Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1084 - Very Worried

Chapter 1084 - Very Worried

Chapter 1084: Very Worried


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze looked at the roasted insectoids and laughed. Then, he turned towards Mimi s.h.i.+li.

Mimi s.h.i.+li struggled even more. His blood spirit force ground against the sand, making screeching sounds. The sand was being ground away but more appeared from s.p.a.ce.

Sensing Lu Ze comes near, Mimi s.h.i.+lis’ eyes flashed with resolution. He ate the blood essence before him.

That backlash must have been an accident!

I don’t believe I’ll get backlashed too!

Mimi s.h.i.+lis’ chi suddenly rose.

He breathed easily.

That backlash was indeed an accident!

The sand around him was shaken off by his rising power.

“d.a.m.ned insect! I’m here to announce your death!”

Mimi s.h.i.+lis’ power shot post level-4 cosmic cloud state and was still rising.

Under such power, s.p.a.ce chaos flow circulated Mimi s.h.i.+lis like the tide.

It even aroused the attention of others.

Lu Ze smiled.

In the next moment, Mimi s.h.i.+lis’ eyes flashed with disbelief.

His chi suddenly became chaotic.

“What… what is going on?!”

He growled and tried to suppress the rampant power in his body.


His sh.e.l.l began to crack. Dark green liquid at his wound turned red. It sprayed out like lava.

His chi weakened as he roared. “Impossible?!”

His talent was rather good. Why would he be backlashed by the blood essence?!

More thuds sounded in his body. He coughed out red lava.

Pieces of his organ splashed out from the wound.

Mimi s.h.i.+lis suddenly turned around and roared. “Even if I’m going to die, I will drag you along!”

He instantly broke free from Sand One Divine Art and charged towards Lu Ze.

At this moment, his body paused again.


The third crack sounded, and his chi instantly weakened from a level that he was originally at.

This resulted in a series of cracks.

His sh.e.l.l completely cracked like the previous two insectoids. His organs were shattered to pieces while his goo sprayed out like lava.

In a short instant, its chi dropped to the very bottom. His life force was about to dissipate at any moment.

His body squirmed and twitched.

East Region’s prodigies: “…”

Demon Realm’s prodigies: “…”

Insectoids: “…”

The battlefield became silent.

If it was a normal death, they might be shocked by Lu Ze’s combat power but could still accept it.

But he used his own trump card and was backlashed to death.

Who could accept this?!

It felt like a dream.

All three of them experienced a backlash?!

The insectoids were especially shocked.

The blood essence was a rather common trump card for the insectoids.

They were truly worried now.

Who dared to use it?

Lu Ze looked at the half-dead Mimi s.h.i.+lis and grinned.

He came before the insectoid. Through the cracks of the sh.e.l.l, he knew there was nothing inside.

Despite this, Mimi s.h.i.+lis still had one last breath left.

Lu Ze didn’t intend to let it continue living.

He punched heavily on its head.


The fist force penetrated its head and wiped away its life force.

Then, Lu Ze appeared next to the other two roasted insectoids.

‘Rumble!! Rumble!!’

They were both killed on the spot as well.

Then, Lu Ze set his gaze in another direction.

Nangong Jing was fighting a level-2 cosmic cloud state gray insectoid.

Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling were fighting with a pale insectoid.

The gray insectoid was covered in wounds and getting beat up by Nangong Jing.

The pale insectoid had a hideous hole on its neck. It wanted to get near the three girls but was stopped by a large group of fire clones. Lin Ling was using her spirit eye on the side to find weaknesses and launch attacks.

Qiuyue Hesha was using Seduction G.o.d Art on both insectoids.

They were quite strong?

Lu Ze smiled.

He was worried about them, but now, it didn’t seem he needed to.

Then, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. He appeared before the pale insectoid.

He stepped forward and launched a heavy punch.

s.p.a.ce lines became distorted everywhere the fist force pa.s.sed. The pale insectoid showed a fearful look.


It used all its power, and blood runes appeared. It lifted its two sharp front limbs and slashed at the fist force.

The two clashed.


The blood sword ray shattered like gla.s.s while the fist force struck its barrier.

The barrier then shattered, and the remaining power struck its head. The insectoid fell back and rapidly died.

One punch and the pale insectoid died.

Although it wasn’t at its prime due to fighting with the three girls, this power still was far weaker than that of the red insectoid.

Lin Ling complained. “Lu Ze, we haven’t had our fun yet!”

It was hard to find an equally matched opponent. It was a good opportunity to test their combat power, but this guy came and killed it with one punch.

Lu Ze smiled awkwardly.

He pointed at the gray insectoid. “How about you share with Jing Jing?”

Nangong Jing immediately said, “No, this is my opponent!”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Don’t worry, there are plenty of opponents.”