Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1119 - The Dumb Bird Flies First

Chapter 1119 - The Dumb Bird Flies First

Chapter 1119: The Dumb Bird Flies First

Lu Ze and the girls continued to look for prey. With the increase in power, the range they could search in widened as well. It allowed them to find more beasts.

In a few hours, they annihilated several cosmic cloud state beasts. Among these creatures, a level-3 cosmic cloud state was the strongest.

They had to avoid the much stronger ones.

Ten hours later, they stumbled upon an oasis.

Lu Ze said, “Let’s go in.”

Not even a minute had pa.s.sed, but they heard sounds of shooting and felt the rising of a powerful chi.

The trees swayed, and dark green vines came flying out.

Most of these vines were peak cosmic system states. Only one or two were level-1 cosmic cloud states.

Qiuyue Hesha used her Seduction G.o.d Art, and all the vines stopped in their tracks. Following such, they self-destructed.

Lu Ze said, “This was much easier than before.”

The group continued to press forward.

There were a lot of powerful beasts inhabiting the forest. There were even beasts above level-5 cosmic cloud state.

However, with Lin Ling around, they could easily avoid them.

Soon, they reached the border of the forest. Outside of it was a vast sea of flowers.

There was a golden light glowing in the center.

They looked up, only to see the enormous golden crystal tree.

Lu Ze remarked, “It’s the golden dew.”

“Should we go and get it?” Lu Li asked.

Lin Ling said, “There are two chis belonging to level-5 cosmic cloud states and over thirty chis of level-4 cosmic cloud states.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Let’s try it. We have enough red liquid now, but our golden liquid is almost depleted.”

They broke through in half a month before due to using a lot of golden dew. In a day or two at most, they won’t have enough supply.

They got enough red liquid, so they didn’t need more of that.

Even if they died this time, getting the golden dew was worth it.

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze said, “Alice, make some fire clones to cause some chaos. Following the ruckus, we’ll go over. If they find us, Hesha, use your Seduction G.o.d Art and Stone Transformation Divine Art to interfere. We’ll get as many as we can.”

Alice took out the black statue, and her blue flames formed fire clones.

Soon, thirty powerful fire clones appeared in front of them.

Alice breathed heavily. “This number of clones is my limit.”

Lu Ze said, “That’s enough.”

The fire clones lunged forward.

A few minutes later, numerous powerful chi erupted.

As all sorts of furious roars erupted, strange-looking beasts charged out of the sea of flowers.

Two of them had three tails. A green wind was circling their bodies. These two beasts were over 50 meters tall and resembled a giant feline. They were level-5 cosmic cloud states.

Lu Ze shouted, “Now!”

He flashed with silver light and took the girls away.

The entire group soon emerged in the center where the tree was.

“Quick, gather the dew!”

They immediately searched for the blooming flowers.

One, two, three… five!

Nangong Jing complained, “So few.”

Only five were blooming.

However, they quickly went over and s.n.a.t.c.hed the golden dew.

The distant beasts seemed to have noticed something, and all looked over furiously.

Simultaneously, all sorts of spirit force surged and pressed towards Lu Ze and the girls.

As soon as they took the golden dew, the weight of various powers overwhelmed their senses. They couldn’t move at all.

Most of the flowers weren’t strong. They failed to reach the cosmic cloud state.

Nevertheless, there were millions of them. This pressure was rather terrifying.

Moreover, there were stronger beasts in the distance.


The countless spirit force attacks, which were directed at them, buried Lu Ze and the girls.

The group woke up back in the dao enlightenment room.

The numerous spirit forces pulverized their bodies.

They huddled together.

After a while, the pain subsided, and they began to relax.

Nangong Jing said, “I was about to die from the excruciating pain.”

Lu Ze laughed it off. “Well, there is a brighter side. Look, we got the golden dew with our own power.”

The girls smiled. Indeed, they only managed to collect them through the overlord battles before.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Little Brother Lu Ze is right. Who knows if there would be more overlord battles? Since we can get the golden dew with our own power, we don’t have to worry about it running out.”

“That way, our cultivation speed can increase once again.”

Nangong Jing sighed. “However, the cultivation difficulty is getting higher now. Even with the golden dew, I would need more than twenty days to break through.”

Moments later, Lu Ze said, “It’s fine. The dumb bird flies first. We can just be diligent in cultivation.”

The next morning, they finished cultivating.

Alice and the rest of the girls reconstructed the nearby rooms into kitchens and started cooking breakfast again.

Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha went to Planet Jinyao to feed Ying Ying.

As soon as they arrived, they saw the four elders conducting cla.s.ses.

Luo Bingqing and his companions were sitting on the ground while listening.

Seeing Lu Ze and the girls arrive, Xuan Yuji waved. “Ze, Jing Jing, Hesha, why are you guys here?”

Nangong Jing answered, “To visit Ying Ying.”

Elder Nangong said, “You’re all here? Go in.”