Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1138 - Two Trump Cards

Chapter 1138 - Two Trump Cards

Chapter 1138: Two Trump Cards


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls soon neared the battle region.

In the distance, one golden lightning eagle and ruby scorpion were fighting.

They were covered in wounds. Clearly, the previous battle caught them.

However, their chi was still stronger than Lu Ze and the girls.

Their cultivation level was level-6 cosmic cloud state, but their combat power far surpa.s.sed that.

Golden lightning b.a.l.l.s formed as the eagle stretched its wings which shot at the ruby scorpion.

Meanwhile, the scorpion lifted its tail, and flames spun, forming fireb.a.l.l.s that shot at the eagle.


The lightning and fireb.a.l.l.s clashed in the air.

Lu Ze and the girls were speechless. Why were their divine arts so similar?

The eagle’s divine art was a Lightning Ball?

These two beasts were like two cannons firing at each other. There was no skill nor beauty!

The two beasts were already heavily injured, and since they kept battling without restraint, their wounds soon became more hideous. Their chi grew weaker.

Despite this, the two beasts were still blasting each other with energy.

Lu Ze and the girls raised a brow.

Did they want to fight for their lives?

At this moment, a wound on the scorpion suddenly released lava-like blood. The fireball that was in the midst of forming was crippled.

Seeing this, the golden lightning’s eyes flashed with rejoice. It shot three lightning b.a.l.l.s at the scorpion.

The b.a.l.l.s exploded on the scorpion turning into golden lightning snakes that swam around.

The scorpion howled and writhed its body.

At the same time, its chi dropped by a huge amount. It could no longer compare with the golden eagle.

Seeing this, the golden eagle called excitedly. It formed a large lightning ball.

At this moment, a silver light flashed, and a small figure appeared before it. The golden lightning sea expanded and instantly enclosed the eagle.

Immediately, the lightning around the eagle fused into the golden lightning sea.

The eagle was dazed when its divine art was impaired.

At this moment, a terrifying wave came from behind its back.

The eagle’s feathers blew up.

Lu Ze punched at the eagle.

“You want to run?”

Lu Ze flashed with lightning as he caught up to the eagle.

Lightning Travel Divine Art!

Lu Ze stepped on the eagle’s back and punched on its wound.


The violent golden lightning fist force entered its wound. The wound instantly tore apart. Faint golden blood splashed out with lightning arcs.


The eagle howled pitifully and could no longer stabilize itself as it dropped.

Lu Ze formed a golden lightning spear on his hand.


The lightning spear stabbed heavily into that wound.

The lightning spear penetrated the wound and reached deeply inside the eagle’s body.

The lightning power exploded as golden lightning arcs spread in all directions.

The eagle shuddered, and its life force was annihilated. It fell to the ground heavily.

Lu Ze then faced the other direction in which an explosion sounded.

Nangong Jing was standing on top of the ruby scorpion and punching heavily into the wound.

Lava-like blood splashed everywhere.


The ruby scorpion wanted to twist its body to dodge, but it barely had any breath left.

He was also interfered with by the other girls.

In just a breath, Nangong Jing’s consecutive fist forces penetrated its body and wiped away its life force.

Seeing this, Lu Ze put away the Lightning G.o.d Art Domain and grinned.

There were two level-6 cosmic cloud state super beasts!

This was a huge gain!

Super beast super liquid could greatly increase cultivation speed!

More importantly… there were summoning crystals!

A level-6 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpion was definitely stronger than ordinary peak cosmic cloud state beings.

He just didn’t know if it could be compared to suppressed cosmic realm states.

Alice grinned. “Senior! We have two more trump cards inside the Xavier Ancient Ruins!”

Lu Ze nodded.

The two beasts turned to dust, and they couldn’t wait to collect the drops.

Ten super red liquids, ten super purple liquids, fire G.o.d art orb, lightning G.o.d art orb, fireball divine art shard, and lightning ball divine art shard.

Most importantly, there was a red-like fire crystal and a golden lightning crystal.

Two summoning crystals!

The group was very excited.

Lu Ze put the crystals in his mental force dimension. “What a pity, it wasn’t a peak cosmic cloud state super beast summoning crystal.”

If they had that, they could go wherever they wanted in the first level of the Xavier Ruins.

That beast’s combat power would definitely be at cosmic realm state, and it wasn’t just reaching the cosmic realm state!

The girls rolled their eyes. Lin Ling vomited. “Stop dreaming, wake up!”

Peak cosmic cloud state super beasts wouldn’t even die in the overlord shockwaves as long as they weren’t at the heart of the battle.

Lu Ze laughed. “I was just fantasizing. Okay, let’s keep searching.”

Three hours later, Lu Ze punched a heavily injured fire wolf.

It died without resistance.

Lu Ze saw the red crystal and smiled. “Another equipment crystal.”

He picked it up.

Lu Li smiled and said, “This is the third?”

Lu Ze nodded.

In these three hours, they killed dozens of fire wolves but only got three equipment crystals.

They were about to set off again, but at this moment, a golden light flashed, and they all died.