beasts appeared!

Everyone was at a loss for words.