Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1141 - Feast

Chapter 1141 - Feast

Chapter 1141: Feast


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Hearing Lily’s question, Lu Ze smiled, and replied, “When the Human Race was weak, they were our most reliable allies.”

The elves were stunned. The Elf Queen looked at the three races and grinned. “Allies?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, we’ve been allies for over a thousand years ago.”

The elves were dazed.

Just a few years ago, the Human Race was still a cosmic system state civilization. They knew this.

But now, the Human Race is different.


Their power and foundation weren’t the weakest among the bunch, even amongst cosmic cloud state civilizations. However, they would still take care of their original allies so much.

This made the Elf Race have an even better impression of the Human Race.

The Human Race won’t be betraying their allies. This was good for the Elf Race.

The Human Race’s potential was too great, and their development was too fast.

They were allying with the Human Race now to invest in them.

If the Human race had no bottom line and was ungrateful, they weren’t worth the investment.

Upon seeing how much they valued their original allies, the Elf Race felt safe.

As long as the Elf Race treated them genuinely, the Human Race wouldn’t betray them.

As for the other races, she could give them some benefits in the future. It didn’t affect the Elf Race.

Then, they began chatting about other topics.

As time went on, other races entered the hall and were quickly guided to their seats by Zuoqiu Xunshuang.

When they saw the Elf Queen and the rulers of a few cosmic cloud state peak civilizations, they were all excited.

Even they couldn’t see these powerful beings often.

However, seeing the three races sitting in the front row, they were stunned.

What were they?

Cosmic system states?

Did they walk the wrong way?

The lightning rune and other races were bewildered.

However, this was arranged by the Human Race. They were confused, but they didn’t express it.

After all, not even the Elf Race said anything.

The elders went to the main table. Elder Nangong got up and saluted with his fists. “Predecessors, welcome to the Human Race. We were lucky to have her majesty approve of our race and form an alliance. The Human Race also wishes to maintain friendly collaborations with all the races here in terms of cultivation and technology. We also hope to establish trade relations.h.i.+ps here…”

The Elf Queen smiled. “The Elf Race and the Human Race are forming an alliance. We will be opening some trade collaborations with the Human Race, and we will be allowing the Human Race cultivators and scientists to come for study in our race…”

Hearing this, all the other races were stunned.

This was the Elf Race! A cosmic realm state civilization!

The abundance of their cultivation resources and technology was far beyond that of cosmic cloud state civilizations.

Even the peak cosmic cloud state civilizations had no right to go study at the Elf Race, but the Human Race now could.

Of course, the Human Race had its advantages, too.

It was Lu Ze and the girl’s extreme talent and potential. They gave the Human Race endless possibilities.

Perhaps, surpa.s.sing the Elf Race wasn’t a dream.

By then, the Elf Race would have a powerful and loyal ally.

Moss quickly congratulated, “Congratulations, on the powerful alliance between the Elf and Human race. Our Golden Spear Race is very willing to go into deep collaboration in all facets with the Human Race whether it’s trade, technology, or cultivation. We welcome the Human Race prodigies to come to study in our race.”

“The same for the Crystal Race.”

“Congratulations, same…”


The Barbarian, Winged, and Round Race looked at each other with complicated looks.

These extremely proud cosmic cloud state civilizations were nicer to the Human Race than they had imagined.

The atmosphere was quite lively.

Other than the spirit food, the elders also took out some golden fruit wine.

This wine would be useful to even cosmic cloud states if they hadn’t had it before.

Everyone was shocked, including the Elf Queen.

This made everyone feel that the Human Race’s background wasn’t so simple as the surface.

The Elf Race for some reason really loved the golden fruit wine.

Perhaps, because it was made from fruits?

However, the Elf Queen even asked Lu Ze for a few buckets.

When the Elf Race saw Lu Ze take out a bucket the size of a human, their eyes went green.

Lu Ze couldn’t handle their gaze and gave them one each.

All the elves were extremely grateful to Lu Ze. Even the two cosmic realm states who came thanked Lu Ze incessantly.

Lu Ze was quite embarra.s.sed.

After all, this wine really wasn’t rare for him.

At first, the apes resisted, but now, they didn’t even bother resisting.

He still had a few hundred buckets of this wine.

The feast went late into the night.

Lu Ze and the girls went back to the cultivation building.

Their faces were red from the wine they drank.

Those elves were alcoholics.

Nangong Jing and Lily almost became sisters.

Lu Ze was very speechless.

When they came back, they saw Ying Ying sitting on the couch alone with eyes widened, looking at them with a complaint.

Lu Ze and the girls shuddered.

Qiuyue Hesha hugged Ying Ying. “Ying Ying, what’s wrong?”

Ying Ying turned her head away, not even looking at Lu Ze.

They looked at each other with confusion.

Was this little girl angry?

Nangong Jing and the others surrounded Ying Ying and rubbed her small, round face. “What’s wrong, Ying Ying, who made you angry? Tell me, I’ll help you beat him up.”

“Yes, me too!”

Ying Ying nodded, and while speaking, she glanced at Lu Ze. “You went to eat good food but didn’t bring me over! I smelled so much good food!”


Nangong Jing spoke awkwardly. “There were many other races there. It’s not convenient for Ying Ying to go see people right now.”

Ying Ying pouted her lips.

Seeing this, Alice’s eyes lit up, smiled, and said, “Then, how about I go cook for you some now? More than before!”

The feast was cooked by her dad, but her cooking was better than her dad’s now.

Ying Ying’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Really!” Alice nodded vigorously.

Ying Ying excitedly swallowed and slightly bit her index finger. “Okay then, I forgive you guys.”