Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1180 - You Guys Don't Want Me Over?

Chapter 1180 - You Guys Don't Want Me Over?

Chapter 1180: You Guys Don’t Want Me Over?

“He really is a level-3 cosmic cloud state?? Who is he!?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before!”

“d.a.m.n it… His cultivation level is so low, but he can still come here. His G.o.d art mastery reached an extremely high level. Moreover, he has two G.o.d arts!” a being from an Abyss Race said.

Lu Ze’s cultivation level was so much weaker, but he could still catch up. This only meant that his G.o.d art mastery was much much stronger than theirs.

Most likely, his talent was definitely much better than theirs?

Seeing Lu Ze closing in, the leading being from the Bloodstone Race roared, and his chi exploded as he shot forward.

The other three leaders also gathered their power and accelerated towards the statue.

They must not lose to that level-3 cosmic cloud state guy no matter what!

Lu Ze was confused upon seeing them like this.

Could they still keep up later if they acted like this?

Was their spirit force recovery really fast too?

Lu Ze felt it was possible.

In that case… green color was added to the mix of spirit force around him.

Lu Ze’s speed shot up again.

After using three G.o.d arts at the same time, his recovery speed was slower than his consumption speed this time. His overall spirit force was starting to decrease.


At this rate, his spirit force would be gone after a day?

This was fine.

Just when the cosmic monarch team leaders thought Lu Ze was at his limit, they suddenly felt his chi shot up again.

They turned around and saw Lu Ze closing in on them even faster.

The monarch leaders were puzzled.


The leader from the Bloodstone Race gasped. “d.a.m.n it! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has three of such powerful G.o.d arts?!”

G.o.d art was too hard to learn.

Usually, people only focus on one G.o.d art at a time. The more they mastered it, the stronger the divine art they could learn.

Even if some prodigies had quite a few G.o.d art, they would at most have another secondary G.o.d art. The rest of their G.o.d arts were just at beginner mastery.

They had never seen someone like Lu Ze who had this mastery over three G.o.d arts!

Perhaps such prodigy only existed in cosmic lord civilizations.

The leader from the Abyssal Race exclaimed, “Is this guy a monster?!”

“Would he be a prodigy from a cosmic lord race?” The one-armed being frowned.

A gleam of doubt flashed in the eyes of the being from the Abyssal Lightning Race nearby. “We’re in the Eternal Song Region. This guy isn’t from the Eternal Song Race.”

They were at a decent level in the cosmic monarch state civilizations. They had some understanding of cosmic lord civilizations.

The Eternal Song Race didn’t look like that at all!

The eyes of the soldier from the Bloodstone Race burned with flames. “The other three cosmic lord civilizations in our region don’t look like that. Even if this guy is from a cosmic lord civilization, he isn’t from our region!”

“Then, how did he come over?!”

The Xavier Ancient Ruins were vast, and the structure spanned over quite some cosmic lord civilizations. However, if one entered, they would be in a relative position to outside s.p.a.ce.

How did Lu Ze come over then?

The soldier from the Bloodstone Race gritted his teeth. “d.a.m.n it! This guy is too fast!”

“It’s said that there are some big fortunes contained in this statue. With his speed, we probably can’t beat him!”

“Isn’t this guy a level-3 cosmic cloud state? Why is his spirit force quality so terrifying?! He’s using such powerful G.o.d arts, but he can still hold on?!”

A hideous look flashed across the face of the soldier from the Abyssal Race. “How about we stop him?! If he goes over, the fortune wouldn’t be ours!”

The other three races hesitated.

A soldier from the Abyssal Lightning Race, couldn’t help but say, “If he’s really from a cosmic lord civilization…”

Their entire race wouldn’t be able to save them. Much worse, their race might be wiped away.

Cold blood flashed in the eyes of the strong being from the One-Armed Race nearby. “He’s not from our region! If it’s a cosmic Lord Race from another region, they would have to go through the Eternal Song race first. This monster crossed the line first!”

A soldier from the Bloodstone Race was a bit resolute. “That’s right! This is our fortune. How can we let someone from another region take it?”

This was a fortune from a peak cosmic lord civilization!

The soldier from the Abyssal Race smirked. “Think about it. This war domain isn’t big. If there are stronger beings here, we should be able to sense it. Since this guy came alone and has no guardian, we just need to kill him, and no one would know about it.”

The other three races nodded.

Lu Ze suddenly felt a huge danger rising.

He stopped and looked behind at those four.

They were just about to attack, but this monster stopped.

There was a standoff mid-air.

The four leaders looked at each other and the Bloodstone Race spoke. “Friend, this is a war domain in our Eternal Song Gallery. You’re a prodigy from a cosmic lord civilization of another region. It’s not too nice to come here and fight over fortune with us, right?”

Lu Ze was puzzled.


Since when did he have that ident.i.ty?

Well, it seemed that these four guys didn’t want him to be ahead.

Lu Ze smiled. “So, you guys don’t want me to go over?”

The four frowned seeing the smile on Lu Ze’s face.

They felt something wasn’t right, but they weren’t going to back down.

Someone from the Blood Stone Race said, “Friend, the fortune in the war statue is extremely important to us. If you’re willing to forfeit, us four races will give you corresponding compensation. If you’re not willing…”

His voice turned cold. “Your talent is extremely strong, but your cultivation level is too weak. You’re no match for us!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Who said, I have to go over to your side?”

The four races didn’t understand what exactly Lu Ze meant on this, but they felt things weren’t good.

Someone from the Bloodstone Race roared. “Attack!”

Their charged killer move was released.

The opponent from the Bloodstone Race sliced a blood fire sword ray at Lu Ze.

Someone from the One-Armed Race punched. The fist force made the s.p.a.ce distort and even pushed away the battle intent.

Someone from the Abyssal Race shot demonic chi out of his fingers.

The opponent from the Abyssal Lightning Race roared, and his body expanded into a lightning giant as he hurled a lightning ball at Lu Ze.