Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1101 - Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Room Completed

Chapter 1101 - Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Room Completed

Chapter 1101: Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Room Completed

Xu Bingbai and Elder Nangong were bruised up and ended up wearing tattered clothes.

They were still cursing as they exited the wormhole.

Elder Nangong rubbed his eye. “Hahaha, Old Xu, how was it? Now, do you know how strong I am?!”

Xu Bingbai responded, “If it wasn’t that you recovered your essence a few days earlier than I did, would I lose to you?!”

Elder Nangong said, “Losing is losing. Stop denying it!”

Xu Bingbai cursed. “Bulls.h.i.+t, no one is denying anything! Take it to your Planet Jinyao!”

Elder Nangong grinned. “Hmph, you’re still a man!”

He approached Lu Ze. “Come, come come, Ze, give me your medium-grade spirit gathering stone.”

Lu Ze handed it over.

Elder Nangong laughed. “Its spirit gathering effect is already so great without incorporating it into a formation.”

Xu Bingbai interrupted, “Stop talking? You’re just showing off?!”

Elder Nangong said, “Don’t get angry. Come drink some tea and calm down.”

He picked up the kettle and planned to pour himself a cup.

However, he soon realized that it was already empty.

Elder Nangong asked, “Where is the tea?”

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

Liu Zhiyun: “…”

Elder Lin took the last sip. “Unfortunately, while you guys were fighting, I drank it all.”


Lu Ze laughed it off and took out additional leaves and water.

“Elders, this is for you.”

Xu Bingbai’s eyes lit up. He patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Good kid! I knew you were the nicest to old people.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He used too much force.

Elder Nangong also took it happily.

“Since the tea is consumed, I’m going back to Planet Jinyao to prepare the spirit gathering room.”

Xu Bingbai said, “I’ll go help then.”

Elder Lin chimed in, “I’ll go as well. It’ll be faster if we do it together. This wouldn’t delay Ze’s cultivation.”

Elder Nangong nodded. He looked at the group. “Do you guys need it now?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes.”

Elder Nangong remarked, “Then, come to Planet Jinyao tomorrow morning. It should be ready.”

Lu Ze replied, “Sure, Elder.”

Thereafter, the three elders departed.

Liu Zhiyun shook his head. “The elders are deeply elated today. I haven’t seen them so happy for a long time.”

Lu Ze and the girls were rather surprised.

Lin Ling asked, “Really?”

Liu Zhiyun answered, “When the other elders were still present, they didn’t furrow their brows all the time.”

Lu Ze said, “Predecesor Liu Zhiyun, tell me about the other saints.”


Then, Lu Ze and his girls heard Liu Zhiyun talk about the Dark Ages.

Soon, it was already night. The group went to the Cultivation Building.

Early next morning, they left for Planet Jinyao.

At Planet Jinyao, Lin Ling smiled. “The elders built the spirit gathering room next to the shack.”

Lu Ze urged, “Let’s go over then.”

They flew to the shack. There was a black-colored house next to it. The structure looked rather antique.

When they landed, the door opened. The three elders came out.

Elder Nangong said, “You came just at the right time. We just finished it.”

Xu Bingbai said, “We moved this spirit gathering room from Planet Jinyao. The formation had low-grade spirit gathering stones. It can’t completely utilize the medium-grade spirit gathering stone, but it’s still several times better than before. Go inside and have a try.”

They had already experienced it at Mirium’s hotel, so they knew what to expect.

They entered the black room. It was much larger than they expected. It had an area of 100 square meters. There were six cus.h.i.+ons and one large bed.

Seeing this bed, everyone fell silent.

The girls quickly blushed.

They knew this was what the elders intended.

The spirit force was rather dense. It had become a mist.

Lu Ze remarked, “This density is higher than the one in the hotel room.”

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Indeed.”

Nangong Jing added, “The hotel has a larger area. All the spirit chi is gathered into this small place, so a higher density is inevitable.”

Lu Ze said, “We already played around for a few days. Let’s cultivate.”

Everyone sat down to begin cultivating.

Lu Ze used a golden dew and level-1 cosmic cloud state red liquid. Following such, he began to draw in the spirit chi.

At the same time, the formation began to operate.

Lu Ze had an endless supply of spirit chi entering his cells.

His cultivation level was increasing visibly.

In ten days, at most, he would be able to begin breaking through.

The three elders looked outside with satisfaction.

Elder Nangong said, “It seems quite good. I thought this formation wouldn’t be able to handle the medium-grade stone.”

Elder Lin nodded “Ze is a peak cosmic system state. He should be close to breaking through soon.”

Xu Bingbai noted, “If they break through, it would cause a commotion. There would be a lot of races nosing around. Hopefully, nothing bad happens.”

Elder Lin said, “Then, we, four old guys, will need to protect him.”

“That’s necessary.”

Elder Nangong questioned, “Did we forget something?”


“Where… is Ying Ying?”

The elders were taken aback.

“Yes, where is she?!”

The elders looked around and finally found her sitting by the lake, holding a little fis.h.i.+ng pole.

The elders: “…”

Elder Nangong asked, “How about it? Do you want to fish too?”

Elder Lin nodded. “I haven’t fished for a long time. I’ll play a bit.”

Xu Bingbai said, “Augustus is going to be furious.”

Elder Nangong coughed. “Let’s not tell him.”

The three went to where Ying Ying was and began to fish.

“Ying Ying, let’s eat roasted fish tonight!”