Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1155 - It's Yours Now

Chapter 1155 - It's Yours Now

Chapter 1155: It’s Yours Now


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lily smiled. “I didn’t expect that we were so lucky. We see such things as soon as we come.”

Six figures flew towards Lu Ze.

The one at the front was three meters tall and had dark skin. He was covered in wounds. Gray blood was dripping from his body.

Behind him were five races with green scales and five long blood horns.

The leader had peak cosmic cloud state power. The five behind him had two peak cosmic cloud states and three above level-7 cosmic cloud states.


They were extremely strong!

Seeing this, Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

Peak cosmic cloud state was rare in the entire East Region. Yet, they encountered one as soon as they came to Xavier Ancient Ruins.

They also saw Lu Ze’s group and quickly changed to another direction to flee.

When one of the five noticed that Lily was the only peak cosmic cloud state and Louisa was just a level-6 cosmic cloud state while the rest weren’t even level-5 cosmic cloud states, they felt relieved.

The leader sneered, “Hey you, mind your own business! Otherwise, we kill you together as well!”

Lu Ze and the girls frowned.

Was this race so violent?

Lu Ze looked at Lily. “Young girl, he’s looking down on you.”

It’s not that he couldn’t beat these guys, but Lily was clearly stronger. If he could take it easy, why bother working?

Close the doors and let loose, Lily!

Lily rolled her eyes, but she was also unhappy with this race.

She instantly appeared before the dark-skinned race.

This being looked at Lily with vigilance.

She said calmly, “Hand over the Green Hill Fruits, and I’ll let you leave.”

This being clearly didn’t expect it.

He opened his mouth and was about to talk, but the Blood Horned Race chasing behind clearly wasn’t happy.

The leader formed a blood orb and shot it at Lily, including the dark-skinned being.

Lily poked out her right hand and grabbed at the blood orb. Immediately, a crisp green barrier covered the blood orb.


The orb exploded by the shockwave and was stopped by the green barrier.

The five Blood Horned Race froze on the spot.

The two looked at Lily with uncertainty.

That blood orb wasn’t their strongest attack but to be able to dispel it so easily, Lily was rather strong.

The leading blood horn stopped his arrogant act, and his face became serious. He said calmly, “Friend, I was in a bit of a hurry and subconsciously attacked. I’m really sorry. If you don’t intervene with our Blue Yan Race now, we’ll pay you generously afterwards.”

Lily smiled and said nothing.

She disappeared from the spot.


In an instant, the leading Blue Yan Race exploded. His blood and flesh splashed everywhere.

The rest of the Blue Yan beings were dumbfounded.


Dead just like that??

Everyone was extremely shocked.

Just when they wanted to run, Lily’s hand turned green and slapped at the other peak cosmic cloud state Blue Yan being.

This being roared as golden blue light shot up around him. He wanted to stop Lily’s hands.


Lily’s hand clashed with both hands of this being. Immediately, a terrifying shockwave shot in all directions.

The Blue Yan being’s face changed. Upon contact, his hands were blown to pieces as he fell back.

Lily formed a green energy ball and shot at the being.

The ball struck the Blue Yan being.


A green light flashed.

When the light dissipated, the Blue Yan being’s body had turned to dust.

Seeing this, the remaining three Blue Yan beings’ eyes were full of horror.

Before they could talk, they were all slapped to a pulp by Lily.

Then, Lily turned around elegantly and smiled at Lu Ze and the girls.

Their skin crawled.

She didn’t act like her appearance at all?

She was so ferocious.

The black-skinned being stood on the spot, not daring to move.

He knew how strong those Blue Yan beings were.

His pals didn’t even get to run from their hunt.

And he would eventually die for them.

At this moment, he paused and thought of something.

He looked at Lily in shock.

Cosmic realm state!!!

This person was definitely at the cosmic realm state!

Her cultivation level was just suppressed in this small world!

Thinking about this, he shuddered.

Lily smiled at him. “If you give me the Green Hill Fruit, I’ll let you go.”


The dark-skinned man sighed. “Okay.”

A green crystal-like fruit appeared in his hand.

He threw it at Lily.

Lily caught it and smiled. “You can go.”

The man turned to leave.

Lily threw the fruit at Lu Ze. “You guys can have it, the first Green Hill Fruit.”