Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1172 - Abyss

Chapter 1172 - Abyss

Chapter 1172 Abyss

Lu Ze and his group quickly moved in the direction of the battle.

Soon, they saw figures clas.h.i.+ng with each other. The shockwave ravaged the nearby region and crushed the surrounding landscape.

Both sides were races they had not seen before. They didn’t know why these two were at odds with each other, but they were very powerful.

They had six members on each side. The strongest was just an ordinary peak cosmic cloud state. The rest ranged from level-5 to level-8 cosmic cloud state.

This power was too weak for Lu Ze and the rest of his team.

The battle lasted a few minutes.

The strongest on each side clashed again.

Both of them fell back.

Thereafter, they remained in the air without launching an attack on each other.

The one wearing red armor and had two tentacles below its head spoke to the dry-skinned humanoid wearing blue robes. “Baileys, why are you guys here?”

Baileys responded, “What? Are we prohibited from coming here? Bus, make yourself clear.”

Bus sneered. “Hmph! As it turned out, you have heard of that news too.”

Baileys clutched his wooden long spear. “It seems like you guys are here for that ruin too.”

Bus frowned and looked at Baileys.

They were here for the exact same thing.

After a while, Baileys said, “Bus! It seems like a lot of races know about this ruin. If we fight to the death here, we won’t have the power to go to that ruin.”

Bus breathed easy on the inside, but he sneered. “For this ruin, I’ll let you guys leave unscathed for now!”

He followed up with, “Stop fighting!” Baileys yelled, “Stop fighting! We came here this time not to fight with them!”

Baileys exclaimed, “We’ll go our separate ways!”

Bus nodded.

Lu Ze and the girls heard this conversation too.

Upon hearing that they were here for the ruin, they frowned.

Lu Ze looked at Lily. He asked, “Lily, are those the two races who had entered the ruin last time?”

Lily shook her head. “No! Last time, there were only six races that entered. They weren’t part of it!”

“It seems as though the news has gotten out…”

Everyone’s faces turned serious.

If that was the case, there would probably be a lot of races vying for it.

Most likely, there would be very intense compet.i.tion.

Lu Ze and the group rejoiced. Luckily, they acquired numerous trump cards yesterday, as well as from before.

They might be able to benefit a lot from it.

Suddenly, a cold voice interrupted. “Leave? You won’t be leaving.”

Lu Ze and the girls turned around.

A black spirit light flashed in the sky and instantly came before these two races.

The demonic chi disappeared, revealing a dozen figures.

Lu Ze’s group was taken aback.

Lily remarked, “Advanced Demon Race? I didn’t expect to encounter them here.” Louisa frowned. “It’s the Advanced Demon Race’s Prince Lucia.”

“Demon Prince?”

Lily nodded. “It’s that white-haired one.”

Lu Ze and the girls looked over. Out of the two leading peak cosmic cloud states, one had white hair with two small black horns. The man was exceptionally handsome and had a blood rune on his forehead. Lu Ze asked, “Who is the other one? Do you know?”

There was a middle-aged man next to Lucia. He too was very good-looking.

Lily replied, “Advanced Demon Race’s cosmic realm state, Burberry. I didn’t expect him to be here. He was the Demon Prince of the previous generation. He’s very powerful. He had reached the cosmic realm state ten thousand years ago. Lucia acquired quite some fortune during the last time he and I entered the ruin. He’s probably a cosmic realm state too.”

Lu Ze raised his brow.

“Two cosmic realm states?’

Should he summon a level-6 cosmic cloud state super beast and detain them all?

He had many of these crystals. If he could kill these two Demon Princes, it would be a pretty heavy blow to the Advanced Demon Race.

He would do that.

Lu Ze looked at the Advanced Demon Race with cold eyes.

At this moment, however, his body suddenly felt cold.

An extreme sense of danger arose.

Without hesitation, he used Chi Concealing G.o.d Art and formed a domain to wrap everyone.

The girls were surprised at this when six figures suddenly landed next to the Advanced Demon Race.

They were a race that looked very similar to the Advanced Demon Race. They had black chi flowing around them.

After the six appeared, Burberry and Lucia quickly bowed. “Lords!”

Lu Ze and the rest were shocked.

Lu Ze scanned across the six and looked at the strongest.

It was a man with long black hair. He had a complex black rune on his forehead. He was handsome, and his chi was extremely terrifying

His chi was much stronger than Lily’s and Burberry’s.

It felt like he embodied the abyss just by standing there. Even though he only looked at him, Lu Ze felt that his spirit force was rapidly being depleted.

He quickly said to the girls, “Let’s leave!”

The black long-haired man looked in their direction. His pitch-black eyes flashed with spirit light. One short black-haired man asked, “What’s wrong, Lord?”

The man shook his head. “I felt a weak wave. It’s probably a local beast.”

If there were other races here, how could they escape their senses?

The short-haired man nodded.

Lucia and Burberry looked at the man with respect. The long-haired man said to the short-haired man, “Guli Xisi, handle it.”

Guli Xisi let out a bloodthirsty smile. “Sure, Lord.”

In an extremely far away location, Lily said with a pale face. “d.a.m.n it! Abyssal Race! The Advanced Demon Race brought them here!”