Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1095 - Um, It's Us

Chapter 1095 - Um, It's Us

Chapter 1095: Um, It’s Us


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the base office, Lin Yan was communicating with a cosmic cloud state alien who had two heads, six hands, and a skinny body.

He was still dazed.

A few days ago, a large number of aliens started coming, wanting to establish relations with the Human Race.

Originally, it was just a cosmic system state civilization, but starting from these two days, it was different.

For some reason, even cosmic cloud state races wanted to come to establish relations with them.

If it wasn’t that their att.i.tude was really friendly, Lin Yan would even think that their race had offended some powerful being and sent people to trick them.

This two-headed tree man amba.s.sador was a level-2 cosmic cloud state and the grand elder of his race. Yet, he came personally.

He didn’t look down on him for being a cosmic system state at all.

Lin Yan smiled. “Mr. Bamu Xiru, you’ve completed your registration. Our elders are discussing with the representatives of a few other cosmic cloud state civilizations on our ancestral planet. I apologize for them not personally coming to greet you. I will send someone to take you and your group towards the Ancestral Planet.”

Bamu Xiru shook his head. “General Lin Yan, no need to be so polite. It’s not polite of me coming without being asked.”

The right head said, “It’s a very inspiring thing to establish a good relations.h.i.+p between our two races. We don’t have any dissatisfaction. There will probably be more people for you to handle, so I won’t disturb you.”

Lin Yan smiled and nodded. “Thank you, then I’ll escort you out.”

This cosmic cloud state was too nice.

Just when the two were about to exit the door, a peak star state guard suddenly rushed in with a desperate expression.

“Marshal, there’s something big!”

Lin Yan was about to get angry, but then, his heart skipped.

There had been quite some cosmic cloud state civilizations these few days. The guards were prepared.

For his second in command to say something is big, clearly it was an emergency.

He nodded in apology to Bamu Xiru and asked, “What happened?”

The guard said, “There is… a s.h.i.+p from the Elf Race approaching outside.”

Bamu Xiru was taken aback.

Lin Yan gasped. “Are you certain that it’s truly an Elf Race’s s.h.i.+p?!”

The second in command responded, “I was bringing another cosmic cloud state civilization amba.s.sador over, and he saw it too. He was absolutely certain that it’s an Elf Race’s s.h.i.+p.”

Bamu Xiru quickly said, “General Lin, how about we go out first? If it’s truly the Elf Race Lord, then it’s not too good for us to be staying here.”

Bamu Xiru was very anxious. His race was below average amongst cosmic cloud state civilizations. Although they were subject to Elf Race, there was no way there would be connections between the two races.

But even so, if they didn’t go greet the Elf Lord, it might make him unhappy. That would be destructive to his race.

Lin Yan nodded. “Vice Commander Xu! Notify the ancestral planet that there’s an Elf Race’s s.h.i.+p coming!”

The star state nodded.

The Elf Race’s s.h.i.+p used rather advanced s.p.a.ce folding technology. The inside s.p.a.ce was huge. Just the foyer was a few kilometers wide.

There was a patch of a garden filled with life. The furniture was also made with wood.

Lu Ze and the girls were resting on the couch while enjoying the view outside the window.

Lu Ze said, “This is indeed a s.h.i.+p from the Elf Race. This speed is so fast.”

The first time they went to the trade planet, they took the Human Race’s s.h.i.+p, and it took a few months. Even the Crystal Race’s s.h.i.+p took a few days.

Meanwhile, the Elf Race’s s.h.i.+p took less than a day.

When they saw the long line of s.h.i.+ps outside, they were stunned.

Qiuyue Hesha’s brows frowned slightly. “What is going on?”

Lin Ling said, “Most of them are cosmic system state races. There are a few cosmic cloud state chis, but they are not strong. The strongest… Hmm? I see someone familiar.”

The group looked curiously at Lin Ling.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed fluorescently. “That Uncle Heilin and A Bin from the insectoid mission.”

Alice showed a stunned look. “So, it’s them, why did they come to our race?”

Lin Ling shook her head. “I don’t know. They’re still lining up.”

Lu Ze glanced at the girls with some doubts in his eyes. “Let’s go back to the base first and see what is going on.”

At this moment, a black s.h.i.+p fleet flew out of the base and greeted them.

Lu Ze couldn’t help smiling. “They came out to greet us? It seems we’re still quite popular.”

The girls also smiled.

The fleet soon lined up on the two sides and formed a pa.s.sage. There were even festive cannons sounding.

Lu Ze and the girls were embarra.s.sed.

“This welcome is a bit too grand, right?”

Alice chuckled smirkly with a ruddy appearance on her pretty face. “Is it because we haven’t been back for so long that the elders are realizing their mistake and not going to rush us?”

At this moment, a few figures came before the s.h.i.+p. The leader was Lin Yan and the other two cosmic system state guards. Behind them were a few aliens who were all cosmic cloud states.

They bowed.

Lin Yan’s voice sounded. “Welcome Elf Race Lord.”


Everyone felt awkward, especially Lin Ling. That was her dad.

If she went out now, would she get beaten to death?

Lu Ze also felt awkward.

No one spoke.

Lin Yan and the others sweated cold.

‘Were the Elf Race Lords not happy with their welcome?’

They immediately felt a huge pressure.

The Elf Race was the absolute overlord of this cosmic realm.

Later, Lu Ze and the girls also sensed the tense atmosphere.

They couldn’t just answer.

After some thought, Lu Ze still quietly said, “Um, let’s go out.”

The girls nodded with a dull look, some girls twitched their mouths, they were very embarra.s.sed.

They opened the shuttle and flew out.

When everyone saw that it was Lu Ze and the girls flying out, the atmosphere instantly became strange.

Lu Ze and the girls came before Lin Yan. Lu Ze smiled and dryly said, “Uncle Lin Yan, it’s us.”